No thanks, I’d rather raise my kids in our Lawless Sohum Culture

$ and weed

Saturday’s Lost Coast Outpost included a post titled “Garberville/Redway Chamber of Commerce Spearheads Petition Asking for More Law Enforcement Coverage in Southern Humboldt”. The post basically laid out the fact that the County is lacking funds, Sheriff Deputy Positions are frozen, and Southern Humboldt has little, if any, Law Enforcement ability to respond to calls.

Check out Estelle dodging the question.

“I must stress that the Sheriff is an independently elected official and the Board of Supervisors has no power to tell him how to run his office. Our only power is in the allotment of budget dollars and we have not made any cuts in the Sheriff’s budget.” Supervisor Estelle Fennell

Nice try Estelle, Tell that to John Boehner and the Republican controlled house who run roughshod over the President of the United States using the Budget.

Normally, the Examiner Staff shy’s away from reading the comments on LoCO, given that some of the most offensive and ignorant diatribes seem to end up there. But when one of our staff looked at the post, the first comment happened to be intelligent and thought provoking. “rhizomaticon” wrote:

“Legalize weed right now to take the profit out of it, which reduces the concentrations of cash and toys people are after when they burgle, tax the living daylights out of the cannabis industry, which further reduces concentrations of cash and crime, and re-invest the tax money in community infrastructure including more law enforcement patrols. I can’t believe I’m the first person to say it in this thread, because it is really damn obvious.”

That well reasoned argument was followed by this “wonderful” and sadly typical retort:

“yes yes yes !!!! Make the entire south county poor as shit so they can’t buy or have anything that has value !!! Then there will be nothing to steal!!! You’re a fucking genius !!!”

Then “rhizomaticon” came back with one of the most assumed, but least spoken about skeletons in Humboldt’s collective closet:

“Oh look, yet another SoHummer against legalization! At least you’re honest about why…”.

The Examiner Staff agrees that legalization is one of the most important conversations that residents in Humboldt can take part in. So, what are your thoughts readers?

“I think legalizing marijuana is a great idea for the larger world–not so much for Humboldt.” Kym Kemp

Oh, and in case you want to read other suggestions to the lack of Sheriff’s response, such as arming vigilante’s or killing anyone who appears to be a “tweaker”, feel free to read the full comment section here:


21 thoughts on “No thanks, I’d rather raise my kids in our Lawless Sohum Culture

  1. Ouch. The TE might lose a few friends with this story. Might be a little to real for some folks…….

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  2. Below reposted from same comment thread: Downey may be independent and elected, but those who will “go along with him”, Bass, Sundberg, and Fleming, won’t help the situation. Don’t expect anything different for the next four years. Law enforcement accounted for about 25 percent of Fleming’s funding when you include individuals. A lower percentage of Bass and Sundberg, but don’t expect independence from any of them. Firpo pushed back on SO and they buried her. Not a politically smart move.

    “The Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization and Downey heavily funded, money and effort, the campaigns of the recent elected DA and BOS members. The voters who thought it was a good idea to have the watchers put in power by the watchees honestly get what they voted for. Southern Humboldt had a chance to vote in a DA who was willing to push back and they chose not to show up to the polls. The 5th District had the same opportunity. Urban Humboldt is hurting rural Humboldt, but rural Humboldt isn’t helping themselves either.”

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  3. Downey is corrupt and incompetent, that’s not Estelle’s fault.


  4. Right. So Fleming really is the ‘Sohum against legalization’ choice. The investigators keep their toys and seizures, and Sohum growers keep profits. Fleming can show that she’s tough on crime, by making some weed busts. The industry profiteers and the far right wing will be super happy. No wonder she got a super majority of voters.

    We’ll see if that’s the way it will play out. But I’m sure the Tulu will be paying attention.

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    • I do hope the Tulu stays on top of this. They are the only ones who might. At some point this power cabal needs to be broken up, and that isn’t going to spawn from WatchPaul or Loco. I hope someone runs against Downey next time who isn’t afraid to push back, and I hope Firpo considers another run if Fleming doesn’t push back.

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  5. Seems like a bad idea for the HCSO to publish hours of coverage (or no coverage) for Trinidad (on tomorrow’s Board agenda under the rubber stamp consent calendar). Willow Creek is hurting bad with multiple armed robberies of Ray’s Food Place, burglaries, etc. with a public discussion of no CSI by the HCSO, no follow up, and a two hour response time after hours of 12 on, 12 off coverage there. Blue Lake has had numerous break-ins, including the Brewery, BL School, Post Office and homes—makes little difference with or without a contract BL is paying hundreds of thousands for coverage. HCSO dispatches out of Eureka for Trinidad and Blue Lake coverage, so if there is no HCSO vehicle parked in front of the substation in Blue Lake, guess what? No CSI whatsoever on the BL school break ins.

    “The CITY and COUNTY agree that the basic hours of patrol for the
    assigned Deputy Sheriff shall be as follows: Work days shall be
    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with the shift beginning at
    0900 hours and concluding at 1900 hours. Shift hours will begin and
    conclude at the Humboldt County Sheriffs Office Main Station, Eureka,
    California.” Fine print—“COUNTY shall not be responsible or required
    to backfill another Deputy to cover for the assigned Deputy out on vacation, sick leave, or other approved or mandated time away from work.”

    Willow Creek residents at the Willow Creek Community Service District (WCCSD) meeting on Thursday, February 27, expressed their frustration with County law enforcement cutbacks.

    Residents said the small Eastern Humboldt County town is in the midst of a crime wave, citing at least two armed home invasions, several armed robberies, and at least one major burglary.

    The County is cutting back on law enforcement despite the increased levels of crime in the area. A single Sheriff’s Deputy will be on duty from 6 am to 6 pm.

    – See more at:
    – Nathan Falk said, “Two years ago Sheriff Downey stood in front of us and said we’d have Sheriff’s Deputies here and they wouldn’t leave until midnight. He hasn’t kept his word.”
    – Nelson said, “If they were to look us in the eye and say ‘we’re doing our best,’ that would go over a lot better than just not contacting us.”
    Ray’s Food Place in Willow Creek was robbed twice at gunpoint. The Patriot Gas Station was also robbed by an armed gunman, and burglars used a truck to rip the door off of the Tonkin Wildlife Museum getting away with several exhibits.


    • Orick—“Supervisor Sundberg said he understands residents’ concerns, but said that most of the issues were being brought to his attention for the first time.”

      “If we get a clear directive, we can flesh that out in our board meetings and see what direction we need to take,” said Sundberg. He also said he understands frustrations over reductions in law enforcement presence but said that, at least for now, funds are just not available. “It’s been five years of budget cuts. [The Sheriff’s Office] is down, I think, 18 deputies.”

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  6. As the price per pound of bud drops like a rock, so too does sales tax revenue and property tax assessments eventually. Fortuna, Eureka and Arcata have dropping sales tax revenue. Remember when lawyer bud commanded thousands per pound back in 2007. Our micro rank peaked then.

    POLICOM addresses the condition of an economy from the viewpoint of it’s impact upon the “standard of living” of the people who live and work in an area.

    The economic strength rankings are created so POLICOM can study the characteristics of strong and weak economies. The highest ranked areas have had rapid, consistent growth in both size and quality for an extended period of time. The lowest ranked areas have been in volatile decline for an extended period of time.

    POLICOM has created economic strength rankings for all Metropolitan Statistical Areas and all Micropolitan Statistical Areas.

    Metropolitan Statistical Areas have at least one urbanized area with a population of at least 50,000, plus adjacent territory (counties) which have a high degree of social and economic integration with the core as measured by commuting ties. They must have at minimum one county but most often include several counties.

    There are 381 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA).

    Micropolitan Statistical Areas are typically quasi rural areas. A Micro must have an urbanized area (city) with a population of at least 10,000 but less than 50,000 population and must be at least one county and most are. The OMB has identified 536 Micropolitan Areas in the United States.

    Click the links in the header above to review the rankings and definitions for the Metropolitan and Micropolitan areas.

    Eureka-Arcata-Fortuna, CA (McrSA) out of 576
    2013—147 2012—137 2011—79 2010—49 2009—45 2008—33 2007—21
    Time to bend over one way or another, another being a sales tax increase ‘dedicated’ to public safety, which must include the jail.

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    • That is an alarming decrease over such a short period of time, but I question whether poor people paying more taxes on fewer purchases will do anything but cost jobs and create more desperately poor in need of social programs and increasing the crime rate necessitating always more in taxes. This country already has the highest per capita incarceration rate in at least the 1st world and surpassing most 3rd world countries with the vast majority being the poor and people of color while the rich increasingly get slaps on the wrist with the excuse they wouldn’t fare well in prison (who does?) without regard to the heinous nature of their crimes, including killing people while drunk driving, rape and sexual assault on children. The repeat offender rates climb as people come out of prison worse than when they went in and with no education or training and fewer job prospects. Throwing more money at law enforcement is only addressing the symptoms, not the disease.

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  7. A kilo of meth and 35K cash and the perp walks as no room at the jail per EPD. It is unfortunate that realignment is not working at the County level, where the HCSO failed to apply correctly for the facility designed to turn people’s lives around.

    “Had the funding been approved, it would have gone toward the construction of a two-story Community Corrections Re-entry Resource Center. The facility would include 40 beds for low-level inmate work crews and would integrate several county services from a number of departments such as mental health services and the probation department’s day reporting office.”

    A second Search Warrant was obtained for Yanez-Espana’s vehicle and residence. As a result of that investigation approximately 963.2 grams (2.2 lbs) of methamphetamine and $35,000 cash were located and seized.

    Both Blake and Yanez-Espana were transported and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for Possession of Methamphetamine for Sales. Both subjects were released due to overcrowding.

    Meanwhile the Feds are having people doing mandatory minimums for allegations of pot.

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    • It’s a serious issue, no doubt. With such limited space, should we jail the newly arrested but not yet tried and release those less dangerous already convicted and jailed? Should we make tent jails for the least dangerous or use more ankle bracelets and home/work detainment? Locking up petty thieves who steal to buy their drugs while letting their suppliers go free seems ass backward. It’s obviously a growing problem which we don’t have the funds to handle. Legalization of drugs would reduce the profit motive and, logically, the amount people would have to steal to pay for them; but is it humane to abandon people to their life destroying addictions to meth and heroin? There are no easy answers but the people can’t afford more cops/prisons/guards, especially since the funds are often taken from the poor and social programs for families who then too often spiral into homelessness, despair and drug addiction.

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  8. There should be separate budgets for the jail and law enforcement. The jail has fixed costs. The law enforcement side of the S O needs to be increased. Downey needs to explain better where the 235 people he employs are deployed. My guess is that there are fewer deputies on the street and more office people. If that is true it would show the citizens of the county that the sheriff values paper over people and we the voters could react. Without information of this kind we are hamstrung. We obviously need more deputies on the street.


    • I don’t trust the Sheriffs Department allocation of manpower under Downey and his crew.


    • I don’t trust Downey’s allocation of anything, given that suspects arrested with pounds of Meth are allowed to be booked & released. Wtf is going on in humboldt????????


  9. Just in case it wasn’t clear, I’m for legalization even though I think it is economically going to injure Humboldt.

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  10. Butter wouldn’t melt in Kym’s mouth. She’s ‘for’ pot legalization just like Republicans are ‘for’ voting rights.

    The one skill SoHumers have perfected over the years is saying they are one thing while being the opposite. Living a lie is a habit that’s hard to break, especially when your money depends on lying. When it had the opportunity, SoHum voted against legalization, ‘Nuff said.


    • Actualy sohum voted against over taxation, prop 19 was not a well writen law. How sohum voted on it doesn’t show anything. Sohum would be for the Jack Herar initiative since its a more honest legalization bill not written by tom ammiano, to raise tax revenue for the state.


  11. For Heavens sake. Illegal- it becomes an industry that draws crime.
    Legal- it becomes a great source of revenue. We are also world famous for the weed grown here. There will never be a perfect answer, but I dont see a lot of moonshine-related crime these days.

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