Open Letter to Chris Kerrigan

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Dear Chris,

After an intense, albeit unsuccessful, but enthusiastically well run campaign for 4th District Supervisor, some might suggest packing it up and moving on. NOT US. You came into the race against all odds. The entrenched money interests, the county DINO’s, and the well funded Bass machine was out to slander and do everything they could to make sure you couldn’t win. You put together a grassroots movement of volunteers and you were able to raise funds from a large number of predominately small donors. Even with the low turnout, Bass won by a pretty small margin.

We say it’s time to double down and run for Eureka City Council. There are three seats up this fall we know of Chris. You could and should win one. The city needs your help; maybe even more than the County does. Much of the same dysfunction exists within the city that continues to bedevil the County. The Council, as it sits now, is arguably the worst we’ve been stuck with in decades. Chris, with your experience and vision, it’s possible to turn this ongoing disaster around. Don’t waste your time running for Mayor. That’s a just a figurehead position with no vote and at the mercy of this Klown Kouncil.

With serious questions raised about where all the measure O money has gone, and the potential of it to be renewed indefinitely, the citizens need a watchdog to make sure no more money is wasted on boondoggles and pet projects. An extra bonus might be with you on the Council, Linda will wake up and remember who she is and the platform she ran on instead of just going on along to get along. The conservative council of four has run roughshod over Eureka since 2010. What Eureka needs is a progressive, critical thinker, who’s not afraid to speak truth to money and power. What Eureka needs is you, Chris.




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The Examiner Staff


40 thoughts on “Open Letter to Chris Kerrigan

  1. Couln’t agree more. Kerraigan would be a huge help with the current council. Tell me where to senf a donation.

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  2. And when Kerrigan announces his support for renewing Measure O…how will the “staff” of the Tuluwat Examiner react?


  3. Isn’t Chris termed out, or could he run for a different ward?

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  4. The money was and is being spent it was intended – the worksheet you forced the city to post proves it.


    • hm:

      Two points:

      1). Yes, the worksheet the Tuluwat Examiner FORCED the City of Eureka to make available to the public.

      2). As long as there is nearly a million dollars in Measure O money in reserve and there are 6 unfilled police officer positions then the money is not being spent as the VOTERS intended.

      The last time around, Measure O was sold to the public exactly as it is being sold again: If you don’t vote for Measure O then the Mongols will overrun your town and rape your wimin (Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved, I don’t know how…).

      Really, hm, do we need to go over this ground yet again?

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  5. Eureka needs help badly, this town’s spirit is broken. It needs a soul transplant.

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  6. I don’t live in Eureka, but it’s a town that affects the whole county and I agree that it needs new members on its council. Kerrigan could help them a lot and run for supervisor again.

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  7. I love you guys. But I hafta ask. Why is your 531 k st address thing identical to the “city of Eureka” offices? Which city employee’s blog is this? Nooooooo… I mean, no one cares what your physical address is. Am I the only one to notice this? Do you secretly want Kerrigan to take your seat? Tinfoil!


  8. My advice before ‘working for the people’ is to seek gainful employment or a viable degree first. Then with the experience at a real job he may get more votes from fence sitters.

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    • Are you saying that being a tennis coach isn’t gainful employment or a real job? Actually, when you think about it, tennis is probably great preparation for politics — lots of snobby, privileged country club kids bopping a little ball back and forth over a low net and sometimes throwing tantrums to try to bully the refs.

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    • Chris has done a better job “working for the people” during his 8 years than any of those clowns up there now.

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  9. “With him watch-dogging it. By that we mean making sure that the money gets spent the way it’s promised. We’d be all in!”

    But you won’t know for sure whether he’ll make it into office or not until Election Day, at which point the measure will already have passed (or not). So are you saying that if he publicly supports it and is running for City Council, that’ll be good enough for you, and you’ll change your position to supporting the renewal of Measure O? Also, how about if he runs for Mayor? Would the “bully pulpit” of the Mayor’s seat be enough for him to watch-dog it, or would it have to be city council?

    Just curious.


  10. I love to see him go up against the “we’ll build the Marina Center now” Brady Bunch. Where are all those jobs, jobs, jobs anyway?

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    • New Bumper Sticker:

      “Marina Center…Sometime This Century…Maybe…If We Get Around to It…And If the Coastal Commission Disappears…And If There’s Any Money Left After Bank of America Gets Through With Us…And The Stars All Align Just Right…But Until Then, Enjoy the Blight!”

      Gonna need a longer bumper.

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    • “I love to see him go up against the “we’ll build the Marina Center now” Brady Bunch. Where are all those jobs, jobs, jobs anyway?

      No thanks to Kerrigan and the rest who fought Marina Center every inch of the way.


    • Fred, no one fought the Marina Center as hard as Arkley himself in his refusal to comply with the Coastal Commission’s request for documents. He was never going to build it, Home Depot was never going to come here and it wouldn’t have created any additional jobs. At best it would have shifted jobs and most likely cost jobs. Jobs aren’t created by shifting shopping patterns. They are created by, you know, creating something.

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  11. We need someone to run againist Brady she doesn’t really live here on the Westside. She doesn’t seem to have what it takes to hold elected office either, like any clue.
    Then there’s fo dem Albin, OMG

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  12. You came into the race running for Mayor & the people encouraged you to run for Supervisor. Please, run for Mayor this fall. I know you are tired, but so are we (of being bullied by ignorance and placated by prayer). Please, Chris, LEAD the county’s biggest City out of the mess it’s in.


  13. How about this for a slate of candidates: Chris, Larry Glass and Heidi Benzonelli?


    • I think that would be a very strong slate. But I doubt Larry Glass would run again. I have no idea whether Heidi is interested, but if she did I think she’d be a very strong candidate.


    • “How about this for a slate of candidates: Chris, Larry Glass and Heidi Benzonelli?”

      Has anyone asked any of them if they support the extension of Measure O?


    • Do you, Fred?”

      Nope, but for different reasons than most here.


    • Fred (12:58):

      And those reasons would be… ?


      • The main reason I’ll vote against the extension of Measure O is that the tax extends outside Eureka’s city limits, at least for vehicles and large purchases such as appliances. So, if you go to Santa Rosa to buy a car, you not only pay any local taxes, but Eureka’s half cent sales tax as well.

        That’s just plain wrong as far as I’m concerned, and should be illegal anywhere in this country. You’re not a slave to the city or county you reside in. I’ll vote against it for that reason alone.

        Second, and the reason I voted against Measure O in the first place (before I was aware of it applying out of town), was it was highly unlikely to be temporary. That in itself wasn’t my main concern. I was concerned of additional taxes from either the city, county, state or feds that are sure to come. Never mind that the half cent tax may not be enough and they’ll want to increase it to a full cent and then beyond.

        That’s especially likely since public pension and health care costs are so underfunded and that’s a main reason for Measure O’s necessity in the first place. The Somona County city of Cotati had a half cent tax increase just as Eureka did. Despite some changes in city policies, they added another half cent tax this last election. Both the tax extension and the added half cent passed.

        If I thought Measure O was a one- time increase with no worry of it increasing and it only applied to purchases in Eureka, I might at least not fight it. As it is, I’ll be voting NO.

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  14. Heidi lives in Cutten, Larry lives in Bayside.



  15. The last time the City Council had Kerrigan, Glass and Linda Adkins, they lost the Director of Community Development, Finance Director, City Attorney, Fire Chief and the Director of Human Resources… I don’t know if the City can take very much more “fixing”.


  16. The Director of Community Development didn’t want to see his department cut back, The Finance Director refused to do the books the way Tyson wanted. The City Attorney moved to the Bay area to be with her elderly mom, Fire Chief retired. Director of Human resources move back to Fort Bragg where she owned a very beautiful house. Marge is mistaken

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