60.96%! Dam! The Examiner’s take on the blow out

maggie flemming

Humboldt’s First Female DA

New era at the District Attorney’s Office

First off, Examiner staff would like to extend a heartfelt congratulation’s to the next incoming Humboldt County District Attorney, Maggie Fleming.

Fleming ran a campaign which brought in broad support from citizens of varying political persuasions. She is highly intelligent, and has a lot of experience. We are cautiously optimistic that she will bring in the much needed change to the DA’s office. The fact that she received such an overwhelming majority vote among a total of four candidates is encouraging; she shouldn’t be beholden to any special interests in the county. We hope that’s the way her tenor plays out, we will have to wait and see.

Fleming’s overwhelming win over what many pundit’s thought was a neck and neck battle sheds interesting light on the Paul Gallegos regime. For some reason, Firpo and her supporters thought that Paul had a large following and that people were very happy with his time in office. All of us on the Examiner staff were left scratching our heads. Not only was Paul an ineffective manager, but his time in office was filled with failures and outright corruption. The new EPD led “quasi swat” police force, under the auspices of being DA investigators, is completely entrenched within the office. In fact, they are heavily armed and the only part of the office that is fully staffed. Senior prosecutors have left in droves, and the office seems to be understaffed and primarily filled with in-experienced Deputy DA’s.

paul g 2Why would Elan not distance herself from this office? We don’t know. However, it seems clear to us that Paul’s election victories, however slim the margins, seemed to create a false sense of support among the community. Sadly, Paul was initially elected with a mandate from the local progressive community that he failed to live up to. It started fairly early with the hiring of Tim Stoen (peoples temple), and probably had something to do with his close friendship with EPD “bad ol’ boy” Mike Hislop.

He won the next elections though. Why? Because more voters were willing to keep an ineffective DA than to hand the office to the far right-wing (Worth Dikeman and Allison Jackson). Better the devil you know….

Maggie’s victory has also come with a mandate; to do her best for all citizens of Humboldt. Good luck, Maggie!


3 thoughts on “60.96%! Dam! The Examiner’s take on the blow out

  1. Interesting take on stuff I don’t get. Thanks for the 411.


  2. From the above post, it is obvious Richard Salzman has nothing to do with this blog.

    Good analysis that Paul hurt Elan. Also that Paul’s base is not as powerful as they think. They do not vote.

    Maggie’s camp did a good job of letting Republicans believe she is conservative and
    Democrats believe she is liberal.

    Will she really bring change? Will she petty and vindicative or lead for all?

    This blog is pro-Fleming but anti present BOS and City Council.

    If this blog is really about the people and anti big money, it will see if the big donors to Maggie start getting sweet deals in court.

    And what retired employees get hired back?


    • I don’t know that I believe this blog has been pro Maggie. From what I’ve read in the posts, they mostly seemed to be anti-Paul and against an overstaffed/over armed “investigative unit” in the DA’s office. I could be wrong though.


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