“…it would devastate the city” is Jager referring to Godzilla?

While the polls were still open Tuesday night what was our Klown Kouncil was up too?

Here we go again……”It’s critical to our city’s finances and to the funding of public safety,” Mayor Frank Jager said. “I don’t know what we would do without it. That’s a big chunk of our budget … without it, it would devastate the city.”

And so it begins; the Terror Campaign to convince the gullible tax payers of Eureka to support another five year extension of the sales tax called “Measure O”. Don’t misunderstand; many of us that contribute to this blog supported “Measure O” last time. It’s that we’ve watched how the City has failed across the board to live up to its promises, no matter what they say today. The promise then was to use the additional revenue mom out off $to bolster the Police Departments staffing and to help the fire department retain it’s people and replace equipment. The Fire Department is very difficult to assess because they merged with the Humboldt fire District. The Police Department is much easier to judge, as we’ve seen the city swept by a crime wave in the last few years and the Police Department has been functionally unable to adequately respond because they’ve been kept chronically under staffed. The promise then was to have a transparent process so that citizens would know exactly how the money was being spent. It was only after the Examiner started asking tough questions that the city finally put up a link on their website to show what they claim they’ve spent the money on (we’re still pretty skeptical about the claimed spending, though).

We can only assume that this money was siphoned off to fund pet projects (zoo) and misadventures of the former City Manager and the various lawsuits. We don’t want to forget about the black hole of CalPERS that exponentially getting bigger and bigger. The Former City Manager Tyson went out with a record big CalPERS bang; the City will be paying to teeth for his solid gold pension for decades.tax payer shake down

The City wants to continue what it calls “citizen oversight” by the crony crew known as the Finance Advisory Committee, with no independent outside audit. They want us to trust Jager’s successor and Dave Tyson’s buddy Dave Paris to look over the spending. That’s just unacceptable to us and should be to you!

Can the City survive without extending Measure O? Absolutely. Will it be tough? Hell yes. But let’s be really clear, if this Sales Tax is extended again by the voters, it will never go away.

We could probably be convinced to support this tax if the council was at least honest about what the money is for and how it’s actually spent.

Continuing with this charade as it is another five years?

No way.


8 thoughts on ““…it would devastate the city” is Jager referring to Godzilla?

  1. Nice to see you opposing the extension of Measure O, although perhaps for the wrong reasons.

    In case anyone’s not aware, Fortuna is planning a 1% sales tax increase for next election- likely for the same reasons as Eureka. The Sonoma County city of Cotati just barely passed not only an extension of their .5 percent sales tax, but an additional .5 percent.

    In fairness to Cotati, they actually took at least some measures to cut down on public employee pension and health benefits, yet they still felt the need to add an additional half a percent to the recent tax raise.


  2. I have seen first hand the excesses in the fire departments. Completely unnecessary expenses for redundant equipment and personnel. I’ll likely post more as this thing nears, but I’m right there with you. Show us how the money is being spent now before you ask for more.


  3. I suppose it would be fair to add I was speaking to a friend who is a Eureka cop a few days ago. We weren’t discussing Measure O but he did tell me the Chief has been asked to make cuts amounting to 10% in the department’s budget.


    • Wow. Now that’s news Fred. Why would EPD have to make cuts if they are understaffed, yet fully funded (according to the city)? That’s where the transparency promises would help.

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    • “Why would EPD have to make cuts if they are understaffed,…”.

      I don’t know. He had to leave and we didn’t get into any specifics. My guess is it has to do with increasing pension and health care costs of city employees- most likely public safety related- that are taking larger and larger chunks from the general fund.


  4. I think Mr. Jager made a better Coroner. He seems like a nice guy, just not cut out for politics. In his former position he was able to serve the community without having to deal with folks like Mike Newman…..


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  6. Expenses have gone up while home values/property tax revenues have decreased, so the money has to come from somewhere. More transparency is always a plus, but I don’t think it’s a mystery why they need new sources of revenue.


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