If Your Candidate Has Won: / If Your Candidate Has Lost:

MOLA:42’s Guide to the Post Election Returns

While this post runs on Wednesday, it is submitted on Tuesday (Election Day): As of the writing of this article I have no idea who has won or lost. Therefore this is a heartfelt reaction to an election result still unknown to me.

If Your Candidate Has Won:

Be sure to always keep in mind you have won; THEY have lost. Consider you have the whip hand and be sure those who refuse to agree with you never forget that. You need never worry about the petty concerns of those who justly sit in sullen minority.

If Your Candidate Has Lost:

Remember that time is on your side. You must note all slights and insults and will visit them on your opponents come someday. No doubt your candidate has lost due to lack of fair play; as any reasonable person would see your candidate represented much needed good governance and was unfairly defeated.

If Your Candidate Is Now In a Run-Off:

The battle is not yet over. You still have a chance to see your will triumph over those who ignorantly oppose what is right for the common good. Forgive no insult; forget no scandal.

For You All:

Never forget that your vision is clear and just. Those against you are wrong and it is improper to try to understand them. It is a betrayal to look to your opponent for compromise; consensus is for traitors. Eventually, perhaps soon, you shall triumph. Until that day comes, do not collaborate with the enemy.

Never forget: They are out to Destroy. You are out to Save.

And Above All Remember This:

“Democracy serves no Good Purpose unless it serves Your Purpose.”

That’s what Election Day was all about, wasn’t it?

*    *    *    *    *

(Oh, and thank you for voting, no matter for whom it was… unless you didn’t.)

*    *    *    *    *

Standard Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and not necessarily those of the Tuluwat Examiner.  I am not on the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner. I don’t even know who these people are.  But I understand the Staff of the Tuluwat Examiner used their Amazon account to buy the book (with next day shipping), “Obi Wan Kenobi’s Star Wars Technique to Gain Friends and Influence People.” All Election Day they were seen at polling places around Eureka, waving their right hands in front of voters’ faces and intoning, “These are not the droids you are looking for… Vote for Chris Kerrigan.”

I wonder if it worked.


*    *    *    *    *

droid joke


24 thoughts on “If Your Candidate Has Won: / If Your Candidate Has Lost:

  1. Congratulations to all those elected.

    But, as always, the majority of the voting age population went with Kent B. Bothered.

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    • California law requires employers to give people time off to vote, if it is requested in advance. People might not know that. Also there is voting by mail. Ok. Humboldt how about 50% turnout in November?

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    • You’re too right Mitch. Sad that elections tend to bring negative policies with regards to those who don’t cast a vote. So hum really failed to speak up with votes…..


    • Yes! Those acres of posters on the bulletin boards at the employment offices and HR offices have some good stuff. There has to be adequate notice given. And I think that’s it. They can’t make you work to prevent your vote from being cast.

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  2. “They can’t make you work to prevent your vote from being cast.”

    Probably rarely used, if not irrelevant, since the polls are open for 12 hours. 99% of people should be able to get to the polls before or after work.


    • Fred,

      Your faith in the integrity of employers is touching.


    • “Your faith in the integrity of employers is touching.

      And your dislike of business is obvious by your comment. How can you argue that people have more than enough time to go vote? They have 12 hours to vote, never mind mail voting. You can’t argue that, but you still have to remark that employers have some hidden agenda.

      And we’re told California (and Democrats) aren’t anti- business?


    • We’re also told that libertarians are against entitlements and big government. Yet Fred’s on the dole. Fred claims he’s about small and limited government. Guess all his government checks are going to charity……or he’s a just another “right’ leaning hypocrite.

      Fred is a big government republican in libertarian clothing!


    • Fred,

      The law is not there because some people might normally be working all through election day when the polls are open.

      The law is there to prevent employers from telling their employees they have to work from the opening of polls to the closing, in order to prevent them from voting.

      No, most employers probably wouldn’t try it. But in a community with one big employer and no union, it’s not impossible to see it happening.

      How that cannot be obvious to you is beyond me.

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  3. 29 percent of registered voters participated
    in 2014. Less than 2010.

    The left has failed to deliver at the polls.

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    • Agreed. How did the right do? What is your solution?

      Mine. Educate and continue to beat back the right wing nonsense with reality, goodwill, intelligence, resilience and the internets.


    • Liberal Jon:

      How did the Right do? Just a little bit better than the Left.

      And a few DINO’s and Republicans will continue on their merry way until the Left realizes it needs to reconnect “with it’s base.” In other words, talk about something that “regular” people are willing to listen to and get worked up over.

      I talked about it in a previous article, “The Cult of the Non-Voter.


      Occasionally (but not often) I do write something relevant.

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  4. You do Mola. But I still wish you were a 40 something progressive woman. Just sayin’ 🙂

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  5. M4. In my opinion, the right has collapsed. There is no right – at least in the public dialog at least locally or in California. That’s the problem. What you might be calling the right in HumCo calls itself Democratic or DTS. (There was not a single Republican running in the 3 local races.)

    And I disagree about pandering (my words and possibly unfair)* to the public. We (also the public) have to say what is. Someone does, and it’s quite clear the right (and some on the left – remember the comments about Virginia we both deleted – and imho – the Virginia = confederate photo?) are just fine pandering and giving the public the soap opera it wants, craves and needs to win. (As Matthew Owen says in private – you have to win to progress.)

    That’s why education is always the first thing I say when I speak about the solution.

    One of the things I’m trying to get across is it is OK to believe in the public sector. That seems to me to be the tough argument that the right has undercut that the left needs to defend and now has to proactively fight for.

    It’s not popular, especially with the libertarian crowd, but it will be critical going forward. The argument is this btw. The private sector is awesome and makes great cars, hamburgers and provides great services. The public sector also has a role to play and where it does it can do it much better, more efficiently and with better results, than the private sector. Social Security (vs Wall Street), public lands and infrastructure, health care!

    Of course this is a simplistic analysis and there are exceptions and hybrids etc. But this is the fundamental argument or meme that the left has to take back.

    It’s FDR vs Reagan. Reagan says the nine worst words in the English language are “I’m with the government and I’m here to help”. FDR and the nation learned from the then recent American and world economic catastrophe what we are learning in slow motion – without a strong and active public sector to regulate … capital … capital will always grow comparatively larger and those without it will always be comparatively economically diminished.

    The only reason we haven’t had another Depression is because of the safety net economic breakers FDR and the Democrats have passed since the Great Depression. What I count on is the left, locally and nationally, being able to break through the marketing and advertising blitz of the right to tell our countrypersons one fundamental truth.

    This. http://www.motherjones.com/files/outofbalance.jpg

    From there, there is a whole lot of other bad news before the good news, but the good news is. We are Americans and humans and we can change and still thrive, but we have to watch, learn, think and plan. Oh, and the private sector can’t do this on it’s own.

    * I re-read your link – I learned quite a bit the first time I read it. My focus on the General Plan is what I do. It’s my hobby and interest. I am focused on changing California’s growth pattern somehow, someway. I have no idea how.

    I also have no idea how to most effectively and efficiently win an individual race. Unfortunately or not, that is not my focus. I’ll do everything in my power to promote a liberal candidate, but even more important than one victory is establishing credibility for our cause. Winning is not the anwer in and of itself. Like our ends, sustainability, our civics have to be rooted in sustainability.


    • Liberal Jon: “In my opinion, the right has collapsed. ”

      That’s a great starting point, Jon. We need to connect you with reality, then we can work from there.

      I think you meant to say, “except for who majorities vote for, locally and nationally, the right has collapsed.” See if you can say that out loud as a first step, then work on this:

      “The public, probably because of a combination of economic fear, anger over the presence of derelelicts, and other factors, is voting for the right. It is voting for candidates who, in my opinion, will actually make things worse rather than better. It’s sad. In the free marketplace of ideas, my voice is not being believed. Maybe repeating my message isn’t the path forward. Maybe my approach needs to change. I wonder what alternative approaches might exist out there.”

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  6. Looks like Matt Owen took the advice in your post to heart. His latest post on Loco made me wanna puke.

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  7. Liberal Jon, MOLA:42 said, “In other words, talk about something that “regular” people are willing to listen to and get worked up over.

    That is one answer. Money controls both parties. What we need is a third party. This party should be made up of people who belong to both parties to abandon the Democrat or Republican label. They should reject all labels and unite to elect people who represent, well, the People.

    MOLA, people who did not show up cannot use we didn’t care about the issues. They just shafted all the regular people like you and me that are involved and trying to educate.


  8. Mitch – you missed my point by removing the rest of my point.

    The Right collapsed as far as electoral politics go in HumCo and California. It’s why the Republicans can’t endorse anyone and why Chet becomes a Democrat and why we have no elected representatives on the BOS, no one running last election, etc who are Republicans.

    What the Right has done though, and why Ryan and Virginia win is they let Rush, anon’s, hidden money, etc, advertise and sell candidates and negatively attack the candidates they are against. The left of course does this too, but it is not their raison d’ etre. What I’m trying to say is, left, unilaterally disarm from that type of politics. People are figuring this out and are pissed about soap-opera politics (all the while eating it up of course).

    I stand by what I said and this may be one of the places we differ.

    Let’s return to civics, and civil politics. Let’s demonstrate to the public what is going on by holding ourselves to a higher standard. I think that is the path out of this Rush inspired politics. It will mean some defeats at first (and some victories – see Lisa O), but if we simply continue to pound, I don’t know, reality, people will get it.

    And there is a simple reality that needs to be addressed. We need to elect officials that believe in government. The Rights simply does not believe in Government and they are privatizing every part of it they can get their hands on. It’s that simple, but with the libertarian movements incursion into the left and into the public’s first level consciousness, it is a hard argument to make.

    M – is that quote from “how to influence people”. I’m not interested in taking that tack. Surely it needs to be done, but my personal interest is in staying true to reality (as much as any human can), describing it for people, and trusting them to somehow find their way to the same reality I know to exist. And I think we agree on the reality, we just disagree on what to do about it and if we are ultimately a lost cause as a species.


    • Jon,

      We do disagree here. You seem to me to be transfixed on things like labels and party identification, at the expense of recognizing that just because people, IYO, should agree with you does not mean that they do agree with you.

      The unhappy yet predictable fact is that bad economic times breed fear, and the right wing is expert at taking advantage of that fear.

      Locally, the right wing is also more politically clever than progressives, and more willing to say things like, “Hey, if people vote for Democrats, I can be a Democrat. No sweat.” The left is still and always busy engaging in discussions of whether the Palestinian People’s Front is more correct than the People’s Front of Palestine. (Apologies to Monty Python.)

      Those are the primary reasons the right is winning.


  9. I wouldn’t say they are more politically clever, just a little more cynical. Cynicism gives one more ethical elbow room. One election doesn’t mean as much to me as building a solid foundation. I think this is possible for the left because reality has a liberal bias.

    If the right is out there stoking fear, then what the left should do is describe it (a la Rachel Maddow) or laugh at the absurdity (a la Steven Colbert/ John Stewart). All the while continuing to work hard at on-the-ground campaigning and political movement building.

    The right has money, the left has most everything else. I like where the left is right now.

    The one problem is the left needs to be proactive, the right would rather not do anything at all other than use the public sector to defend it’s interests. That’s why the power ledger seems to be on the right. They fundamentally don’t care about the public sector (other than defense, courts, and police) and a do- nothing government is just fine with them. The market place will run things better anyhoo. That’s why it makes sense that a Mike Brown was in charge of FEMA during a crisis and why, say, an industrialist might be placed in charge of the EPA. (or, say, why a property-rights advocate can be placed on the planning commission).

    The uber-right, which the right has become, does not believe in the post civil-war size or scope of the government. And they are taking their soft-privatization message

    I re-watched that scene from the Life of Brian. I take a totally different message from that scene.


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