New Bass campaign ad focuses attention on her Republican duplicity

bass and her rightwing buddys

With Republican supporters Jager and Downey

In what can only be viewed as a desperate attempt to shore up support, Virginia’s handlers have wound up making her look opportunistic and two-faced.

A recent political ad from incumbent Bass includes endorsements from her local conservative friends, like Frank Jager. That’s not surprising, since these are the folks that share her political views. But we were

Besties Bohn and Tyson

Besties Bohn and Tyson

shocked to see that she didn’t include her close friend and mentor Dave Tyson. After all, isn’t he a well known public figure with years of public service?

Well, that’s where politics comes in. About 2 months ago, the Bass machine conducted a phone survey which

included questions about the general feelings of the voters about certain public figures. Tyson was included, but he apparently didn’t poll very well. However, Jager did (strangely enough). Tyson just couldn’t make the cut.

However, Ryan Sundberg wasn’t disliked by a majority of voters. So, in the same ad as Jager, Sundberg tooted the old Bass horn. But wait….. Bass at the HDCC voted to endorse Ryan’s opponent Sharon Latour!?!

Selfie with Ryan

Selfie with Ryan

Well, with the Bass machine you’ve got to expect that what she says and does publicly is not what she really believes. Obviously, there was some backroom deal between Bass and Sundberg, but we’ll never know the details.

What we do know is this: You can’t name a local conservative that isn’t supporting Bass; Bass is a DINO, local conservative and friend to all the moneyed interests. Virginia’s handlers have dreams of running her for higher office. So they’re playing the long game while trying to get her re-elected. So, of course, she puts out political ads about her love of trails, while appointing people to the planning commission that dismantled the trail system in the GPU. She is dishonest with her true feelings in her public statements and endorsements, but she is very honest in her right-wing votes and appointments.

Bass "voter"

Bass “voter”

Sadly, “hooked on Bass” is a fitting slogan. Just like a fish biting on a shiny lure, we think voters should realize being hooked by Bass is harmful to your health and well being.


20 thoughts on “New Bass campaign ad focuses attention on her Republican duplicity

  1. It was North Coast Young Democrats. They endorsed Kerrigan over Bass. NCYD is led by Mr. Hezekiah Allen, who admits having had a dalliance w HumCPR but has since moved on, or says he has. No, looks like bizness to me. It’s not who is a better democrat; they’re all democrats. There must be some other countywide issue of environmental and economic relevance.. wait, don’t tell me..


    • And it split right about the time the planning commission bogged down the pot ordinance. Bass isn’t two faced. The alliances are a tornado up here. Even EPIC Hughes likes Ulansey; people ostensibly on opposite sides of the spectrum get along. There are differing interests at stake but they are not obvious to me yet.


    • “They’re all democrats” Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Wow. The surrogates still trying to pass on the lie.


  2. That’s a really good point. “Hooked on Bass” is not really something to be proud of as a campaign. I’ve never thought of it that way.

    I think we as a community need an intervention. What about June 3rd? Are you all free? OK, there is a post in this. Mind if I use it? I’ll reference you of course.

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    • Its all about codewords. “Hooked on Bass” uses language that shows she has respect for resource extraction, beloved by HumCo traditionalists. If the same language was used in a large urban area, it would evoke images of addiction


  3. Ugh Hughes and Natalyn from EPIC are huge problems for this environmentalist. I met and had a great conversation with Natalyn at a Kerrigan function, but if EPIC has any connection to Ulansey. Wow. Weed is a powerful drug and makes for strange bedfellows.

    It’s not a tornado, there are two interfaces between conservative and liberal. Conservative and liberal and libertarian and liberal. The power is when the conservatives/liberals (ie true moderates like Richard Marks) and libertarians/liberals (“moderates” or hyper-polars like Supervisor Fennell and Lee Ulansey) shun their liberal base and coordinate together.

    That’s how we got to where we are today with a broken HCDCC that can’t endorse Kerrigan and a broken BOS and ECC with Democratic majority boards/councils doing the bidding of property rights lobbyists, Wall Street Mortgage companies, and small and arguably large weed farms. Hezekiah has be solid on the environment of late – I hope he keeps it up. EPIC with their continued support of candidates like candidate Firpo continue to disappoint.

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    • Not sure why EPIC leaders support of Firpo would disappoint. She is a strong conservationist/ environmentalist. It has been at the forefront of her platform since last August. What I like is that she also has Patty Clary (Klamath Environmental Law) and Michael Evenson (Mattole Salmon Group), who have more environmental credibility than anyone in the better known organizations, and they are all in the same room with the timber industry working on her campaign. Solving the problems in environment requires conversation and someone willing to actively engage both sides. It is one of the main reasons I support Firpo. If you are looking for a fight, you won’t likely find solutions. Natalyn Delap (EPIC) and Neal Ewald (Green Diamond) have figured it out, which is why they joined forces. They talk all the time.

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  4. Bass has to cater to the big money or she’ll never be able to run for assembly
    which is what this is all about. That’s why she changed parties in the first place. Robbie hated Patty Berg and wanted someone in there he could tell what to do. I’m pretty sure that what TEx means by long game.

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    • Since redistricting, no Dumboldt politician has a prayer of going to Sacramento. Marin and Sonoma will never go for hick High School graduates, like Bass and Bohn.

      Anyway, being paid $90K as Supervisor, Bass is way beyond her wildest dreams. Moving to Sacto to be a ‘little Bass in a big pond’ would just be embarrassing and humiliating.


  5. People have no idea what dark manipulation is afloat behind the political shenanigans in Humboldt County, California. This post and thread barely scratches the surface, but there are also several false assumptions made here that distract from how two-faced everyone really is when playing this game, and about who is really in alliance with whom.


  6. “If you are looking for a fight, you won’t likely find solutions. Natalyn Delap (EPIC) and Neal Ewald (Green Diamond) have figured it out, which is why they joined forces. They talk all the time.”

    Exactly. This is not how public process works. This is completely backwards. Neal and Natalyn, Hezekiah and Lee, are not here to make deals. Supervisors Bohn, Fennell, Bass, Sundberg and Lovelace make the decisions, not an outsider group. Lee Ulansey loved having the round table working groups as long as they were 50 +1% in his favor. When Neal and Natalyn talk, who will have the upper hand? Now, if they are speaking about Green Diamond properties with an already established regulatory framework – ie to improve best practices – knock yourself out.

    But to establish best practices? No. Do that in public with accountability so we know what is going on. EPIC is failing us if they are making back room deals which may be why their name keeps coming up in places and in alliances it shouldn’t be.

    For the record Hezekiah seems to have figured this out. I hope so because he is smart and going forward I want him on the side defending environmental principles in public where we have an upper hand, not in private where private interests have an upper hand. No matter how cozy it feels outside the Courthouse BOS chambers.


    • “. Lee Ulansey loved having the round table working groups as long as they were 50 +1% in his favor.

      As do you and most of the people that stop by here.


  7. No, the round table idea was his. I think the board of supervisors and planning commision are fine places to write legistlation or codes. Let the public sector do their own work and the private sector do theirs. I’m not going to ask McDonalds to consult with a board of 51% government workers to decide how to run their business.


  8. Confused gets it. Liberal Jon does not.

    Anonymous there are no manipulations people do not allow.


    • Yeah, and everything that happen’s must be God’s will and If someone believes a lie, its their voluntary choice. And all chemicals are natural because they are made up of the same atoms as everything else.


  9. Our local Republicans turned Democrats to get elected are rank amateurs. There’s a Republican in Arizona who changed his registration to Democrat and his name from Scott Fistler to Cesar Chavez. He is also using photos of rallies in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez in his campaign. It will be interesting to see how many people in his largely Hispanic district fall for such blatant deceit.


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