Mills adopts “third world” policing model for Eureka

Police Chief Mills divides the city along racial and economic lines

"Meet the new Boss.....same as the old Boss"

“Meet the new Boss…..same as the old Boss”

At last Tuesday nights City Council Meeting, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills gave a report regarding the direction he wanted to take Eureka. In the report, he spelled out key parts to the “New Direction” he will be taking EPD. For background information, refer to this previous post:

Part of Mills’ “New Direction” is splitting the city in half, with a Police Captain assigned to each half of the city. Sounds fair, right? Wrong. According to Mills he spoke with “Stake-holders” in the community, and the good ol’ boy-girl City Council, and has come up with the boundaries to split the city. Not surprisingly, it’s split between the haves and the have-nots.

The first half includes all the area north of 14th Street and west of California Street. That’s the Westside, Old Town, the entire waterfront, Highland Park, Bayshore Mall, St. Vincents Soup Kitchen, The Eureka Rescue Mission, DHHS (welfare office), etc. Looking at Zillow house prices or just driving down the streets in these areas and you can clearly see that this half of the city includes the overwhelming majority of economically challenged citizens.,-124.162808,14z?hl=en

The second half includes all of the area east of California Street and south of 14th Street. That’s Lundbar Hills, Sequoia Park, St. Joseph’s Hospital, The Eureka High School area, etc. Pretty much all of the most expensive neighborhoods to buy a home in with the income level’s to match.

Now we’re sure that Mills will tell you that all of Eureka will get the same level of service. And we believe that’s probably true. If you’re a lower income citizen, you’ll get treated poorly whether you live in the Westside or encroach into the Sequoia Park Neighborhood.

Dividing the City by income level is nothing new to Eureka. It’s just sad that the right wing Council and their new surrogate, Chief Mills, are so blatantly putting their boots on the necks of the poor. Jager must be proud and Murl Harpham must feel satisfied knowing that the City is in the hands of someone so close in mindset.

You can test our conclusions by using the tools at:


20 thoughts on “Mills adopts “third world” policing model for Eureka

  1. I just went to city data and checked for home valves and it’s pretty blatant.

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  2. Mills and Harpham look like they had a nice dinner date


  3. Someone else pointed it out, but I found it to be true. Drive around Eureka. With some exceptions, the majority of homes valued over 300K have Bass and/or Fleming signs. The low rent neighborhoods tend to have Kerrigan and/or Firpo signs. Don’t know that it means much, but it is interesting.

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  4. The city’s unique election system assures the east side, where the money is, will control the government. If the issue had been race instead of poverty the city would have been sued for this years ago.

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  5. Eureka certainly is returning to the former “golden” days of policing!

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  6. Oh yes. The golden age. When proclamations like this were acceptable in Eureka:

    1) That all Chinamen be expelled from the city and that none be allowed to return.
    2) That a committee be appointed to act for one year, whose duty shall be to warn all Chinamen who may attempt to come to this place to live, and to use all reasonable means to prevent their remaining. If the warning is disregarded, to call mass meetings of citizens to whom the case will be referred for proper action.
    3) That a notice be issued to all property owners through the daily papers, requesting them not to lease or rent property to Chinese.

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  7. You forgot to mention that the southside includes the projects, neighborhoods adjacent to Winco, Fairfield st, Mc Cullens and parts of Allard. Not exactly the richest hoods.

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  8. The EPD has really gone backwards since his “Highness” Tyson decided we didn’t need Garr as chief. Thanks Dave another bonehead move you made that the citizens of town are now paying for. Go Dave Go please !!!

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  9. Even at 103 years old Murl posing as a badass, what a joke he is


  10. A professional friend of mine who lives on the east side had an encounter with EPD recently at his home when they responded to a call made by another party. He was shocked by how arrogant, rude and threatening they were. Fortunately for him, no arrest was made and they left; but it’s not difficult to imagine how the poor in less affluent neighborhoods are treated by our “public servants.” They have a police state mentality and the public is the enemy.

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    • That’s the New/Old EPD for ya. These ol’ boys are always ready for a chance to kick some ass. Actually making no arrest can be a more dangerous scenario with those bullies. No arrest, no paperwork, they just report no contact.

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  11. That’s probably true, Westsider. I think an additional issue is that people on the east side more often than not are the reporting parties, not the suspects, have the financial means to bail themselves out immediately and the wherewithal to file false arrest and abuse lawsuits if they are mistreated; not to mention more credibility with judges and juries if such cases came to trial. Bullies prefer victims without the ability to fight back effectively. .

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