Kerrigan surges; Bass campaign surrogates in freak-out mode


underdogLast year most observers would have guessed Virginia Bass had a lock on re-election. Then came the dismantling of the General Plan Guiding Principles and attack on open spaces and trails.
Her next “self destruct” move, still has our heads spinning; she appoints Slumlord Kevin Mckinney to the Planning Commission.
Many friends and supporters convinced Chris to run for Supervisor instead of Mayor.
The Bass re-election goes from a cakewalk to actually having to run a campaign. The Bass machine had a huge war chest of  donations built up going in to the campaign, with most of the big money interests in the district backing her, its been a real up hill battle for Chris.
Yesterday with the release of the final campaign statements before the June 3 primary election and, as we previously mentioned, the rumored “poor showing in the poll” they paid for, apparently has the Bass camp cronys panicky and grasping at straws……….


“Samoa softball” aka Richard Marks goes off about Chris Kerrigan shopping at employee owned Winco.

Ironic that Virginia Bass pretty much exclusively shops Safeway on Harris. A Union shop. Who are the hypocrites here?”says Marks.  Strange that we’ve see her husband Matthew shopping at employee owned Winco.winco


Mr Chiv’d freaks out about Winco too, and added to that, “Chris raised $30,131.50 this filing period. Virginia raised $24,937.”  Then Mr Chiv’d comes out with the bazaar conclusionWith $100 per person luau fundraiser, Chris isn’t exactly the candidate for the People. Since he raised more money than Virginia, is he the special interest candidate now?”  What Mr. Chiv’d doesn’t mention is that Bass outspent Chris 2 to 1 during the recent reporting period, and she still has 4 TIMES as much money on handOn top of that, Chris’s filing for the recent reporting period shows that he was the “grassroots” leader, gathering 127 individual donations compared to the Bass campaigns 69.

That should be encouraging for those of you who are still wondering if a small donation could help the Kerrigan campaign.

Watchpaul “Attack Dog” Rose Welch weighs in with “Kerrigan’s largest donors were hardware store owner Bill Pierson, who gave his campaign committee $2,000 this period, and former pot doc/environmental activist Ken Miller, who gave $1,850”. Like it’s a bad thing! Good for Ken and Bill.

Virginia got her big donation’s from the local developer/real estate gang.
All of this leads us to this conclusion; this not how a front runner behaves. Combine those shrill remarks with her ads pleading for voters to show up. (polling shows a very close race with many undecideds)

Lastly; On top of all of that, they’ve put out their silly and negative “slacker campaign” ad.  This shows us the Bass political machine is running scared.
Scared for good reason. All indications are, against the odds, the Kerrigan campaign has caught fire.


66 thoughts on “Kerrigan surges; Bass campaign surrogates in freak-out mode

  1. If Mr Chiv’d is claiming that my luau fundraiser charged $100 to anyone, that is a falsehood and he should apologize. We couldn’t have made it plainer in the handouts and announcements that there was NO admission price or even a “suggested donation”. False, false, false.

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    • Mr. Chiv no doubt was thinking of Ms. Bass’s OH’s style fund raiser where the price of admission was a C-Note.

      I think he let all the praise he’s been getting (including from myself) get to his head. Mr. Chiv still needs to do his research if he wants to raise himself to the level of “Go To” blog for choice information.

      Mr. Chiv is not there yet.

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    • I mean independent polls. Wouldn’t this election be too small/local for serious independent pollsters? I have seen several figures given in different places.

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    • Polls are paid for by somebody. They aren’t free.

      If CBS or NBC wants a poll, they hire someone. Then the information belongs to whomever pays for it.

      Around here the media does not have the interest to shell out the money. Since Ms. Bass is flush with cash, they can. But the information still belongs to the Bass campaign, they can release or sit on the data as they wish.

      So in answer to your question; there has been no independent polling done in this or any local race.

      Which is too bad. I’m with you in wanting to see what the numbers would really be telling us.


  2. virginia3833:

    I’m not on the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner, so you will need to ask them.

    There was an article that the TE ran last week, about the Down Towner Motel and Ms. Bass’s maneuvers to get that albatross from around her neck.

    The poll the TE quoted in that article was evidently done by the Bass campaign itself, so they are not too keen to share the data. The TE says the information leaked out anyway and they got the news through their secret source (sounds pretty cool put that way, all we need is a parking structure and Hal Holbrook standing in the shadows).

    So ultimately, the answer is: You will need to ask Virginia Bass.

    Don’t expect a straight answer.


  3. I haven’t seen the 460’s myself yet. Are they posted online? LoCO had done this at one point, but I can’t navigate their election site easily anymore. One accuracy glitch in the reporting that I think everyone is getting wrong – or I am – is I’m pretty sure the individual count of donors (127 to 69) should be “the individuals who contributed $100 or more”. If you look at the unitemized donation section I believe this would include an unknown number of donations under $99 that are not required to be itemized (bottom of page one of Schedule A line 2). It would be interesting to know what this number was for both campaigns.

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  4. Julie Timmons, was there a fundraiser for $100 per person for Chris Kerrigan? That is the point. So what if it was not your luau? Getting riled up over one word is amusing.

    One simple word that can be corrected.

    Your progs always deflect and attack when confronted with the truth.

    Chris Kerrigan does not care about the people. He does care about the people funding and fronting money to get him elected.

    MOLA42, your true colors are coming out. You are an anonymous fake persona. And on TE staff. Just because you write a column on this anonymous blog, you think you are somebody.

    MOLA42 you turned on John Chiv. You were nice to him in the beginning. Why?

    TE has access to information from the local left and left-leaning media and could possibly be some members from the local media.

    This blog has only one purpose. To sling mud in an election year because you cannot get the votes you need. The anti-Arkley, Tyson, Bass, any one conservative attack has been done and failed Heraldo.

    Go crawl back under your rock.

    Progs cannot win an election by convincing voters. They only hope to by attacking successful people.

    Go ahead and block me. No one except the same five people comment here.


    • I hope they don’t block you. I also hope you keep commenting. It really helps fire up local progressives to see comments like yours. It also shows how worried the Humboldt County far-right is. Thank you alwayshelpinprogs!

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    • Also…thank you for admitting Bass, Arkley and Tyson are the local conservatives. Bass changed parties and it’s not often that you see her supporters call her what she is…a local right wing conservative.

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    • Alwaysquestionprogs:

      Your “handle” is correct, one should always question ANY source of information (including “progs”).

      I’ll let Julie Timmons answer the Luau question; except if Mr. Kerrigan did have a $100 per person event, it must have been a secret and no one attended.

      I am not on the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner. I don’t know who they are (sound familiar regular readers?). However, if I were a TE staff member I would not be ashamed to admit to it. Why should I?

      Since I am anonymous I guess one can say I am both a fake and a persona. So kudos to you for stating the obvious. As for my true colors oozing out… I didn’t know I had any (other than the usual colors most people are born with). Let me know what those colors are… Perhaps there is a treatment available.

      Am I biased? Of course I am… and so are you. So what?

      I am somebody. I’m MOLA:42. That along with a dollar (or more) buys me a cup of coffee. I already know I’m no one special but thanks for the reminder.

      I did not turn on John Chiv. I pointed out the mistake he made. Guess what? When the TE made a mistake I did the same thing.

      When I make mistakes (and there are a lot of them) and someone points them out to me, I don’t consider myself turned upon but corrected. A big difference. Usually I feel grateful (if embarrassed).

      Also, I think Mr. Chiv is capable of handling my criticism and answering to it if he believes I have been unfair; but I guess he should feel gratitude for having such a sincere defender in you.

      In the beginning I was rather hard on Mr. Chiv until he grew into the role he presently occupies: A person who delves into newsworthy areas the rest of the media ignores. Bless his heart.

      Anyway, as long as you don’t call me a Brown Shirt then I think we can get along.

      As for the TE stuff, that’s for the TE (who is not me in any way, shape or form) to answer or ignore.

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    • I see ol’ Johnny boy went back and corrected his blog. Good job Johnny boy I had faith in ya


    • although I disagree with John in his support of Bass, I do appreciate his reporting of some subjects that the mainstream media does not cover like the Cook case.

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  5. You lefties are so mean, Virginia is the nicest sweetest person in public office.
    Why must you attack her always? Why don’t you just try talking to her sometime, then you would see.


    • Yes, Ms. Bass is sweet and nice.

      And (in the view of some) also wrong most of the time. We shall find out if that number is some or most come June 3rd.

      Pointing out a politician’s short comings is not being mean. It simply is what is to be expected.

      The election is for a position on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors (a very important job) and not a competition for Miss Congeniality.

      Mr. Kerrigan has to take the same from Conservative Regressives. No one is especially being picked on.


    • Mola your the worst! You turned on John Chiv.


  6. When does having more money in your war chest mean you don’t have the support of “the people”? It is logical to come to the opposite view. Or if you have lots of BIG doners, you might have the money lead and lose the election. Chris being ahead in the poll tells me more about his chances than the money he has collected.

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  7. Richard Marks the guy who’s always checking for Union loyalty. Then he supports Bass. pitiful

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  8. The sad story of Marks started when HDCC didn’t endorse him when he ran against Bonnie Neely. He became bitter and formed alliances with conservatives so he could get even with Bonnie. Then he tried to stack HDCC with DINOs and joined forces with Mathew Owen. In return Owen helped him get elected to the Harbor District.

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  9. Marks not only supports Bass, he made 7 large as her campaign manager last reporting period. Not bad, and he is worth every penny leading her way into the HCDCC.

    I am making the assumption that the “Marks” consulting or whatever is Richard, I might be wrong. Funny how the first words are blacked out. Wonder why?

    I have argued strongly with Richard that he should be more upfront, especially as a blogger that he works for the campaign. He said he doesn’t need to since everyone can see this on the 460. Well, just making sure everyone sees this on the 460 and takes Richard’s opinions on the race (and thus the GPU on which he says he disagrees with Virginia, he is more of a “B” plan guy – but the people don’t care so why should he) with a grain of salt.

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  10. MOLA, thanks for your response. I am grateful to my defender.

    MOLA, if I could be accused of being the Tuluwat Examiner, then you know imagination runs wild.

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  11. A couple of typos. Bizarre not bazaar. And it is Welsh not Welch. Maybe the poster was grocery shopping while writing the post.

    Was it the Co-Op, Winco or Safeway?


  12. If Virginia is so nice why does she make so many disingenuous type decisions ? Putting McKenny on the planning commission after Rex had already put his business partner Alan Bongio on the same commission ? How is that justifiable or “nice” ? The whole Democratic Central Commitee push in to split it so it couldn’t indorce Chris . How moral or “nice” was that ? Does anybody think Rob McBeth and his circle of Ingomar friends would throw their money at anybody even close to be in center let alone the left ? This whole GPU and planning commission stack really showed their agenda. She seems to be the “nice” Trojan Horse for Matt, McBeth and all the other right wing back room political movers to hide and ride in.

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    • Bill Bertain, Fred Sunquist, Randy Gans (in TS), Neal Ewald of Green Diamond, Sid Berg, Rex Bohn, Estelle Fenell, Ryan Sundberg (even though she voted to endorse his opponent at the HCDCC), Chet Albin, Frank Jager, Mike Newman, Marian Brady, Humboldt Builders Exchange, Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3, Richard Marks, Uri Driscoll (whose brother works for Jared Huffman). {From 460} Barnum Timber Company, Four Star Realty, Northcoast Fabricators, Debbie Provolt, Building and Construction Trades Council, and CREPAC.

      Here’s the thing. It’s clear to those who know what is going on where Virginia is on the political spectrum – Fred Mangels voted for her for goodness sake. He knows, as do the largest timber owning companies in the county. Who are all those good conservative and Republican folks voting for if they vote at all?

      So, if Virginia wins, what will her mandate be? To be concerned about global warming and other niceties a leader of a district at sea level might want to start addressing, or will her mandate be to protect at all costs what she can of those at her base?

      We know because she has told us. Her priority will be to continue implementing the marketer’s dream phrase of making the Planning Department more of a service department and …jobs…. as if her constituent’s world view actually allows for middle class jobs. They don’t. – Well maybe 20 as Neal Ewald claimed in Virginia’s last commercial.

      It’s our job as political opponents (actually it’s the media’s but that ship has sailed) to call out exactly what it is they, those who are subverting the political process to win, are doing.

      Because Virgina, Matthew, Richard, Chet, etc aren’t bad people for doing it, They obviously simply don’t care about politics as an important thing in itself, which is fair. They are more concerned about the ends, and they believe they are doing whats right for all of Humboldt. What’s a little political smoke and mirrors? And if good people like Richard Marks, Marian Brady, etc. get paid for their services on the way up, they will rightly see it as completely legit.

      And the smoke and mirrors is completely legit. I just think it’s also completely wrong. But that is because I believe politics must work now more than ever. Because a) the issues are critical, b) they take decades of foresight and planning, c) they take a belief in the public sector,. d) our friends to the right have imploded as a political force in California and e) we have no, or at best extremely limited, viable public interest media business model at the local or probably even state level.

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  13. Last thought I was raised to believe that a person is as good as their word . This whole move by Virginia’s camp to have her change political parties is just not honest. It was made to fool people and to block the HDCC. To me it shows outright dishonesty.

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    • Agreed. One might consider voting on this alone. Integrity matters. Sundberg is DTS. Don’t know his whole history. Nothing dishonest there I can see. Latour and Kerrigan, legit Democrats. Fleming a Republican who is registered Democrat, but at least she’s always been a Dem. Arnie Klein switched to Dem last March. Hmmm. Dollison Long time Dem. Firpo DTS, but was a Dem before switching 5 years ago. That’s the odd one. Politically, she seems a Dem but she switched to DTS actually harming her political future.

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  14. That’s because Firpo put integrity before politics. She didn’t feel a prosecutor should have party affiliation. Meanwhile, a month after Maggie was shot down on the Dem nomination, her Republican mailer identifies her as Independent with no mention of Democrat. A flat out lie.


    • There is no such thing as an Independent.* Without seeing the flyer, I’d put money it says “independent”. And how can you say what she or her campaign thinks about herself? If she thinks she is “independent”, that’s what she thinks of herself. And since when is omission (ie not a Democrat) a lie? I think you calling this a lie is a bigger, uh, mistruth.

      *except the AIP, which many people are registered as, most likely under the mistaken notion that it is a group of organized independents – it most definitely isn’t.

      I’d be happy to eat crow if you can post an image of the flier and it says “Independent”.


  15. LJ. Touche. Deliberately misleading Republicans, while being technically correct, by not capitalizing a letter should bare no scrutiny. Your hypocrisy is staggering. You work to boot fake Dems from the Central Committee, and then you push this wolf in sheep’s clothes, why? Because Linda Atkins says so. Are you aware Linda has never even met Elan? I asked her. Every progressive I know, who actually KNOWS Elan, supports her, with zero exceptions. What does that tell you?


    • “Fred Mangels voted for her for goodness sake. He knows, as do the largest timber owning companies in the county. Who are all those good conservative and Republican folks voting for if they vote at all?”

      And Fred is supporting Maggie “for goodness sake”

      You should really pay attention to the DA’s race. Liberal’s above all should care about Civil Liberties and that we don’t slip back to the old days.

      LJ. You represent exactly what is wrong with the Democrat Party. You can’t see past the “D” to what people really stand for.

      Sheriffs PAC gave Ryan, Bass and Maggie each $2500.00. See a pattern?


    • I’ll wager a bunch of these Liberals know Elan, but are supporting Maggie Flemming.
      Sorry it’s just not a left vs. right race this time.

      Susan Adams- Marin County Supervisor
      AFSCME Local 1684 Humboldt County Public Employees Union
      Christina Allbright
      Linda Atkins
      Ira Blatt
      Bette Boyd
      Milt Boyd
      Bill Bragg
      Mike Buettner
      Pam Cahill
      Clif Clendenen
      Diane Fairchild Beck
      Jason Garlick
      Mary Gearheart
      Gregg Gold
      Zuretti Goosby
      Brenda Goosby
      Lynn Harvey & Joel Mielke
      Colleen & Bill Hole
      Claudia Israel
      Ron Kuhnel
      Christy & Aldaron Laird
      Peter LaVallee
      Leslie Lollich
      North Coast Young Democrats
      Peter Pennekamp
      Wendy & Chuck Petty
      William S. Pierson
      Neal Sanders
      Les Scher
      Kathy Srabian
      Julie Timmons
      Sally Upatisringa
      Rob Wade
      Michael Winkler
      Zachary Zwerdling


  16. Actually, I know Elan pretty well, and I’d bet almost none of them know Elan. In fact, Elan said She called Cliff to meet with him and he never returned the call. Same with Atkins. Zachary Zwerdling, she might have met. How about you Jon? There was an offer for you to meet Elan some time ago. Did you ever have that chat over coffee? Bottom line. Salzman, Natalyn Delapp, Michael Evenson, John Woolley, Julie Fulkerson, Paul Gallegos, Barbara Kennedy, and Patty Clary. These are smart thinking people who do know the candidates, and they support Elan. These are the people who have spent days upon days talking with Elan and helping her. PS. No one on the Central Committee is allowed to endorse Elan, or they get kicked out. John Woolley resigned as an ex-officio to support Elan. You might take off the blinders there buddy.


    • And LJ, how does anyone pro-union support the idea that Maggie is buying tens of thousands of dollars in signs out of state made by a non union shop, SignRocket? Meanwhile, I see union bugs on all of Firpo’s signs. When you march because the Dem Central Committee tells you to, you are not a true progressive.


    • I used to work for some of Elan’s biggest supporters – Fred Sunquist, Jaison Chand and friends. Let’s just say that is not the most union-friendly of shops. I don’t think pro-or anti union has anything to do with this race.

      Yes, I met and had a nice chat with Elan at of all places the CLC function. Very intelligent and competent person. I’m just not voting for her based on her odd based of supporters. Sorry, I do not know enough about what the DA race is all about to make my way through the campaign rhetoric, I’m going with what people I trust say.

      I read with great anticipation Julie Fulkerson’s and John Woolley’s letter to the editor in the MRU, and it didn’t give any good, specific reason why they were bucking the liberal trend. There are others I trust and respect that are also voting for Elan who are not in the public eye.

      I don’t get it. I do know both Alan and Maggie would get my consideration before Elan unless there is a compelling reason given to vote for her. And I haven’t heard it.

      This liberal appreciates the SO and does believe in a strong working relationship with law enforcement. I hear a lot from those running against MF that support of law enforcement is somehow a bad thing. I can see that in a Supervisor’s race, but not in a DA’s race. A BOS race is political, I’m not sure how a DA’s race is political – at least at the county level, at least until this or that candidate says I’m going to place more resources into prosecuting this or that type of crime. Which it would not be ethical, or probably legal for them to admit.

      So us on the outside are stuck reading the tea leaves. At least imho.


    • Exactly. Paul Gallegos is supporting Elan for a reason. Anyone who heard his impassioned speech down in Briceland last week when he introduced her would be instantly swayed. He explained exactly why Maggie could not be trusted with the job and why Elan could. It all came down to integrity and leadership. He acknowledged right there that Elan had the skill he was lacking and that he was already letting her move some of her agenda forward. his is a man who has seen them both up close at work for a long time.
      John Dierdra


  17. Exactly one and one only matters in those matters. The only one who really knows all four and has worked with all four. That is Paul Gallegos, and he is supporting Elan “absolutely without reservation.”

    I love this analysis from Peter Childs who just performed for Elan’s party in Briceland last week.

    “Maggie Fleming strikes me as being pretty well qualified for the job by any normal standard. But to me, Elan Firpo really stands out and the reason for that is, in a word, her humanity. She, too, is well qualified technically for the job but to me what makes her truly exceptional is that she has, as is so rarely seen in law enforcement, real and deep concern for the human beings with whom she deals; all of them, including victims and those who are too often voiceless. Consequently, if elected she will (make no mistake) lock up those people who should be locked up, but she will make a real effort to provide treatment rather than punishment where it can be effective, for example with the meth addicts who are currently responsible for such a large percentage of our county’s crimes, so that they can hopefully be kept from the constant cycling in and out of jail that is now so common and so problematic. And scarce funds will be spent where they are really needed rather than being poured down the drain in this dreary cycle. (BTW, I was astonished to learn how dependent the DA’s office is upon grants to do their work; I’d always assumed that they were funded from the County General Fund.)

    Remember how good it felt when we elected Paul Gallegos? He offered us a truly important change: a DA who approached his job with genuine humanity. Elan Firpo will continue that approach. She understands that prosecution can all too easily become persecution; that our focus must be on protection of the public from real crime, rather than simply adopting the all too common attitude that says (in Rod Deal’s words) “You broke the law, so accept your fate.” She understands that DAs have to be tough but they don’t have to be mean.”

    Peter Childs


    • Also, apologies to Peter Childs, but if he is for something, given the baloney he spins on the GPU, I’ll be taking a hard look at the alternative.

      Public Participation my left foot.


    • Peter made a great speech, yes the Farmer era was pretty bad. The problem with the Humanity Paul Gallegos offered is that came with managerial incompetence. He hired the worst of the worst, The Jim Jones temple guy, EPD thugs – Mike Hislop, Jim Dawson and Wayne Cox to name a few.

      You need to convince us that Elan will not make the same grievous errors. She needs to pledge to fire Cox and dismantle the DA’s private army the “Investigative Bureau”.


  18. Fair enough Jon. I like and respect Peter Childs so we will differ there. Pete. I agree completely. I did like this letter from Jim Lamport, who is also rock solid and knows them both well. He is right on your point.

    “Humboldt County’s next District Attorney will be the woman who will set the agenda for the county’s prosecution of alleged criminal acts, and who will also have discretion over the county’s civil legal authority.

    Maggie Fleming is a competent, experienced attorney, and she is a dedicated county employee and public servant. But I will be voting for Elan Firpo for District Attorney. Elan Firpo is the candidate with both business management experience and recent, post-budget realignment, hands-on legal experience. She is currently serving as a deputy DA.

    Paul Gallegos’ high level of idealism has served Humboldt County well for the past 12 years. His acknowledged weak suit is in the realm of organizational management, and Elan’s many years of successful international business management will remedy the organizational and underfunding problems in the DA’s office.

    Jim Lamport, legal document assistant, Garberville and Blocksburg


  19. Jon, You also might consider Jaison and Fred are Elan’s personal friends. When looking hard at alliances from the right, you might think about why Rex Bohn switched from supporting Elan to offering Maggie 50K to run. Note the overlap on their conservative donors in his district. You also might wonder why the old guard Republicans like Jerry Scott are her primary fundraisers.


  20. Pete. Considering the DA Investigator Association endorsed Maggie and Wayne Cox and Jack Bernstein are doing everything they can to undermine Elan (currently phone banking for Maggie), I think you have your answer. Gotta protect those 150K plus per year salaries. Since Elan said she would not arm code enforcement (Maggie said she would), and since Elan said “cleaning up was needed in the DA investigator unit”, I’m pretty they’d rather see Elan go elsewhere.


    • If what you say regarding Firpo is true, then she has my vote. My problem is, why haven’t I seen these positions from her in public. I tend to think your statements are true, but why won’t she write a letter or answer on Loco saying the same things?


    • I was referring to her reigning in the DA investigators. Has she publicly spoken about that? I would like to hear what she has to say. I think this issue is key.


    • I can’t tell you that, actually. The closest I’ve heard is her say is that there are many excesses and unnecessary salaries that will be trimmed on day 1 to fund more attorneys. That was just prior to the DA investigators endorsing Maggie. One might draw some lines. Outside of attorneys, the remaining 40 people on staff are DA Investigators and support staff.


  21. Jon, you have some serious blinders on. Forget all your DCC buddies who barely know what the DA does. This is simple. Paul Gallegos and Richard Salzman support Élan. Two progressives that know the DA’s office better than everyone you mention put together. The DA investigators want to keep their fiefdom. They know Elan is a little hostile to their AR15s and ridiculous salaries and they support Magster. Elan has been totally critical of Paul’s management and he still supports her 100 percent. Do the math.


  22. PS: cruise over yonder to Rose’s blog where Mike Losey, neocon from Fortuna and Retired DA Investigator, is slicing and dicing Élan on behalf of Maggie. PS good friends with Berstein, current DA Investigator on paid leave courtesy of PVG after misdeeds. Now phone banking for Fleming and working on campaign. See a problem?


    • Tames and others, still not getting any info on what the difference is. Something about Elan taking on theDA investigators and their feifdom? I think if there was a good alternative to Sheriff Downey when his term comes up, I’d be willing to listen.

      Progressives cannot be hostile to law enforcement because they are law enforcement. Maybe in the 60’s, but how did that work out for that generation politically in the 70’s and 80’s?

      Conservatives are right about some things, one of them being we are a nation of laws. And because of that among other things we are a pretty great and stable country. Elan is going to stand up and lower the militarized nature of the DA’s arsenal? She has more integrity and leadership skills. She shares Gallegos’ agenda?

      Given her supporters is something not being said about the difference between Candidate Fleming and Candidate Firpo and that’s what makes me nervous.

      You know one thing that would make me consider a candidate? If they stood out strongly and publicly against the vigilantism and torture that led to the arrest (I believe) of a murder suspect. Law enforcement belongs in the public sector. If there is a candidate that will stand up against this weed/libertarian ethic of the less government (including law enforcement) the better, then I will consider them.

      One of my greatest concerns right now is the hidden agenda of weed and from her supporters, I think Elan is quite week on this. I may be wrong.


  23. Jon, If that is the case, Elan is not your candidate. I say that as her supporter. She is Pro Law Enforcement, but she firmly believes in checks and balance and she will take assault rifles from the DA investigators, and she will not arm code enforcement. She also believes weed is going to be legalized and we need to start treating it as a business practice and ensure they are following the same laws any business would, especially with regard to environmental protection. She is very strong on environmental issues and thinks the DA has a key role in that. This is really important since the new marijuana ordinance gives enforcement to County Counsel. Elan said she would absolutely not deputize code enforcement and thinks County Counsel has no business getting into law enforcement. Fleming said she would at the Tea Party Debate. That simple, really.

    So, one might consider her position pro-weed and wanting tighter controls on law enforcement.


    • Tames – I would hope the DA would be responsible for prosecuting laws as they are, not what she thinks they should or would be. I was pro Gallegos because he was not afraid to take on big business. I think Candidate Firpo would not stand up to Humboldt’s new folks that feel they are above the law.

      “if marijuana was legalized, taxed, and controlled”…I don’t think it’s the DA’s job to ponder what if’s. It would be their job to prosecute given current laws, no?

      And with the arming of our rural areas, how do we enforce code violations without arming those in the field, no matter who they are? They too need to get home safe and they are just doing their job. Seems to me, this is an attack by those who would rather not follow those pesky codes.

      Seems to me, this is the second part of the equation to get government and the public sector out of any legitimate planning it should be responsible for outside city limits. a) change the statues – ie the GPU to maximize private property rights and b) don’t enforce what statutes there are, because then the argument can be made, “any code is better than what we have now, even if lenient, because, shoot, no one is following the rules now”.

      Something isn’t right here.


  24. That issue in a nutshell.

    In 2007ish Gallegos “undeputized” code enforcement because of their excesses drawing weapons unnecessarily and pointing them at unarmed women and children Jack Bernstein and Mike Losey are leading the charge for Maggie as current and retired DA investigators. From 2008 TS when asked by Bonnie Blackberry if code enforcement could do their job without guns.

    “Given the various roles code enforcement investigators play in this county, Bernstein said, the answer is no.

    ”For your safety, you have to have the police authority,” he said.

    The assertion was vehemently challenged by task force member Bonnie Blackberry, also of the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project: “We need guns here … because why?”

    Code enforcement investigators can ask for assistance at any time from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, she said, so why do they need guns?

    ”I don’t think I could say anything to you that would convince you that anyone should ever carry a gun,” he said. ”

    Elan is with CLMP and Gallegos on this one. Maggie is with Bernstein, Losey and County Counsel.

    That is what people are choosing between as far as their policies.


  25. LJ. First of all, Firpo has the dubious distinction of prosecuting the last three law enforcement officers who were prosecuted. She said she isn’t proud of it, but they broke the law.

    We will disagree on the pondering “What ifs”. She is forward thinking and feels if we move it out of the criminal courts and into the civil courts where, 1. There is a lower burden of proof 2. She can attach civil environmental enhancements that force property owners to restore environmental damage. Neither of those things are possible in criminal prosecution.She also thinks it makes sense to not be caught unaware and deal with the nightmares Colorado is now dealing with by not adequately preparing.

    As for arming code enforcement. We disagree there also. Giving bureaucrats assault rifles can’t end well. If that level of enforcement is needed, real law enforcement officers, trained, and properly protected, should be involved. SWAT Teams. Not County Counsel and DA Investigators.

    If those are your views, honestly, Fleming is your candidate. She was embedded with DTF for four years and is essentially one of them. I think they are overarmed and they make raids chasing money for more toys.

    I do think it is odd that you think Firpo won’t stand up. That is her strong suit in my view. It is Fleming who stands in her commercial with Rex Bohn, Sheriff Downey, and Jimmy Smith. It Fleming who wrote the Occupy Ordinance with Jimmy Smith and then broke it herself. It is Fleming who refused to disclose what the county was paying in lawsuits. You can hate HumCPR and see the problem with a lack of government transparency.

    I think we agree most of the time. Not today

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    • Sorry Tames this got stuck in our spam filter, we didn’t see till this morning

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tames. I’m glad we will probably agree more than disagree. But on Bonnie Blackberry and Peter Childs, I’d advise caution. Their defacto or planned alliance with property rights advocates and thus the county’s status-quo realty/developer/contractor businessmen (to them probably defacto, to Commissioner Ulansey probably planned) changed what could have been a decent foundation for planning in unincorporated areas in this county. Something which is a huge issue going forward for the environment, the economy, quality of life, etc. (I’d even argue national security).

      Listening to a few episodes of the CLMP on KMUD with Bonnie and Charlie Custer gives one insight to what drives their own brand of public participation. In a word Tames, it’s weed.

      And it’s not hard to connect the dots between weed and code enforcement. (Even though it did take me the majority of the summer in 2013)

      So yes, if you are quoting Bonnie Blackberry and Peter Childs then to support Elan, then yes, we will disagree today. Here’s to tomorrow.

      And here is a question I really don’t understand. County welfare fraud SIU carry weapons, right? Is this OK? If so is there a reason code enforcement should not be protected as well? Is it because one group of people being inspected are generally poor and disempowered and the other often landowning and politically connected?

      Despite the seemingly rhetorical nature of the question, I don’t know the answer. I’m wondering if there is a legitimate reason?

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  26. LJ. There is a difference between a sidearm for defense when serving subpoenas in rural Humboldt and having an arsenal of assault weapons like the DA Investigators and code enforcement once had. As for Code Enforcement and civil rights, consider looking beyond HUMCpr for a moment. Transparency in government and individual rights are something afforded everyone, whether you agree with them or not. Warrant-less searches because a neighbor smelled something while code enforcement breaks a door down with assault weapons drawn is unacceptable. People give Fleming a pass on redacting 1500 pages of public records in the transparency lawsuit, because it was HumCPR that sued the county. Really? Transparency in government is only important when HumCPR is not involved?


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