Politics – Gettin’ Weird

As we get closer to the election June 3rd the propaganda is starting to fill the airwaves and the mail boxes. One of the more curious mailers to show up, is this one:budgetwatch flierWhy would Elan Firpo, who has positioned herself as the progressive candidate in the race to be the next District Attorney, buy an ad in a flier put out by the Very Conservative Budget-Watch organization. This add puts her in the company of only Republicans and some of the most Conservative candidates in California.

And things just keep getting Weirder.  The Lostcoast Outpost had a story regarding the mystery caller who, very rudely, grilled Maggie Fleming about whether she vote for Paul Gallegos.  When we first heard this story we thought, obviously, the caller was the well known local, back room dealing, political insider and Svengali, Matthew Owen!!!  Uhmm….wait a minute…..when we finally heard it, the voice actually sounds just like the other local behind the scenes politico hustler, who we normally agree with, Richard Salzman.  The audio is worth listening to.  Especially since the “anonymous” caller seems to be deriding Fleming for maybe believing that Paul hasn’t done the best job.  The voting public seems pretty over Paul and sentiment against Gallegos is pretty popular across a wide political spectrum. So, it seems strange for Salzman (and Firpo) to try to hang this election on loyalty and fidelity to the departing Paul Gallegos.



These additional oddities:

I have witnessed the divisive politics within the Humboldt Democratic Central Committee, as a voting member representing the 5th District. I resigned my position after realizing the direction the majority of the “progressive”(left-leaning) Democrats would dictate on the citizens of this county. In my opinion, they have lost touch with the middle class, workers, and business, all necessary to sustain a viable economy. I will not condone confiscation or erosion of private property rights, and to dictate thought (precursors to 1930s National Socialists in Germany).

Over the top rant from “supposed” union spokesperson Sid Berg

I’m excited about my choice! Maggie is going to make his­tory! (A true kiss of death from)
Dave Parris, Humboldt County Coroner, Eureka

I have been very disap­pointed in Mr. Kerrigan’s cam­paign even though I am a Vir­ginia Bass supporter.

The reality that we cannot expect the grant money gravy train to keep running if we keep pulling up the tracks, is coming clearer every day.
(gravy train engineer) Uri Driscoll, Arcata

Finally there is the David Prendergast‘s seemingly very personal campaign against Alan Dollison playing out partly here on this blog:



35 thoughts on “Politics – Gettin’ Weird

  1. I believe those are slate mailers where people pay to have their names added to them. Just another way of getting a candidates name on the ballot that doesn’t always have to do with stands on issues.

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    • Fred:

      If true then I have to think Firpo did not get her money’s worth.

      Unless that mailer was so microscopically focused that someone like me would never see it.


  2. TE wrote, ” The voting public seems pretty over Paul and sentiment against Gallegos is pretty popular across a wide political spectrum.

    Assuming I’m reading that right and you’re saying Gallegos is UNpopular, I thought that one letter to the editor to the Times- Standard yesterday was not a good one for Firpo. The guy basically wrote Gallegos has been fantastic and that Firpo would carry on his great tradition. Bad idea for a letter, imo.

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  3. Could you post the link to the Sid Berg Nazi-rama. I’m having a hard time finding it the TS (perhaps they took it down?).



  4. I’d hardly call Berg’s rant “over the top”. It reads as spot on to me. Thanks for the link, though.


    • Well, Okay Fred….

      How would you like it if people called Libertarians Nazis, or Commies or if you were constantly accused of “hating America?”

      Because that is what it’s been like for us “Libtards.”

      Perhaps I’m overly sensitive but anytime someone equates my ideology with the Nazi’s; I tend to think it is taking it a bit far.


    • “Because that is what it’s been like for us “Libtards.”

      I don’t detect sarcasm so I’m guessing you’re serious? Sure, lots of people call others nazi. It seems to me I’ve seen it directed a lot more toward conservative or libertarian types, though.

      But I’ll admit not finding it that far off when directed at the people Berg refers to. They’re the ones that want government controlling every aspect of our lives.


    • Fred:

      My understanding is that the taunt, “Libtard” comes from the words Liberal and Retarded. To my knowledge that term has nothing to do with Libertarians. My apologies if you thought I intended it that way.

      However, if you felt the word did apply to you and it bothered you… well it should have. It’s not the way reasonable people should discuss issues together.

      Just as it is not reasonable to associate ANY non-fascist group with Nazis.

      If you want to defend this guy Berg and his slur to those of us on the progressive left, well that’s fine. An unpleasant surprise… but fine.


  5. as soon as someone evokes Nazis or Hitler the discussion is “over the top” and over.

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  6. It’s a slate mailer. They are targeted and they cost 1/20th of a regular mailer. Firpo is an Independent with a business background, so it makes perfect sense for her to be on a budget watchdog mailer. Partly, because fixing the financial ailments on the office has been part of her platform. Also because placement on these is 5 cents as compared to a $1 for a regular mailer. They make good business sense for a campaign on a budget. I’m not sure I’d label her as progressive. She is left of center on civil liberties, death penalty etc, but her previous career was as a business manager, and she talks like a fiscal conservative. She left the party system when she became a prosecutor, which is also part of her platform.

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  7. Once again, nothing on Arnie Klein and nothing on Chris Kerrigan or Sharon LaTour?

    TE’s bias is peeking from the curtain.


    • And…. ?

      What would you expect? The Rush Limbaugh Sing-A-Long Hour?

      Yes the TE’s biased… it’s a Progressive Liberal Blog. The TE has no obligation to be anything else (and certainly not obliged to campaign for the Regressive Conservative side).

      But in all fairness, please tell us what the TE has missed. That way you get to balance things out.


  8. Actually, that mailer probably only goes to Republicans or Independents. Since Firpo gave up all the advantage of party affiliation and support, she might as well use her independence where she can and appeal to as many people as possible.

    I more irritated by Flemings mailer which she calls herself an independent, which is actually a lie. She is really a Republican with a Democrat party registration.

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  9. Elan Firpo has fallen for the oldest political advertisement scheme used ever election. Political advertising is not exactly built on a foundation of honesty. Campaign literature tends to fall somewhere between glib hyperbole and outright deceit. Perhaps in no other area is this more evident than in the seedy world of “slate mailers”.The only thing worse than the mailers themselves are the people that sell them, they’re bottom-feeders — fake consultants. Firpo’s paid for ad in the very conservative right wing Candidates and Ballot Measures suggests desperation from a candidate who has gone to great lengths to present herself as a non affiliated and independent candidate.
    Elan’s campaign manager Ferguson has made a monumental mistake all to Elan’s detriment. Do your home work first.


    • I agree with what disclosure says in the comment. except I believe Ferguson is Dollison’s campaign manager.


    • Actually sir, slate mailers are misleading for sure, but they are effective. Gallegos and Sundberg use them every election. They are a cheap way to get your message out. A small fraction of people are turned off by them compared to the many who use them.


  10. After reading Sids letter, I can’t help but point out that making bike lanes would give people jobs, and if you got a job in Eureka you could use the bike lane to get to your job, and bike lanes would make travel in town more safe for everyone so the police could focus on other aspects of their jobs, like catching criminals.

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    • “…making bike lanes would give people jobs,”

      Hardly. The same people who put the bike lanes we already have- city employees- will just be diverted for a day or so to spray lines in the street. They’re getting paid regardless. Not new jobs.

      People can already go anywhere in Eureka on bikes, with or without bike lanes. They’ve been doing that since bikes have been around.

      It could be argued that bike lanes might make things less safe since they might give some bike riders a false feeling of security, thus they won’t be as vigilant for their safety as they would be without a specific lane assigned to them.

      I’m not necessarily opposed to bike lanes. Let’s just not make them into something they’re not.


    • Fred:

      With respect:

      “It could be argued that bike lanes might make things less safe since they might give some bike riders a false feeling of security, thus they won’t be as vigilant for their safety as they would be without a specific lane assigned to them.”

      It could also be said that brakes on a car might make things less safe as they may give a false sense of security that a driver can always stop in time.

      What can I say? Bike lanes give a clear definition of where everybody belongs. But I think most bicyclists would be aware that a line on the asphalt provides no protection from a wayward car.

      Just as most car drivers do not give up on vigilance just because they have brakes on their cars.

      I think the rest of what you are saying is probably correct (at least in vast majority of situations).

      By the way… I wish I knew how you were able to italicize the quote.


    • Mola wrote, ” But I think most bicyclists would be aware that a line on the asphalt provides no protection from a wayward car.”

      Brakes on a car vs. bike lanes is a poor analogy.

      This is a relatively recent, but heated argument that comes and goes when discussing traffic accidents. I see a lot of it on the Lost Coast Outpost.

      There are a number of people who think we can make things safer by more government intervention- more laws, more enforcement and especially “safer” street design.

      There are others, myself being one, that suggest that gives people a false sense of security. You certainly can’t point to our safety efforts in Eureka as evidence of how well those efforts work since Eureka has a relatively high accident rate in spite of (or maybe because?) of those efforts.

      I’ve come to the conclusion people feeling safe is part of the problem. That’s why you see so many pedestrians that cross the street after only checking traffic once, if at all. “Hey, I have the right- of- way. They have to stop”. I’ve even heard people comment to that effect on the LoCoO.

      I’m of the mind that attitude is fairly in Eureka and contributes to our high accident rate. Not the only factor, but a big one.


  11. Years ago I made mention on my blog about a news snippet I found. It was some place in Europe- The Netherlands, or somewhere near there- where the powers that be decided to get rid of pretty much all the traffic controls in the town. I believe they were even going to get rid of the stripes going down the center of streets.

    It’s been a while but I believe their feelings were much like mine are starting to evolve toward in regards making things safe. It would be interesting to see how their experiment went.


  12. I completely understand the utility of slate mailers; but buying an ad in one when your not part of the slate and their political views on civil liberties are 180 degrees opposed to yours.
    I don’t get it.


    • Actually, I’d have to say that Firpo’s views on civil liberties might not be that far off from the others on the slate mailer. You’re assuming those that aren’t from the Left are hostile towards civil liberties.

      That might not be true. You’re simply assuming that. There’s no mention of civil liberties in the slate mailer, just names.

      There is one D.A. candidate I feel is an authoritarian, and likely hostile to civil liberties. He might have been the HCDCC’s choice for an endorsement had he not had some serious skeletons in his closet.


    • Well, as I’ve said many times, Elan is a Libertarian. That appeals to those on the right who aren’t of the religious control everything and everyone ilk. It also appeals to those on the left who think the DA needs to keep an eye out for the little guy and an eye ON the cops. It’s a good bet why she has Conservative Libertarians like Jaison Chand as her manager and backers that are progressive Libertarians like Michael Evenson. Belief in true Democracy and freedom from government that impinges on civil rights is universal and I have conservative and liberal friends who agree.


    • Even Paul Gallegos who endorses Elan is a Libertarian. He just sucks at his job,


    • Paul Gallegos is a libertarian……….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. …ha ha ha. That’s a sad joke. His record doesn’t support that view. AR 15s anyone? Occupy…just call in our buddy Murl. I support legalization fully. But since it’s illegal, let me beef up the force to make some forfeitures.

      Hopefully, riding on those coattails are not Elan’s only plan.


  13. If the people that would putting in the bike lanes, ‘are getting paid regardless’ wouldn’t it be a positive thing for them to be, you doing something for that pay? If the government it going to give people money, why not have it be for working? The Veterans hall was a WPA project. Was that wasteful government spending? You do enough infrastucture improvements, you’re going to need to hire more people at some point.

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  14. My apologies. I need to stop posting from my phone….


    • Thanks ekanfromdows for all your of contributions. If you or any other commenter hits reply and then sees errors, email us a correction and we’ll fix it or re-comment and tell us to delete your previous one.
      Thanks again,
      Examiner Staff

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