Mystery grips Arkleyville

The Sadness Continues

The Sadness Continues





Can things get much worse for the loyal and faithful Arkleyville worshipers?

What has happen to that scam shell corporation  CUE VI LLC?

You remember CUE VI, they are the supposed owners of the heavily contaminated Balloon Track. The Balloon Track, the dream location for the the big box Disneyland.

randy at the mike

Arkleyville’s Randy Gans…….MIA

But even more bewildering is what has happen to Vice President of Security National Properties, Randy Gans and stock holder in CUE IV?

Randy Gans is the Longtime Handler/Enforcer for craz-illonaire Robin P. Arkley.

We last heard him on KINS talk shop on March 31st talking about business leases. Since the beginning of May, no more Randy Gans musings or sightings.

randy on the track

Randy enjoying his weed crop on the Balloon Track

We checked our source in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, new home of Security National, but no Randy there either. What the hell is going on here?

Does anyone know whats happened to Randy Gans?



18 thoughts on “Mystery grips Arkleyville

  1. Knee surgery

    Gans took “servicing” to a whole new level

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  2. Dude, ought to check out the lease on the Security National Hangar at ACV.


  3. I “heard” a couple weeks ago that Randy was no longer working for Arkley ? Not sure why or if it is fact ??? Talk about Mr Toad’s Wild ride…

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  4. Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong person but, if memory serves me correct, one of Arkley’s spokesmen left due to an illness some time ago. Might that be Gans?

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    • No Gans and Robbie have had a misunderstanding. Gans no longer works for Robbie. He’s the bouncer at the Ingomar?

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    • “No Gans and Robbie have had a misunderstanding.

      Maybe it was some other guy. Wasn’t there some other Arkley spokesdude? He had cancer or something, I believe.

      As far as a misunderstanding, that can happen to the best of us.

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    • He moved back to Omaha, he did battle cancer at the time. I think he realized Rob was a bigger threat.
      Brian P. Morrissey, Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Division, oversees Seldin’s commercial real estate acquisition and disposition activities and provides strategic overview of the company’s existing assets.Prior to Jasper Stone, he managed a nationwide office for California-based Security National Properties and grew the company’s commercial portfolio from $125 million to more than $650 million in only four years. Earlier in his career, Morrissey served as general director of real estate for Union Pacific Railroad, where he was responsible for property sales of nearly $500 million


    • Brian Morrissey. That’s the other one. Thanx.


  5. Would love to read the job description to fill Randy’s position. like: must be willing to restrain owner during anger EXPLOSIONS !!!!

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  6. I think it was Beverly that took “servicing” to a whole new level


  7. yea with Avalon closed and Virginia a registered DINOCRAT, Rob may be down sizing his presence in Eureka.


  8. If Randy is gone, who’s left working for SN in Eureka?


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