Apex – “City of Eureka deserves….a healthy and transparent city government.”

5.6 Million Dollar Boondoggle May Turn Into 11.9 Million Dollars….or More

Measure O money to burnAs the Examiner posted back on May 3rd, the City of Eureka at that time looked to be on the hook for about 5.6 million dollars because of the continuing Martin Slough Interceptor debacle:


Well, in this continuing saga, the tax payer funded, “Eureka money pit pipeline”, the Lost Coast Outpost is now reporting that Apex Drilling is suing the City of Eureka for 6.3 Million dollars.

According to Apex, “Frankly, we are puzzled and troubled by the city’s unresponsiveness and refusal to acknowledge ground conditions that were vastly different than advertised when hiring for the drilling project. We filed this complaint because Eureka officials need to step up and be accountable for the damages caused by the city’s negligence, misrepresentations and breach of contract…The city of Eureka deserves not only an efficient and properly functioning sewer system, but also a healthy and transparent city government.

Where is the outraged tax payers league or concerned citizens? That’s right folks; the taxpayers of Eureka are potentially taking it in the shorts, yet again. If Apex was to prevail in their lawsuit (no guarantee they will), this small section of the Martin Slough project will have cost the citizens of Eureka a lot of money. We are compelled to ask, what is the benefit to the average Eureka taxpayer of this project? The simple answer is that it adds infrastructure to areas outside the City of Eureka that benefits local developers who want to….well….develop.

Does this development and infrastructure help the average resident living in the city limits? Not really. But it definitely helps the folks the City Council and BOS really listen to; your local wealthy, friendly developers.

So now we’re potentially at 11.9 million dollars for this one mile stretch of pipe to Cutten, so far. But, don’t worry readers, that’s probably just the beginning.


10 thoughts on “Apex – “City of Eureka deserves….a healthy and transparent city government.”

  1. Well we certainly couldnt ask developers to pay for the infrastructure improvements, that would impede their ability to provide the community with ‘affordable housing’. Just ask anyone but Mark Lovelace on the BOS…..

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  2. I am amazed. This is yet another Tyson “city improvement” project, now going in the wrong direction. All that institutional knowledge he as developed over the years and proudly displays in his resume doesn’t seem to have benefited the city. He strongly recommended the last two councils OK the project. They don’t know anything but what he has spoon fed them, so have voted to go ahead. They for the most part are unwilling to do the hard work needed to make an informed decision. So this is what we get, another day older and deeper in debt. This city is a marvel of modern ineptness.

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    • Wasn’t the push to get this project going a result of the now defunct Forester-gill/ridgewood village project developer suing the city?

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    • I read the NCJ article when it was written, Marge; as well as the Lost Coast article today. I think debacle is a perfect description for the City being sued for millions and still having to pay for the work to be completed, as well as legal costs for the lawsuit. Who is at fault, the city, SHN or Apex will be determined in court and independent soil analysis will probably be at the heart of the case. If I were a betting gal, I’d bet on Apex prevailing and the good people of Eureka taking it in the shorts – again.

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  3. Well OPJ, I guess we don’t agree. I don’t see it as a debacle at all, I see it as a large construction project with a contractor not able to complete the job. It’s not the first time a contractor has complained “it’s not my fault”. Any contractor that has done underground work knows that the site conditions can be different, that is how jobs are bid.


  4. Except in this contract, the contractor isn’t responsible for the extra costs associated with the underground conditions being different than what he bid on.

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    • oldplainjane:

      Yes, it was my impression too that the contract Apex bid on was based on the studies that SHN did concerning the expected soil conditions and SHN’s assurances the results properly reflected the conditions of the dig.

      Essentially, through fibbing or incompetence, SHN did not provide the correct information to either properly bid the contract or do the job.

      The City of Eureka is taking a very unnecessary, strange and potentially expensive stand to protect SHN. After all, the City is just as much a victim of SHN’s mistakes as Apex.

      I’m having a hard time figuring out the legal legs either SHN or the City of Eureka will be standing on if Apex can prove the soil conditions were not as presented.

      If that is the way things pan out, then “debacle” is just a more polite way of describing this mess.

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  5. Sounds like new testing will be the proof that the pudding is actually made with sand, (or not). Until then we get to read each others speculations. Is it normal for a city to only get one company to test the soil? I also wonder what HSN’s track record is on previous soil testing.

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  6. The voters of Eureka keep installing the speculator’s minions, so they couldn’t complain when their water bill doubled, (the largest increase for sewer). There will probably be few complaints over this too…like all those other avoidable lawsuits.

    As for the eligible majority that never votes…we’ll hear another cynical sigh of “I told you so”.

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