Bayshore Mall, Target and 101 part of the bay?

Collapse of Antarctic glaciers seems to be unstoppable

flooded city

The New scientist, May 12, 2014

Parts of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet are already collapsing and probably can’t be saved. Two independent studies suggest that several glaciers have gone past the point of no return, dooming them to fall into the sea and cause several meters of sea level rise.. (1 Meter = 3.28 ft)

“This is really happening,” Thomas P. Wagner, who runs NASA’s programs on polar ice and helped oversee some of the research, said in an interview. “There’s nothing to stop it now. But you are still limited by the physics of how fast the ice can flow.”

These studies show that whatever the cause, Humboldt County (along with everywhere else) is facing inundation of its coastal land.  The Examiner’s question is; When do we start planning for and investing in solutions for what will be a very different shoreline in two hundred years. Of course, that assumes that this conservative timeline holds true, since every other timeline involving the climate change is being broken at a rapid pace.

The entire 101 corridor would be threatened along with some of Eureka’s main areas of commerce. It seems to us now is the time to start planning for this and refocusing money and infrastructure. This is going to be a monumental undertaking, especially since we can’t even agree on a general plan update in any kind of timely fashion.  We shouldn’t wait until the 11th hour on this important matter.


USGS Inundation maps for reference:




9 thoughts on “Bayshore Mall, Target and 101 part of the bay?

  1. This is an example of why, despite enjoying MOLA:42’s contributions, I can’t take the TE even slightly seriously. Do you not think it’s even worth mentioning that this is estimated to take place over the next 1000 or more years, with millimeter sized annual impacts for a century or so?

    You’ve definitely mastered the tabloid part of tabloid journalism.


    • Mitch….

      The time frame for disaster from the quoted study is 200 to 500 years. I mean, it isn’t much different from a thousand years (in that you and I will be dead by then) I’ll grant you that.

      Being that as a species we have never crispy-fried a planet before, we really don’t know how this climate change thing is going to go down. In talking about time frames, we’re talking estimates, not actual certainties.

      Of course, that’s what the climate deniers (I know you are not one of them) always focus on; the uncertainties, while ignoring what is known will happen.

      Maybe we have a thousand years. I hope it’s at least that long. Or maybe we have a hundred years before there is valet parking for one’s boat at Target.

      I thought the point of this article was valid; in a world, country, state, county and city that all refuse to look ahead, our survival may be based on our doing just that… looking ahead.

      The rest of your objection is just a matter of writing style I guess and I’m the last person in the world who should be arguing writing styles.

      I do appreciate the positive stroke for me. I hope I never disappoint; but being human, no doubt someday (today?) I will.


    • MOLA,

      You don’t disappoint. Probably because geriatric white guys have similar thoughts about conversation.

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  2. Ahhh. Mitch can’t take the TE seriously. Yet, he’s here commenting. Scientists aren’t sure how fast the sea levels will rise, but they are sure they WILL rise. I guess Mitch just wants to kick that can down the road.

    How’s the Humboldt Herald doing under your watch Mitch? Oh right, it died as soon as you were in control.


  3. OMG ! Heaven forbid that we actually try to use our brains to plan for the future what a novel idea. Hey maybe we should use that term that scares everybody on the right so much SMART GROWTH.

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    • Rising ocean levels are likely going to be small potatoes compared to droughts and the inevitable starvation and mass migrations climate change will cause, and much sooner than a couple of centuries. In fact, we are already seeing it and don’t know how bad it will get or how fast. I would recommend everyone watch the episode of Years Of Living Dangerously (Showtime). You can watch it here. Climate change/drought played a huge role in the Syrian civil war and it’s still early.

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  4. There are islands in Polynesia that are almost under water now with storm waves eating away at their coast line. The north shore of Oahu has lost houses this year to storm waves. Some beaches have almost disappeared in Hawaii. Alaskan inuit villages have had to move inland from their historic sites. It is now folks, not 1000 years or even 400 years in the future. We are already late in our planning.

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  5. When I was a kid, they were forecasting massive famine in China by 2000, and flying cars by 2020. When the future comes, we’ll find out what it is; until then trying to predict it is no better than reading entrails of goats.


  6. Like I said, You don’t have to look at forecasts. Just look at what is already happening, right now. However, for some it is like trying to tell an evangelical the human race is actually much older than 5000 years and the dinosaurs are not contemporary with humans.

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