Low turnout only helps the local wealthy elite

special interests

In order for things to change you must get involved and vote!

Three interestingly related political letters in the Times-standard today.

Kerrigan will help restore Humboldt’s balance:

“However, if you would like to see more balance on the board, someone who understands the need to preserve our open space and environmental resources, someone who understands the critical need to diversify our economic base in a sustainable fashion, and who is NOT beholden to any special interest groups, you should vote for Chris Kerrigan.” Claire Perricelli, Eureka


Feeling surrounded by Democrats:

“I have just received my sample ballot for the June 2014 election and am very confused…….. We need more conservatives elected to our government offices”  Marilyn Keach Milota, Eureka

Only you can stop one-party rule:

“With less than half of the eligible voters participating, and half of the voting-minority determining election outcomes, only about 10 percent of the population is calling the political shots for 135,000 county residents…………..Local results are clear. Our elected offices are dominated by a cabal of speculator-funded candidates and their appointees exploiting public policy to enrich their contributors by ensuring that county planning, regulations, ordinances, goals and principles do not interfere with the next”   George Clark, Eureka

Claire says we need Kerrigan for some balance. She’s right. With Chris on the Board it would shift toward the middle or just right of center. Marilyn feels surrounded by Democrats. In Eureka, she’s right. She is surrounded by registered Democrats by a large majority. However, a large portion of the majority Dems don’t vote. George points out it his letter 10% percent of the population is calling the political shots. That particularly holds true in Eureka elections.

We think we can break it down even further. It’s generally the poor and struggling middle class of Eureka that doesn’t seem to want to be bothered with elections. So the cycle of victimization perpetuates itself. Chris Kerrigan’s biggest adversary in this election is apathy! The wealthy and their “wannabe” followers will show up in force in the fourth district and Eureka.

Conversely, the less well off can barely be bothered with an election. A recent drive around Eureka shows this blatantly.  The “Well to do” have lots of political signs on their homes and property. In the poorer parts of town, few if any signs for candidates are displayed.  Feel free to take a drive around the Westside and check for yourself.  Voter turnout in 2010 mirrored this same phenomenon.

Chris Kerrigan can win this but citizens have to actually mail in their ballots or go to the polls and vote. It’s up to you, the disillusioned, and apathetic 4th district voters!  Take the time to take a stand and participate in this election.  Low turnout only helps the local wealthy elite.



17 thoughts on “Low turnout only helps the local wealthy elite

  1. Couldn’t resist complementing you on the excellent post on low turnout and its effects. Well done!

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  2. I agree that low voter turnout will help the elites control elections. On a national scale the right is promoting restrictive voter ID laws to dissuade minorities and poor people from voting. Why is the progressive leadership not promoting a grass roots effort to get out the youth vote. All the prognosticators are predicting gains for the right even after their attempt to block all legislation to help the middle class, rip apart the safety net, and even going so far as shutting down the government. Do we really want a pissed off bunch of geriatric white guys who get their marching orders from Limbaugh and Faux News running this country? The time to fire up the youth and progressive base is NOW, not when we loose the Senate. Think of the damage they have already done and then think of what they will do with BOTH houses and the Supremes.

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    • As a pissed off geriatric white guy I say “Hell Yeah!”

      Well, to getting out the young progressive vote anyway.

      Perhaps a traditional old fashion “drive the voter to vote drive” might be called for?


  3. Agree with Julie (again). Nicely done. It’s not just 4th District voters who are disillusioned and apathetic. It’s really the entire country. It’s part of a plan, and it works. The plan is to substitute entermation for information and fill our lives with other people’s vision of what life is and how it should be lived.

    And this ” We need more conservatives elected to our government offices”. I actually really commiserate. We need more conservatives to run. We also need more actual conservatives in the vein of Dwight Eisenhower instead of what passes for conservatives today. Marilyn, please take your party back from Rush, Rand and Rob (Arkley). Conservatives and liberals should agree on many things. One of them is “protecting agriculture and timberland for the long term”. We might disagree on how we are going to do this, but we cannot disagree that this is a worthy principle.

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  4. Our system of government requires much more participation of its members than currently occurs for its actions to reflect their wishes and priorities. It is no accident that we are overworked, underpaid, distracted by the media and that our public schools are in the state theyre in. An ignorant public with a short attention span and no critical thinking skills is easy to manipulate.

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  5. So it isn’t even June 3rd and you are making excuses for Chris losing already?


    • Being outspent 5 to 1 is enough excuse, if he needs one. I think he just may pull if off. There’s a luau fundraiser Thursday, check your listings.

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    • Nope. Just making an observation. As someone who has worked the polls in several recent elections, I can attest that the average turnout is around 20%. That is just registered voters,not eligible voters. If you want to talk about wasted tax money, you can start with all of the folks who don’t show up at the polls when they are registered to vote. Those ballots cost money to print and cant be reused, not to mention electricity and poll workers wages, oh and mailing out sample ballots etc, which I don’t want some private company handling if they manage to do away with the USPS. My comment had nothing to do with Mr. Kerrigan, but I will be voting for him.

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  6. btw, he will pull it off. It is known.

    Can’t speak for the poster, but I don’t think that was an excuse, but nice try Father of Yoda. I think that was an observation and it’s quite possible the poster believes Chris will win despite these truisms of our culture.

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  7. Speaking of 6/3, isn’t it so appropriate that 6/3/2014 is exactly one year after 6/3/2013, the day, if memory and rants serve, that the BOS first publicly announced the mind-bogglingly disingenuous new set of Guiding Principles?

    Sometimes karma can be such a wonderful thing. (or not?)

    We’ll find out 6/4/2014.

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  8. “The time to fire up the youth and progressive base is NOW, not when we loose the Senate.”

    No issue has fired up new voters across the U.S. like higher minimum wage initiatives and there’s been nothing so broadly popular in this county before.

    Yet, where are the local politicos? Where’s the “democrats”? Where’s the canvass? Where’s the volunteers and donors?

    One of the problems is that election season is HUGE for media ad-sales, thus, it doesn’t serve their purpose to allow “journalists” to question the legitimacy of our elections by exposing “the lowest voter turnout in the industrialized world”.

    Residents shouldn’t have to scour the blogs and editorial letters to have election coverage reported in context, for once. If citizens were reminded about our shocking voting statistics, it could motivate more people to register.

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    • Maybe the reason that some local “Democrats” in office don’t seem to support dem causes is because they are wolves in “dem” clothing, having only switched to dem to try to win election, and once there they do the bidding of the developer, real estate coalition that runs this county now. What a joke when “dems” rewrite the guiding principles to benefit the private property coalition.

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    • I blame Jared Huffman’s endorsements of Bass and Sunberg on his local office manger Driscol

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  9. I didn’t even realize he had endorsed Bass! That is outragious!

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    • jtimmons88:

      I was going to say that was a consequence of the Democratic Party being hijacked by the Right but it dawned on me that the party DID NOT endorse Bass, just passed on her race.

      So I’m with you: What the Heck?

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  10. The HCDCC didn’t endorse because no one got 60%. You printed a very useful guide to who voted how. 🙂


  11. Its interesting that domestic media coverage of the East Ukraine election dismisses the result as undemocratic in part due to low voter turnout. But the published turnout percentages in Ukraine are about the same as a typical ‘off year’ election in the US and whats expected here in June.

    Also interesting is that while dismissing the Ukraine election, the media has speculated on what is the likely opinion of Ukraine ‘elites’. To me, the media’s meaning is that regardless of election results, what really matters is the opinion of elites. If an election result goes counter to elite opinion, it should be discounted as likely to have little practical effect.


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