Join Chris Kerrigan Saturday and help move Humboldt Forward

kris kerrigan 5-8-14

Examiner Reader,

Please join me for a special event this Saturday at the beautiful, showpiece home of my dear friends Danny Furlong and Alfred Tix. Come enjoy hors d’oeuvres and a special signature beverage among their highly curated collection of antiques in a setting featured in the Eureka Heritage Society’s 2010 home tour. As election day draws near this is one of our last opportunities to gather with fellow supporters. I look forward to spending this time with you.

Saturday May 10
2:00-5:00 PM
2713 A Street, Eureka
$100 Suggested Donation
RSVP to 273-6927 or

Thank you,

Chris Kerrigan

Recent letters for Chris:

It’s critical to pay attention to the county Board of Supervisors races. It is clear by their actions that most of our current representatives have sold us out to the interests of the developers. The current 4th District supervisor, Virginia Bass, has not shown the leadership we expect and deserve. By appointing two developers to the Planning Commission rather than making sure qualified planners are appointed is very disturbing. Allowing these unqualified special interests to rewrite the General Plan Update shows very poor judgment. The voices of the people are being drowned out by the money that is supporting her and most of the other supervisors. Don’t be fooled by someone who is undoubtedly nice, because nice doesn’t make you a leader. What we need are leaders who stand up for what is right for our county, not just giving in to those who have the most money to donate. Chris Kerrigan is the best choice for supervisor for the 4th District. He’s not influenced by any special interests, but instead wants what is best for all of us. He is experienced and willing to lead, to make this a safer place to live, to encourage job growth, and to use our resources wisely. Please pay attention to this election. It is critical to change the makeup of the Board of Supervisors in order to ensure there is diversity and we have representatives who care about all of us, not just the few who have the most money.

Martha Johnson

I am writing because I am excited that Chris Kerrigan is running for supervisor. He is the candidate that we can vote for knowing that he will pursue our ideals and work hard to make Humboldt County a place to bring up our kids that is clean and safe, a place where there are opportunities.

He would like to work on his visions of a green and child friendly county. He will do that if we vote for him in June and he wins this election.

Ms. Bass has ONLY served the people who put her in office, and that has been costly for the rest of us. The fact that she appointed the owner of the vacant Downtowner Motel (the empty motel that has been a blot on our city for so long) to the Planning Commission indicates that she does not have the best interests of the people who live in the neighborhoods.

Mr. Kerrigan has a great record of his eight years on the city council where he fought for safe, clean neighborhoods and spurned special interests.

He built a reputation of integrity and real caring. Please give him your vote which will be a vote for all of us.

Diana Munzer



5 thoughts on “Join Chris Kerrigan Saturday and help move Humboldt Forward

  1. I wonder how Kerrigan feels about the extension of Measure O?

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  2. Should we start a pool on what time somebody will take a picture of Matt Owen lurking around the neighborhood where this is taking place. Come on Matt don’t let us down put your sneakers on so you can see what the real Democratic group is doing……

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  3. Owen will thrive, and great candidates like Kerrigan will struggle as long as most voters continue to abstain.

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