Eureka’s got a 4 million dollar a year Habit and needs rehab


Enjoying Measure O Revenue

Tomorrow night, the Eureka City Council will be voting on whether or not to put an extension of Measure ‘O’ on the ballot. That’s right folks, the City Council wants your money for the next….who knows how many years?

On the agenda, Eureka City Staff provided information regarding the possible “sunset” dates for this temporary tax increase. The first would be a 5 year extension with the possibility of the Council extending it to….forever. The next two would be 5 or ten years. And as always, they could just put it on the ballot as never ending. However, the smart money’s on leaving up to the very capable Council to decide when to end this 4 million dollar a year windfall.

Also included in the information, was the Orwellian propaganda plan for how to sell this unnecessary tax to the public. Of course, added in the language of the plan was the sentence (error’s included); “The City is limited to using public resources to only provide information on a ballot measure and cannot spend public resources on what may be consider campaigning.” Apparently that doesn’t preclude the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Finance Director, Director of Public Works, City Manager, ect., from attending meetings and scaring the public by threatening to stop City Government if the tax isn’t extended.

Another step was that the Finance Advisory Committee should be “engaged to provide a recommendation to the City Council regarding the extension of the tax”. That step has already been accomplished at the hand of the Jager protégé, Rubber Stamper and head of the Committee, Coroner Dave Paris (who was given his job by the former Coroner Frank Jager).

Also important in the propaganda (ahem) “informational” process is engaging the community to rally around the tax. The community groups that have been engaged to date are; Humboldt Association of Realtors, Discovery Museum, Henderson Center Merchants Association, Eureka Main Street, Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation, Humboldt Senior Resource Center, Clarke Museum, Area 1 Agency of Aging, Eureka Chamber of Commerce and the Humboldt Convention and Visitors Bureau. Talk about asking a group of pigs if they want any slop. These agencies represent the who’s who of funding from the City!

Our local media will see through the smoke and mirrors, right? Well….the city has plans for the media too, and some of them have already bore fruit (the recent Times-Standard “editorial” is one example). According to the plan; “The media will need to be re-educated regarding the importance of the tax in maintaining priority City services. Informational media packets should be presented to the media in person by city representatives including the Mayor, City Council Representative, City Manager and Finance Director. Editorial Boards provide a good opportunity for the information to be presented”. After that, there was an added line which seemed to be the cities idea of a joke; “(remember, only information can be provided…no campaigning)”.

That’s right, no campaigning. That’s why there’s been so much information put out to the public and media regarding how the departments can tighten their belts if the tax doesn’t get extended! This farce has gone on for way to long. And if the City Council gets their way, the money taken out of your pocket could continue for a very, very, very long time. Or, forever.

Just say No to More “O”


8 thoughts on “Eureka’s got a 4 million dollar a year Habit and needs rehab

  1. I received a phone call a week or so ago from a fellow who shall remain nameless for now. Why he called me out of the blue over this, I’m not sure. He wanted to know how I felt about the extension of Measure O.

    He was fanatically in support of it and the discussion got a bit heated over the 45 minutes to an hour we discussed it. This, despite my saying I may not vote against it, but very likely wouldn’t vote for it. I may just stand aside and not vote.

    My guess was this fellow was trying to round up individuals to form a pro- extension committee.

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    • In all seriousness; congratulations, you are now a Media Power Broker.

      Keep it up and eventually you will graduate up to Media Mogul.

      All I can say is NO ONE is calling me up and begging me to support their political projects (I imagine being anonymous is one factor, the other being “why bother?”).

      I don’t know if I should envy you or commiserate with you. On the one hand there is the minor ego rush one can get; on the other it’s probably worse than being cold-called by an insurance salesman.

      I hope you have Caller I.D., I don’t think this will be the last political power-call you will get.


  2. Don’t worry. The crony’s will come up with doom and gloom scenerios to sell this tax.

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  3. in 2010 They promised this was a temporary fix. The Council has gotten very accustom to this level of livin’ large. Full funding for their pet projects and never having to make real choices.
    They’re going to threaten us with big cuts in the police dept. The problem is everyone has gotten used to little or no levels of service from the PD.
    This is going to be a very tough sell. I expect they’ll try anything.

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  4. This temporary tax increase was originally touted as a bridge to get the city through the 2008 recession. The recession is definitely over, but the city still has a appetite to spend more than it takes in in local sales tax. They haven’t learned how to live within their means. Time to tell them we are tired of their lack of if financial will and we won’t take it anymore. Crying wolf is getting old.


  5. the recession is definitely over???? what world do you live in?


  6. Pension spiking for Tyson, Harpham and a few others in the inner circle. Need to hide the millions pissed away by redevelopment. Funding for the good ole Zoo. that’s where this money goes. A big FU to the Liars on city council see you in November.

    Remember Bell California?


  7. Actually ‘hm’ you must have missed the fact that all indicators show we are not in recession now. That is not to say we have a robust economy, but we’re not moving backward. My point was that the city should not need this (bridge loan) from the sales tax payers, that would be you and me.

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