Mayor Frank Jager says “Sparks will fit right in”.

“Fit right in” indeed.   This is The Crony Capital of the West Coast

From the Times-Standard

I much prefer to do the listening at this point, rather than doing the talking,” he said. “To me, it’s getting in and learning the organization before I start formulating my goals.”It’s very important to me to work with the department heads to do the best job they can to serve the public,” Sparks said. “I feel it’s my job to make sure they have the resources to do it.”

A wise move for his self preservation in E-town.  The Examiner has heard this is where the former City Manager Bill Panos reportedly first ran afoul of the good ol’ boys

Panos was brought in to fill the shoes of retiring City Manager David Tyson, who had ruled the City for more than a decade.

King of the Cronys ex-ruler of Eureka

King of the Cronys
ex-ruler of Eureka

The way we hear it, Panos had a busy nine-month tenure. In that time, he’s oversaw the hiring of a new police chief (pissing off Murl an the ol’ boys at EPD),  started a comprehensive strategic planning process (listened too much to common sense ie. Linda Atkins and her progressive ilk), and a budget process that included the consolidation of city departments (upset the status quo and pissed off the entrenched staff). We think Panos early on realized what kind of town and Council he was working for and started looking for an escape route.

So finding someone who will “fit right in” was top on the agenda for this council. That Sparks has demonstrated Cronyism in the past means he really will fit right in.

Lastly, the Mayor decides to throw Mike Knight under the bus with this; “I’m anxious for things to get back to some kind of normalcy,” Jager said. “We’ve been kind of just maintaining with Mike (Knight). He’s done a good job during the time he was interim city man­ager, but you need someone who’s going to be permanently in charge and can look at the organization and see what direc­tion we’re going to go.”

Odd because Jager originally wanted to give Knight the job. This is fickle bunch and you have to tow the “party” line.  Good luck Mr. Sparks.

Times-Standard story:



30 thoughts on “Mayor Frank Jager says “Sparks will fit right in”.

  1. More and more as we go along, I am impressed with the Tuluwatexaminer’s choice of commentaries and articles. So don’t take it personal when I make an observation or two.

    You say in conclusion: “Odd because Jager originally wanted to give Knight the job. This is fickle bunch and you have to tow the “party” line.” That may be true, to a certain extent, but I see it more an issue of a “Ruling Clique” than something political. A “Clique” most everyone believes has the god-given right to say what is and what is not. And it is that small group of Elites that run this city and county. Everyone chooses to believe that their vote, who gets voted into office, will make a difference. The Clique doesn’t give a damn which political or party line is in office. They control either way. Well, in over two hundred years the only difference the party line made has been cosmetic and more corrupt. You can’t vote in corrupt dishonest people and expect good government. Even so, TE, it’s good to see someone has the guts to speak out and call it for what it is.


  2. How many times can you use “good old boys” in one story? (Check the Tuluwat Examiner for an attempt to break the record.) Sometimes I feel like I’m reading rehashed and reworked Humboldt Herald posts. But I still check in thinking there might be something new and noteworthy. I like snark when it’s original.


    • You are right, especially since it’s now a game that the girls can play too.

      The “good old kids?”

      The “good old folks?”

      The “good old persons?”

      The “Dark Imperium that holds Overloardship over every waking moment of our insect-like lives”?

      Got to admit the last one is a tad over the top.

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  3. The same old story continues, and it seems will go on and on until we are all old and gray. Anyone want to bet that it will change in our lifetime?


  4. The idiom isn’t “tow the line”.

    To me, people who casually and repeatedly use language incorrectly lose credibility and seem either ignorant, pretentious, inattentive to details, or just not knowing what they think they know. Its different from simple spelling or grammar errors that can result from haste. More like the Three Stooges or Bowery Boys misusing vocabulary to affirm a parody of stupidity.


    • Way to contribute to the discussion NAN! Red pen all the way. Maybe you should start a blog of your own, as I’m sure people would like to read what you are all about.

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    • Not A Native:

      You are right, the idiom is “toe the line,” not “tow the line.”

      However, what’s wrong with “tow the line?” It gives the same sense of one’s actions being determined by the dictates of others.

      In one you are forced to stay behind a restriction imposed by others; with the other, one is forced to participate in a labor not of ones choosing (Goin’ to see Miss Liza, Goin’ to Mississippi…).

      In either case one is a powerless drone under the control of a Master.

      Perhaps I’m simple but either wording works for me.

      I can’t speak for the Tuluwat Examiner; but for me, there are some folks for which loosing their credulity would not bother me.

      But no doubt I too am ignorant and pretentious. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!!!

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  5. Lets review the wisdom. First, an ad hominem attack to distract from the issue. Next a convoluted personal reinterpretation of language that denies and destroys the very essence of an idiom(as handed down lore) in favor of making up whatever meaning he wants(who care what others have done, I’m the center and Master of the universe). Goebbels would be proud. Finally a real attribution, but unfortunately one with no authority. Lame ass all around. But the lamest is the vacuum headed attention craving fluffer who emulates Big Brother, eliminating an error simply by calling it correct.


  6. NAN:

    Because our discussions get convoluted and pointless very quickly, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll say my say then you have the last word. Can’t say fairer than that.

    First, I’m not sure if you are replying to me or the Universe in general. I did not lead off with an ad hominem attack on anyone. Nor did I end up with one nor were there any in the middle.

    Languages (except dead ones) constantly evolve; you can’t blame me if your favorite idiom is moving on without you. There’s a reason why it takes a bit of work to get through Shakespeare; the English language has changed since his time. And Shakespeare himself just made up words when there wasn’t one to suit him. I’m in pretty decent company there I think (not to imply my status is anything like the master playwright’s).

    In this case the original meaning of “toe the line” had to do with two potential fist fighters “drawing a line in the sand” with their toes and daring the other to cross. My source is Buggs Bunny (and Mark Twain). So your beloved idiom has already done quite a bit of evolving.

    Goebbels would be proud? Did I detect just the whiff of an ad homimen attack? Dear me. You seem to be saying (I’m not at all sure) that I’m proclaiming to be Sauron or something (“I’m the center and the master of the universe”).

    Who’s Big Brother? I’ve never watched that show on TV so I don’t know. I do know your reference has nothing to do with Orwell’s “1984.”

    “Lame Ass” is a qualitative judgement (but crude) so I can’t say much to that. It would be pointless of me to question your tastes in discourse. To each their own, and tolerance for all.

    “Vacuum headed fluffer,” really! If you are going to complain about ad hominem attacks (real or imagined) then maybe you better step outside of the glass house you live in first.

    And very naughty of you for knowing what a “fluffer” is.

    Again, I’m not sure who you are responding to since only an item or two in your post directly links to my post. But as near as I can tell, they don’t apply to the article or anyone elses’ post either (except for Joe Blow’s and his lack of attribution: All I can say is this is a blog and not a college essay exam; lighten up!).

    You have the floor.

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    • Mola never stops lying does he? He’s reduced this blog to nothing more than rampant personal ad hominem derogatory garbage. Too bad for this blog. Thought it had a chance until they let Mola run amok. In the end he’ll go the way of Lying John and Eric Kirk.


    • Joe Blow:

      Hey! I defended your ass. Way to spread the love.

      Be so kind as to point out one ad hominem attack that I have written in the above (please be sure you look up the definition of ad hominem first, evidently some people here don’t know what that means).

      I’ve run amok on the Tuluwat Examiner? I think you need to figure out what “run amok” means too but let’s pass on that. If I did “run amok” I assure you the TE would not hesitate to delete those amok comments I make that violate their comment rules.

      I have no special privileges in that regard.

      The understanding I have with the Tuluwat Examiner is I say what I say and they say what they say. If I ever go over the line they will stop publishing my articles. If they ever go over the line I will stop submitting them.

      The Tuluwat Examiner Staff seems to be an open bunch of folks. If you can do better than I (and perhaps you can) then submit your own thoughts to them; perhaps you can save the TE single-handed from creatures such as myself.

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  7. NAN must hate fox news entertainment channel then


  8. I thought Mola was a woman. Hard hitting with a female view of the world. I guess we will never know. The cross gender world we live in is so confusing.

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    • Actually, MOLA:42 is an acronym, not a name. I’m a manfully guy-type person but I do agree this is a very confusing world we have made for ourselves.

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  9. Mola, you going to give me permission to wipe my *** – nose, too? Why would I bother submitting something here? I have my own blog to worry about. You may want to try following your own advise on ad hominem verbiage and compare that definition to what you said – in particular your tone and inference. Nothing more needs said about “run amok.”


    • What can I say? I keep handing out the olive branches and they keep slapping them away.

      Wipe your own nose, look after your own blog and if you are so strapped for time and energy I recommend spending less of it here on this blog trying to make me feel sad.

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  10. Mola, It just reinforces to old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

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  11. Oh well, what I meant to type was “that” old saying

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  12. Thanks for giving me permission to live, Your Highness, Master Mola.

    If you don’t mind I’ll do as I damn well please and you can go straight to h***.

    By the way, where did I say (I was) “you are so strapped for time and energy”? You make a practice of putting words in other people’s mouths, don’t you?

    In fact, your whole statement is “bullying.” I find your comments, tone and inference totally racist and personally degrading. You may want to take your own advise and just SHUT UP. Only YOU can make yourself “sad.” So, don’t blame others for what they can’t do. You made the statement that started all this when you wrote to blog article. You still haven’t justified what you said. It’s your credibility that’s on the line here with the Tuluwat Examiner, not mine.


  13. Joe Blow 9:30:

    Learn to read. I said, “TRYING to make me sad.”

    It means (like I really need to tell you this?) you’ve been a dismal failure at it.

    Obviously I’ll never say anything to your liking so I shall not bother. I’ll leave it to the judgement of others whether I have “bullied” you or not. I’ll also leave it to others to decide if you have made any real sense in the last dozen or so interactions with me.

    I do admit that I (perhaps wrongly) enjoy yanking on a Troll’s chain from time to time and I’ve been yanking yours. But it’s just too easy, there’s only so much amusement one can get out of “picking low hanging fruit” before it becomes dull and quite frankly, you’re no fun anymore.

    Carry on without me. Bye.

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  14. My goodness, me thinks Joe Blow has a fart crosswise, at the very least he is constipated. I am sure glad my morning cup of ‘Joe’ doesn’t taste as bad as Joe Blow’s comments. Ease up on the gas old boy. It’s only a blog.

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  15. Still can’t stop telling other people what to do, how to live, think and believe, can you? Why is it all of the elitist lowlifes preach moderation, decency, freedom and democracy and are the most deviate, racist, bigoted, lying false accusers of anyone on the planet? You wrote the blog article and said things about me, like I said without proof, that were lies pure and simple. Ever since I called you on it you’ve been trying to justify what you did by personally attacking me with your vicious lies, accusations and innuendo. Now you admit you deliberately attacked me personally in the blog article, trying to “yank my chain”. It seems the only Troll’s chain that got yanked was yours.

    Fun or not, you exposed yourself for exactly what you are. The Tuluwat Examiner does no good for itself promoting people like you. In the end it and you go the way of all your kind.


  16. Nobody is being forced to read this blog, or comment on it. There are many forums where disparaging remarks wouldnt even be seen or heard. You cannot change other people, you can only change your reaction to them. I would be interested to know the name of Joe Blow’s blog and how/if he moderates dissonant comments. If he really thinks Mola types a bunch of drek, one wonders why he spends any time reading and responding to it.

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    • You can go to Mr. Blow’s blog by clicking on his name under his avatar. His blog is a fellow WordPress blog.

      I apologize to the community for allowing myself to get some fellow commentators all wound up. I’m not 14 years old and I know better. So sorry all.

      And who knows, maybe what I write is drek? But I hope it’s at least entertaining drek.

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    • I don’t come to this blog to read Mola’s hyperbolic personal attacks. I come here to read what the blog owner writes. If you enjoy being lied to, that’s your problem. When Mola lies about me I respond. He’s lucky I don’t take what he says personal.


  17. This thread is getting ridiculous. Everyone should read Mola’s post on feeding trolls. Many of these comments are directly written about. And Mola…..”do as I say not as I do” is beneath you. I still love your post’s, but don’t fight in the mud, you just get dirty.

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