Religion, Politics & Public Funds – Ol’ Boy Eureka’s Favorite Cocktail

church and politicsThe Times-Standard had a new story regarding the ongoing lawsuit brought by Carole Beaton against the City of Eureka, and Mayor Frank Jager. As Examiner readers will remember, the lawsuit was regarding religious “invocations” prior to City Council meetings, along with Mayor Jager’s use of City funds and facilities for Christian “Prayer Breakfasts”.

Earlier this year, Chief Andy Mills led a “devotional” at a prayer breakfast being held in the county. He did this while on city time, and cops from EPD were encouraged to attend, even if they were on duty. Attorney Peter Martin represents Beaton, and he is requesting the court allow him to question Chief Mills about the prayer breakfast.   The highly intelligent City Attorney Cyndy Day-Wilson is fighting the request, arguing that Chief Mills prayer breakfast devotional has nothing to do with the current lawsuit against the City for religious activity on the taxpayers dime. The Examiner has one question: Huh?

According to the Times-Standard:

”One of the questions I want to ask him is if Mayor [Frank] Jager had anything to do with the prayer breakfast he conducted in 2014,” attorney Peter Martin told the judge. “This complaint is about prayer breakfasts. One was in 2012, one in 2013, and now we had one in 2014 that had some suspicious circumstances to it.”

Don’t worry, Day-Wilson has even better arguments. First off, she say’s that questioning the Chief about his on duty religious activity is a “Fishing Expedition”. She also says it’s a matter of money: ”You’re pulling a chief of police out of work to make a deposition,” Day-Wilson said. “That is an expense to the city.”

Got it. The City paying the Chief to practice religion is just fine. The City paying the Chief to participate in a legal proceeding, not okay. Keep up the good work Eureka!


10 thoughts on “Religion, Politics & Public Funds – Ol’ Boy Eureka’s Favorite Cocktail

  1. if the founding fathers meant absolutely no religion in state, then before they signed that part of the constitution they would not have opened that meeting with a prayer. Time to get this to the supreme court and re define church and state. they set up laws which you must swear with your hand on the bible, and so many other instances where they widely used the bible and prayer.Athiest are such a waste of air


    • Yea the same Supreme Ct that gave a Corp the same rights as a person. . The same Supreme Court that says unlimited money in elections by people / PACS is ok . This court is an embarrassment to Constitutional law . Yea good idea let them decide . Good open minded thinking. Thanks for your effort.

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  2. You have a constitutional right to waste air, given to us by those same founding fathers.

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  3. Tulawatexaminer concludes by saying: “Keep up the good work Eureka!”

    It’s not “Eureka,” people like you and me. It is “THE” Eureka City Council members and their City Manager. They are the ones responsible.

    Did I not say, somewhere, that the Police Chief Mills was nothing more than a Murl Harpham clone?


  4. I trust in the interest of true freedom of religion that there were religions other than Christianity represented? Was there a Muslim prayer, a Jewish prayer, or the equivalent thereof from other faiths? I would love to see someone suggest a prayer to Satan, see how that goes over.

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  5. Joe Blow, If chief Mills is a clone, does that mean we are stuck with him until he is 80?

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  6. watchman, knowing the “Eureka” Elite, probably, which doesn’t say much for “Eureka.”


  7. ”You’re pulling a chief of police out of work to make a deposition,”

    How much staff time is it taking to post a survey on how citizens define their neighborhoods? How much does it cost us to have the cops running around handcuffing children, mentally ill, homeless, or addicts? None of which can be helped through incarceration.

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  8. The Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court said recently that only Christians have a Koran on the Mayflower. He’s a brilliant jurist in the mold of Scalia.


  9. Dammit, part of my post was deleted accidentally.

    he said only Christians have civil rights because Buddha didn’t create us and there was no Koran on the Mayflower.

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