HEROIN: This level of denial is staggering!

loaded eyes

“Heroin has really blown up” “It’s everywhere and in every walk of life.”(community has become) “numbed to the drug activity” Eureka Police Sgt. Michael Guy.

No shit Sherlock! Anybody who’s lived in Eureka sometime in the last fifty years has seen that. Waves of Heron have been washing over Eureka as regularly as the tide.

needle and the spoonThe Examiner is not saying the problem isn’t acute or that it’s not growing, we’re saying it been here for years and years.

We think it’s the failure to acknowledge this deep rooted problem that makes impossible to have any effect on it. (ie; Mills policy of not reporting crime)






While Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills said Eureka is a “drug-laden community,” he was suspicious of whether a stash of that size was targeted only for Humboldt County…..

We guess Mills hasn’t been here long enough to realize what an appetite Eureka and Humboldt has for Heroin, Meth, Oxy……………


Here’s just a couple of examples:

(Times-Standard story 01/13/2013) A drug task force raid on area Mexican drug trafficking organizations in February, 2011, netted about five pounds of heroin. In Eureka, the task force seized three pounds and arrested five people in a March, 2009 sting.

January 2103 story here:


March 2009 story here:


Previous story on Heroin’s future in Humboldt from the Examiner:


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10 thoughts on “HEROIN: This level of denial is staggering!

  1. T.E. wrote, “We think it’s the failure to acknowledge this deep rooted problem that makes impossible to have any effect on it. (ie; Mills policy of not reporting crime)“.

    So, assuming we all acknowledge it, what would you suggest be done about it?


    • Like any issue, personal or community, the first step is to recognize there is a problem and realize something must be done. In this case the TE is doing it’s part to begin that.

      If everyone was required to have the solution in hand for everything they choose to talk about the comment areas of every blog would be close to empty. For that matter there wouldn’t be many blogs either.

      This is the first step; the next step is discussion (hopefully) where proposed solutions compete in the public arena of ideas and the final step is when consensus is reached.

      I personally do have ideas about what must be done but I don’t think many people will like them and I will loose my cache of being a curmudgeonly but lovable local character.

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    • Mola wrote, “…the first step is to recognize there is a problem and realize something must be done. In this case the TE is doing it’s part to begin that.

      I’ve been hearing people complain about drug use in Humboldt for at least a couple decades. I have a hard time buying that drug abuse up here isn’t a recognized problem.

      TE’s post reads to me as suggesting law enforcement needs to do more. Just wondering where he’s going with that?

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  2. I don’t know the answer by I agree with this blog. Burying our heads in the sand has got us where we are.

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  3. This issue cannot be legitimately discussed, understood or addressed outside of its context….but that’s exactly what the public is hammered with.

    Psychologists will tell you that you can take buckets of free heroin downtown and it will have little impact on the number of abusers.

    Addictive behavior has many causes, however, foremost to combating drug abuse is addressing poverty.

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  4. Like the recent push to do something about meth, everyone SAYS “something must be done,” but then. . .nothing happens, and all the fuss just settles back down. It’s not just about lack of money or family values. . .I think there are a lot of people with no self-esteem who somehow don’t fit in and just need to check out. Religion doesn’t seem to work for them (or not many of them), nor does getting some money from the government really help much. What they need is something worthwhile to do and to be around people who accept and support them.

    Clearly what we’ve been doing isn’t working, and we need to try something different. Think!

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  5. I strongly disagree with Chief Mills lets-report-crime-once-a-month idea. I think transperancy is important in our justice system even if there was room in our jail, but given these folks are booked and released, I want to know who they are. I want pictures. I find it ironic that at our neighborhood watch meetings, it is suggested we keep an eye out, but they dont want to tell us who to keep an eye out for more than once a month……

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    • Not only who they are and pictures, I want to see Chief Garr’s interactive crime map brought back. That way citizens can see if police patrols are corresponding to where the crime is, not just where Eureka’s elite live.

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  6. Legalize it and regulate it. Opiates are dangerous only because taking too much is acutely toxic. Alcohol, tobacco, and pot are also toxic when used chronically over a period of time. Opiates are CLEARLY medicine. They are in the pharmacopoeia and prescribed by responsible and conscientious MD’s. All drugs present dangers, but making them illegal greatly increases the dangers.

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  7. Your photo above looks just like my aunt Nora.
    She’d drink 3 or 4 screwdrivers a night, every night, (no other drugs), barely eat her dinner, chose someone to shout at and go to bed. Next morning it was off to work after a few uncooked hot dogs.

    They put her in a psychiatric hospital at 70 after she couldn’t recognize anyone anymore.


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