Let’s all go off the rails on a CRAZY TRAIN!

train crossing

What is it about trains?

The topic seems to get normally rational citizens and elected officials to go completely bonkers?

In two local communities this week the specter of train service to the mythical “deep water port” of Humboldt Bay was on the agenda for votes of support.burning train

In Fortuna they approved a letter that offers support for the North Coast Railroad Authority Humboldt Bay Division’s application for a TIGER grant. The grant according to NCRA would help with evaluating the social and economic benefits of fixing the North-South railroad. A vague enough mission to waste lots of public funds.

In Weaverville the Trinity Supervisors voted to apply for a $300,000 Tiger Grant for a feasibility study of a East-West route that would bisect Trinity County, a strange move for a County that is broke, and stands not too gain from such a project, but actually to suffer.

Then, there is this disturbing news from FOER;

train along eel

Friends of the Eel River (FOER) and Californian’s for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs) have filed final reply briefs in our appeal of a Marin Superior Court ruling that would allow the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) to ignore California environmental law and rebuild the failed rail line through the Eel River canyon without regard for impacts on fisheries. The NCRA already took tens of millions of California taxpayer dollars to rebuild, promising in return to comply with California environmental law. The NCRA and the politically connected private operator, the Northwest Pacific Railroad Co., changed their minds after FOER and CATs pointed out in court that the NCRA did not actually follow the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Now the railroad takes the position they need not follow any state environmental law at all.

Mola:42 would probably blame this on the Lunar Eclipse back on the 15th or the Assyrians.

We here at the Examiner blame it all on Ozzy.

ozzy and randy


13 thoughts on “Let’s all go off the rails on a CRAZY TRAIN!

  1. Without obeying any environmental laws that could bring the price all the way down to five hundred million


  2. How true AnonYmous, Planes,Trains and Boats bring out the big dreamers of HumCo ready to use tax funds for their delusions of grandeur


  3. I doubt the Lunar Eclipse had anything to do with this (although I did manage to burn out my aluminium foil hat that night).

    I think it’s perfectly obvious that the powers-that-be sacrificed a few virgins, examined their entrails and discovered the portents were favorable to getting the railroads going again.

    Really! When there are perfectly sane, rational and reasonable explanations (like the one above) one does not need elaborate conspiracy theories .

    Sheesh… Now someone is going to claim the government records all our phone calls and emails. Talk about Crazy Train!


  4. The image of a burning oil train arriving in Old Town ought to make all the merchants happy. What a tourist attraction that would be.

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  5. I say we build two big canals one north/south the other east/west this way we could have cruise ships use them as well as cargo ships then eventually we put train tracks along it for all the train people. You could offer a discount for people who want to wear their little tin hats to ride on the cruise ship or the train. Just an idea can we get some money to study this ???????

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  6. Forget all that, what we really need is a feasibility study of an Intergalactic Spaceport!

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  7. It could be a bunch of them have already come and now they expect a train ride over to the valley. Maybe Redding should just build it’s own Intergalactic Spaceport and save all the hassle of building a railroad ?


  8. Trains are a dead issue in Humboldt county. No one would pour the billion + needed to do the job, environment or not. It is not going to happen! The subject is like a bad penny, we keep throwing it away and back it comes. A passenger stage coach would have a better chance.


  9. Ok. By show of hands, how many of you voted for the High Speed Rail initiative? How many of you still support it?


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