There is a difference between Forgiveness and Evaluation

MOLA:42’s Guide to Political Forgiveness
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Recent events in the Humboldt County District Attorney’s race have reminded me of a far off historical event.

The first written record of a politician begging for public forgiveness was made by the Assyrian Whet-Nidmud the Arithmetically Challenged, the then Minister for Housing and Cemeteries.

He had claimed to have single-handedly killed over 1,000 people while pillaging an enemy city. However a daring expose by the Assyrian Times-Typical revealed he only killed a mere hundred.

The Assyrians took their pillaging very seriously so they tossed Whet-Nidmud into the slammer.

At his trial Whet-Nidmud with his wife (Sheel-Nidmud the One Who Would Do Better for a Husband the Next Time Around) on the stage looking on supportively gave such a tearful, passionate and emotional plea that the people overwhelmingly decided not to execute Whet-Nidmud by slow torture.

They instead tossed him off a ziggurat.

No doubt everyone involved had a warm and fuzzy feeling over this act of clemency (except perhaps Whet-Nidmud).

The event (back to modern times, folks) I spoke of concerns DA candidate Allan Dollison, whose past problems with the California State Bar Association gained wide attention last week.

To sum up: Around 15 years ago Mr. Dollison was found by the Bar Association to have been less than honest with four clients for whom he either did not do the work he was paid for (claiming on forged court documents he did do it) and/or outright abandoned his clients. For the details I would suggest looking over a previous post by the Tuluwat Examiner staff on the subject or the very exhaustive article by Ryan Burns in the Lost Coast Outpost.

It should be pointed out that Mr. Dollison did indeed mention his problems of 15 years ago when he announced he was running for District Attorney. It should also be pointed out John Chiv’s courthouse blog was the first to bring the issue up in the media shortly after Mr. Dollison announced his candidacy.

This is one of those things where one gets to speculate why the “Main Stream Media” (or our local version of it) did not pay attention to the issue for several months. There are two leading theories:

Theory Number One: Dark Masters, Lords of the Mainstream Media, meet in a high grey tower bathed in lightning, dressing in thick red satin robes from head to foot (including gloves and face concealing hoods), evil red robeschanting to the accompaniment of sinister organ music in a room lit by black candles and with incense befogging the air… determine it is now time to give Mr. Dollison… “The Business.”

Theory Number Two: Somebody on the LoCO staff saw the previous coverage in the other blogs and thought it would make a good story.

My money’s on Theory Number One. I mean REALLY, who would believe a concoction like Theory Number Two? Have we all just fallen off the turnip truck?

Do you know the really surprising part? The LoCO is now a part of the Main Stream Media. How’d that happen?

But today we are talking about Political Forgiveness. This is an entirely separate animal from ethical or spiritual forgiveness. Thousands of tomes (big enough to kill bears with) have been written on the latter subjects and I’m not about to try to duplicate them.

Besides, I’m shallow and narcissistic (according to some) and therefore things like that shouldn’t interest me.

In short, Political Forgiveness is like anything else political: It is expedient and artificial at best.

Mr. Dollison stands somewhat above most wayward politicians; they usually set up public sobbing events with wronged but supportive wives looking on and they promise never, Never, NEVER to be naughty again.

Mr. Dollison, like an adult, explained what happened, how he was made to compensate those he wronged and how he took the remedial steps he was told to take to reinstate his privilege to practice law.

The only people he needs to ask forgiveness of are those he damaged when he dealt badly with them 15 years ago; and himself. His campaign workers and contributors warrant no apology since he was forthright about those issues from the start.

The rest of us, having not been damaged, have no basis for demanding Mr. Dollison do public Mea Culpa’s for our amusement. It’s not as if the rest of us are all that pure of spirit ourselves (except according to some of those who post comments on the LoCO).

He says he is a different person now and has forgiven himself. As for the four former clients he put through the wringer; that’s another matter.

The thing to keep in mind is there is a difference between Forgiveness and Evaluation.

We can accept that Mr. Dollison has been redeemed. But that does not mean we should then ignore what he had done; we should use those events to help evaluate his fitness to be District Attorney.

One can rightfully ask the question: “Can the events of 15 years ago not have any application to today?” Any of us non-lawyers could have been arrested, charged and sent to jail for similar “mistakes”. Should any lawyer with that kind of past have any business running for DA?

One can also rightfully ask the question: “Does the fact he has been clean ever since indicate that all this is old news and conceivably such a chastening experience makes him a better attorney; perhaps a better person?”

That is up to the voter (YOU) to decide.

It might sometimes be obvious who I’d rather see win a race; I can’t help that. But I will never endorse or disapprove of a candidate.

I have made no such conclusion here. Vote for any of the four you want.

I haven’t decided yet myself.

da race

Standard Disclaimer: My opinions are my own and not necessarily those of the Tuluwat Examiner. I am not on the Staff of the Tuluwat Examiner. I don’t even know who these people are. However, I have new information that the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner is using their blog as a cover for their involvement in the illicit international trade of Racing Kangaroos. They raise kangaroos at their headquarters telling local authorities the kangaroos are needed for medical treatment purposes.

They even have a 215 card (it should be noted that the word “marijuana” has been scratched out and the word “kangaroo” written in its place).

The Examiner Staff burn'n one on a break

Hey Mola 42……..You talkin’ to me?


11 thoughts on “There is a difference between Forgiveness and Evaluation

  1. Thanks Mola. My wednesdays have been much more enjoyable as of late.

    I’m still interested to read what happened with Mr. Dollison’s exit from the DA’s office which the mainstream LoCo wouldn’t write.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are super kind. Thank you.

      And yes, I’d love to hear much more about what happened concerning Mr. Dollison’s exit from the DA’s office.

      It could be typical lawyer sniping (I gather most lawyers can barely stand each other) but it does sound like it could be interesting.

      If someone comes up with a credible answer I’d write at least a thousand words on the subject.

      Did that just come off like a threat? “Don’t make me do it Man! I’m just crazy enough to do it! No one wants that!

      “MOLA:42, come down from there…. it’s Father O’Malley…”

      Sorry, got carried away again.


  2. MOLA you have to stop making sense. You write these occasional posts that I agree with and I end up complimenting you.

    It really disappoints the polarizing factions that prefer people do not find common ground on some issues.

    The troll post was your best so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wonder what John Chiv’s opinion is on the Marina Center, Coastal Act requirements, etc.


    • John Chiv:

      You just stumbled on my secret plan. In another 6 months I’ll have everybody singing “Kum-by-ya” and when they aren’t paying attention I can take over. Bwaaa-hahaha!

      Thank you.


  3. Chiv, is struggling to get readers. I really don’t know if he’s an authority on anything local. I wish John luck and enjoy the occasional good scoop.


    • You kind of make it sound like if Mr. Chiv doesn’t get his Arbitron ratings up soon his blog will get canceled (in it’s place probably there would be a talk show format blog).

      I myself look him up every time his blog is in the LoCO Elsewhere column. And he does get the scoops (and I don’t mean raisins).

      Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t think John is struggling. I look at his blog pretty often. I don’t always agree with his opinion, but I’m sure he wouldn’t always agree with mine! If you’re basing your opinion on the low number of commenters, that’s just because his blog’s a little more difficult to respond to. That could be by design? Thanks for putting info out there John. And kudos to the TEx as well!

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  4. MOLA not Kumbaya please! With all the talented local musicians, surely you could find a more appropriate Humboldt tune. I say distract them with a good Humboldt grass fed burger or tofu burger and fresh organic veggies.

    Thanks MOLA and yoDa’s momma. I do not allow anonymous comments so that does affect the number of comments. While publicly only 8 brave souls admit they read my blog, email followers and personal emails say otherwise.
    I am not trying to compete with any other blog.

    My blog is relatively new and it is to get information out there. Differing opinions are good, who wants just 1 point of view?

    I may disagree with the opinion of some of TE’s posts but I like and agree with quite a few. Allan should be judged for who he is now, not a mistake 17 years ago. There are people who feel the way Bill does; I hope those people talk to Allan and don’t make up their mind based on one piece of information.

    I am supporting Elan.

    I know all 4 candidates.

    I have watched them all in the courtroom. I know the opinions their peers have, what people wont say in public because it is a small community. So many factors in this primary. Who will SoHum pick? Who will Arcata and the younger voters chose? The attorneys, will they vote they way they say? And who will the voters pick?

    In the previous elections, I supported Worth and Allison. I am proud to support Elan as to be our next DA. Maybe I will surprise some people who think they know me in the future with other choices; maybe not.

    Choosing someone to support does not mean you do not like the other candidates; it means 1 has your respect, your support, your loyalty and who you think will serve the best interests of the people.

    I don’t think any one has this DA’s race locked up. TE has done a great job getting information out in the DA’s race.

    Liked by 1 person

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