The Examiner has something good to say about EPD?

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We at The Examiner spend a lot of time criticizing the Eureka Police Department and Chief Mills. Let us take this tragic event as an opportunity, on this Easter Sunday, to praise the restraint detailed in the story from LoCO:




An EPD officer saw a motorcycle heading northbound at a high rate of speed. The officer estimated the speed to be over 80 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. Traveling in the left-hand lane, the motorcyclist passed the officer who was also traveling northbound but in the right-hand lane. The officer radioed in the observation of the high speed, but, fearing to push the motorcyclist to even higher speeds, did not attempt to stop the driver.


The officer continued on Broadway without turning on lights or sirens. He observed the driver lose control on the 1000 block of Broadway. The rider was ejected and collided with the curb. The motorcycle continued and collided with a building causing significant damage to both the building and the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.


This fatality is certainly a tragic outcome, but one that could have been compounded, had a full scale high speed pursuit been engaged. The potential for unintended consequences and collateral damage in these pursuits is very high.

The Examiner commends the EPD officer or officers involved for doing it the difficult, but right way.


2 thoughts on “The Examiner has something good to say about EPD?

  1. I agree, the officer did the right thing. I’m sure there will be those who say “it’s dangerous to send the message that if you just drive fast enough and recklessly enough, the police will not chase you.” And I understand that, it goes against one of our most basic ideas of how policing is supposed to work — the idea that if you behave more dangerously, the police should be more assertive in dealing with you. But when we also take into consideration the safety of the public, it’s clear that avoiding a high-speed chase in situations like this is the only sensible choice. The fact is, when someone decides to do something as crazy as riding their motorcycle at 80 mph through the middle of a city, it is not reasonable to expect an officer to be able to chase them without creating even greater danger to the public. The best they can do is to use restraint and not add to the carnage. It’s unfortunate, but there it is.

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  2. This type of response is a big improvement over the “get em at any cost policy” that used to exist at EPD. Be it getting rid of SWAT or not going on a high speed chase, it’s good to see modern police techniques take hold in Eureka


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