Three Different takes on voting for Chris

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Three Different takes on voting for Chris

There are many reasons to vote June 3 for Chris Kerrig­an as 4th District supervisor. He faces one-term incum­bent Virginia Bass, whose votes and recent commis­sion appointment are per­ceived as being bought by pro-development sources.

As per her voting record, she has acted in the interest of her financial donors, not those of most 4th District citizens. She acts clueless, and has admitted being con­fused by the General Plan Update. She has ignored a decade of public input and previous Planning Commis­sions’ unanimous approvals. Her decisions continue to unnecessarily cost the coun­ty additional time and funds, involving several departments. She has put us at risk of losing final state approval of our GPU and related funding. She lost any remaining credibility when recently appointing Mr.McKenny to the County Planning Commission. She may seem sweet, was your high school classmate or favorite waitress. However, what is clear is Ms. Bass has been an ineffective supervi­sor for her constituents.

In contrast, Chris Kerrigan will bring to the position his integrity, intelligence, educa­tion, and experience as a two-term Eureka city coun­cilman. His vision includes completing the General Plan Update, based on years of community input, by fol­lowing established proce­dures, and in accordance with all laws. Mr. Kerrigan will perform his duties, not for the moneyed few, but for his constituents and the community. With 4th Dis­trict voters’ support, Mr.

Kerrigan will attempt to move forward for all of us. I recommend voting for Chris Kerrigan.

Teresa MacClelland Eureka


hooked on bass


Virginia ran in 2010 on JOBS,JOBS,JOBS. She supported the invisible Marina Center. She assured us she would “speed up” the GPU to “get this over with”. OK, anyone seen any of those things? Personally I think the new Supes, Virginia, Ryan., and Rex, came on board just as a workable GPU compromise, hammered out over 12 years and countless public testimonies, was being presented. It proved to be WAY over their collective heads (too much to read?) so they simply dismantled it and gave the GPU to their hand-picked special interest commissioners. That way they could just support the new version without understanding it at all.
It’s time for change. It’s time to get the public back into the process.
Vote for Chris Kerrigan Let’s get this county moving again. The current Board of Stupes has held it hostage long enough.

Commenter named Mouse



I have lived in the 4th District for almost 8 years now.

This blogger/ musician/ community organizer heartily endorses Chris Kerrigan for Supervisor.


It’s not anti Bass. I think Virginia is smarter and better at what she does than at least two of her contemporaries on the Board now, so I actually wish it was not Bass that Kerrigan was running against. Too bad we couldn’t end up with a Latour-Kerrigan-Bass- Lovelace- Fennel board that would seem to be pretty representative of the population as a whole.chris k

Chris Kerrigan represents a much wider portion of the Eureka and 4th District electorate than Virginia, who represents the old local elite as well as what Bass defines as the “middle class.”   I think she is sincere in this, and actually she does rep for at least a part of the “middle class” I will give her that. I concede that.

Both Kerrigan and Virginia are Democrats. I think they are both pretty middle of the road Dems too. Except Virginia still has ties to her small biz small town rootz.


The “have you ever run a business ” meme fails here too, because Bass ran her father’s restaurant up to when it closed.   Its hard to evaluate her skills as a business person. Successful for some years then a failure? Life happens. I would not hold this against her or make it into a positive.   During these years she worked also as a waitress. She does know what that kind of work means and how hard and tiring it is, its just not clear if she could survive doing it at Denny’s in 2014.


After that in 2007 or so she did a stint at the Evergreen Pulp Mill as its director of Public Relations until it closed. That’s an EPA emergency toxic clean up site now.


Then she was employed for a while as a sales rep for Big Pharma. Nothing in this resume indicates to me any big skills in governance or even in running a business.


Chris’s business on the other hand appears to be government. He seems to be one of those people who believe in government service, like some cops, some military, or even some bureaucrats, or postal workers or city planners. They actually teach courses in governance in school. Here is his bio off the campaign page:


About Chris


   Chris Kerrigan was born and raised in Eureka and is a proud fourth generation Humboldt County Resident. He attended local schools and graduated from St. Bernard’s High School in 1998. Shortly after, Kerrigan was elected to the Eureka City Council at age 20, making him the youngest Council Member in the city’s history. He served two terms from 2000-2008 focusing on local economic development, public safety, and quality of life issues such as traffic calming and neighborhood beautification. During his service, Kerrigan was a strong proponent of smart growth planning principles and worked to locate housing, employment, and recreational opportunities within established core areas of Eureka. Kerrigan also worked to strengthen the city’s historic preservation and redevelopment programs, such as the neighborhood paint up fix up program.


   After leaving public office Kerrigan attended Humboldt State University, receiving a degree in Political Science in 2012. Currently, Chris works as a paralegal and recently began an independent law study program with the aim of passing the State Bar. Chris currently serves as a Board Member for the Redwood Coast Boys and Girls Club, an organization primarily serving Eureka’s children, and Keep Eureka Beautiful, a volunteer organization focused on encouraging civic pride in Eureka and promoting beautification as a community building and economic development tool.

Chris Kerrigan for Supervisor!

I should add that Chris has been a firm supporter of the Eureka Fair Wage Act for long time. He has come to our events and showed his support in person. We appreciate it. It is a sign that Chris is working for YOU.

Bill Holmes  aka Highboldtage



One thought on “Three Different takes on voting for Chris

  1. I’m very happy Chris has decided to run for this seat. He will get my vote. After Virginia’s” Forgotten”, Arkley jet ride, and financial backing from the right wing group at the Ingomar Club and then “coming out” as a Democrat she has lost ALL credibility to me. I feel Matt has really taken her down a narrow political path lined with very self serving interests . Once again the picture of Virginia with Sherry Arkley and the rest of the republican women that hung in the Avalon Restaurant speaks volumes on how much of a Democrat Virginia really is NOT ……

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