Local Democrats; Matthew Owen just stuck it to you


No more DINOs or Fake Dems


After more than eight years of planning and scheming Matthew Owen has successfully managed to sabotage the local Democratic Party’s political action arm the Central Committee. A disgusting, if not shocking, dance played out last night as the cowards joined forces with the pretend Democrat traitors to prevent the will of the majority.



Liberal Jon calls it out on his blog;


The right has basically been following Owens lead; most Republicans have changed to Decline to state or pretend Democrats. They can’t win a election if they don’t. Classic example is the Bonino – Atkins race. Instead of taking Owens advice, Bonino ran as a proud Republican and lost. Now, even the very far rightwing tea bagger Chet Albin is a Democrat. In fact no one on the very right wing Eureka City Council will identify themselves as Republican these days.

When this all started, we can remember most Democrats thought it was a joke “how could anyone fall for Owens Bullshit?”. Well here we are eight years later and his strategy is getting results.

So we here at the Examiner are going to call it as we see it, remember these names;

Fake Democrats and/or Traitors:

Heidi Benzonelli-District 1

Ginger Olsen-District 1

Kathleen Creager-District 2

Estelle Fennell-District 2

Richard Leamon-District 2

Virginia Bass- District 4

Kevin Dreyer-District 5

Chris House-District 5

Jim Smith-District 5

Naïve and/or Spineless (no endorsement or abstain; which was in effect a Bass vote)

Phillis Seawright-District 1

Milt Boyd-District 3

John Driscoll-exofficio

Pam Cahill-District 3

Sofia Pereira-District 3

Real stand up Democrats:

Patrick Riggs-District 1

Barbara Kennedy-District 2

Shane Brinton-District 3

Barbara Carolan-District 3

Michael Winkler-District 3

Linda Atkins-District 4

Bob Service-District 4

Pam Service-District 4

Kathryn Donahue-District 5

Roger Smith-District 5



34 thoughts on “Local Democrats; Matthew Owen just stuck it to you

  1. Your “real stand-up Democrats” Linda Atkins and Shane Brinton didn’t even bother to show up.


  2. “the cowards joined forces with the pretend Democrat traitors to prevent the will of the majority.”

    Bass herself was elected to the HCDCC by a large majority of rank-and-file Democrats in her district, less than two years ago. So it seems a bit absurd to claim that failing to endorse her opponent is somehow an example of “preventing the will of the majority.”


  3. Not sure what Liberal Jon and the Tuluwat Examiner’s “staff” are so butt-hurt about. Sharon LaTour was endorsed by a wide margin, and Virginia Bass was denied an endorsement, despite being an incumbent Democrat who has demonstrated strong support among rank-and-file Democrats in her own district. Overall, that seems like a pretty good result for both LaTour and Kerrigan.


  4. Hay, thanks for the names. Now I know who to vote for and who not. I support Virginia and all the others in her category according to you.


  5. No, no, no. Not fake. Real, good, awesome Dems. Most, if not all. Just with differing opinions of what is at stake, etc. we just have to win the dialog . Gotta run more later. Richard Leamon, btw, is and will always be a personal hero and his credentials, along with so many others on this list are spotless. Just in the 4th district supervisors race many happen to be wrong.


  6. Liberal Jon:

    They drank the Kool-Aid. I honestly don’t think they were just “wrong.” Was it just an opportunity to see the inside of the Ingomar Club? To be on the Arkley’s party list?

    The motivation for their votes and abstentions certainly was not supporting core Democratic values.

    Sorry LJ, I just don’t see it the way you do.


  7. What we have here in good ‘ole’ Humboldt is our own ‘GAME OF THRONES’. Hopefully most of you have watched the series. The most cutthroat seem to always win control and the good guys are cut out of any control positions. The series is a real snapshot of real life, and we have a slice right here. I have no idea how to unseat the current batch of throne makers except to call them out and hope the common folk see what is behind the current Throne sitters and throne makers. It is quite a show of sleazy power grabbing. If it were not our lives they are playing with it would be fun to watch.


  8. I wonder who has done more for our community, “Fake Democrat and/or Traitor” Heidi Benzonelli, or the anonymous mudslingers behind the curtain at the Tuluwat Examiner.

    Actually, I don’t wonder.


  9. I think it’s fair to call Chet Albin a “Fake Democrat.” But trying to label people like Estelle Fennell, Richard Leamon and Heidi Benzonelli as “Fake Democrats and/or Traitors” is just ridiculous.


  10. asdfhjkl ; The reasoning in regard to Bass is that she is not really a democrat. She changed parties the last election so she would have a chance of winning in a democratic county. Many more democrats registered here than republicans. It is called gaming the system. Stack the deck and you stand a much better chance of winning.

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  11. “The reasoning in regard to Bass is that she is not really a democrat.”

    That is your opinion, and you’re welcome to it. But it’s an opinion that was apparently not shared by the majority of rank-and-file Democratic voters in her district when they voted to elect her to the HCDCC less than two years ago.


  12. “asdfhjkl” is clearly someone close to the Bass camp. So fess up “asdfhjkl” isn’t the plan to run her for a state office in the future. Owen has big plans for his wife and he knows that would impossible without the “Dem” after her name. This is all just laying the ground work, Right?

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  13. I haven’t heard that rumor and have no idea whether there’s any truth to it or not. I’m not “close to the Bass camp” and in fact I have never talked to either one of them. But it wouldn’t exactly be surprising, most politicians are ambitious and aspire to higher offices, and yes, I’m sure party affiliation decisions play into that. Perhaps that’s why Shane Brinton changed from being a proud Communist to now being a Democrat? Similar considerations might also explain lifelong Republican Bonnie Neeley suddenly switching to run as a Democrat in her last (unsuccessful) election.


  14. Estelle Fennell is a flip flop $ellout.


  15. Bass, the Chair of Ways and Means, Incumbent County Supervisor, can’t pull off HCDCC’s endorsement? Embarrassing.

    If you don’t agree with the land pirates running the county, send Chris K a few bucks. And vote.

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  16. Ahoy Cap’n Ulansey! Let’s rename Building Dept. to “Developer’s Assistance Bureau!”

    What say Ye, fellow Land Pirates?

    Customer Service! Lets giterdun!

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  17. So you’d rather have a Building Department with poor customer service, where people attempting to do the right thing and comply with the rules are given conflicting, inaccurate, and/or incomplete information? We had that for many years, and — surprise, surprise — lots of people didn’t like that, and not just “developers.”


  18. Asdfahole, or whatever, seems to make less and less sense as the day goes on. Have another cocktail, and give us some more entertainment!


  19. asdfhjkl 6:16:

    You got to admit that Building Department comment kind of comes out of the proverbial left field.

    Obviously I would NOT rather have a Building Department (or any Department) with poor customer service and bad performance. Does that mean I have to vote for Ms. Bass to make things happen? Because she’s been in office for nearly a full term and guess what? It hasn’t happened yet.

    Or anything else as far as forward progress is concerned (you could say her contributions to the GPU saga are “progress in another direction.”


  20. For the purists out there…

    When I ask, “I have to vote for Ms. Bass?” that is a rhetorical question. I realize I live in Fortuna so you don’t need to remind me again that I am not voting in that election.


  21. MOLA:42,

    The Building Department comment was a pretty straightforward response to Knock Turnall’s comment, and the complaint that some (like “Liberal Jon”) have made that Bass is somehow wrong to emphasize good customer service in the Building Department.

    And yes, over the past couple of years the Building Department has improved its attitude and professionalism when dealing with members of the public that go in to seek information or go through the permitting process. At least that’s what I’ve heard from people who have been in this position both during the Kirk Girard era, and under the new management. Still not perfect, but a major improvement.


  22. The republican Mayor known as Virginia Bass has pulled the wool over too many people’s eyes, including liberal jon. Somehow, because she changed parties while planning to run for Supervisor is supposed to mean that she is an actual “Democrat”. She’s not and her actions on the BOS show this clearly. Why is everyone so soft on Bass? She is, ideologically speaking, a republican! Why would the HDCC feel any differently. The above name’s speak volumes. I would venture to guess that Heidi has reaped some benefit for herself (or the Jefferson school) from her support of local right wing candidates, such as Virginia Bass. As long as local democrats continue sell their soul to the development community, we will continue to see the “dumbing down” of values in the local democratic party.


  23. “Asdfahole, or whatever, seems to make less and less sense as the day goes on.”

    It doesn’t seem like my comments should be all that hard to understand, but if you can be more specific about what you’re having trouble comprehending, I can try to simplify it even further, if that’s something you need.

    But my guess is that you understand the points I have made perfectly well — you just disagree with them, but can’t come up with any good way to refute or rebut these points, and thus you resorted to a personal attack. Which is not an uncommon reaction, but as always, it’s a sign of weakness.


  24. Obviously, I could be wrong about Heidi (I don’t think so but I am human). An easy way to prove me wrong would be for the Westside Community Improvement Association to publish all of their contributors from 2013. Certainly, if there was no connection with the right wing developers, I would be the first to apologize.


  25. Adsfahole-

    It’s pretty simple. You had been making some logical arguments (that I didn’t agree with) earlier in the day. They were about how Virginia and Matthew are playing common political games by changing parties without changing ideals. Then you went off about the planning department, which seemed pretty off topic. As I said then, and say now, have another cocktail!!


  26. So your plan is to make an accusation, then offer to withdraw it if the target of your accusation proves their innocence to your satisfaction. Well, I guess that’s par for the course around here. Just ask Tom Herman…either one of them.


  27. Again, “What?” it’s pretty simple to understand with simple reading comprehension skills. Read “Knock Turnall’s” comment, which raised the issue of customer service in the Planning Department. I was responding to that. I guess I could have been more clear about that by specifically addressing my response to “Knock Turnall,” but since the comment I was responding to was visible just one comment above mine, I didn’t guess that anyone would have trouble putting two and two together. But apparently I overestimated the reading comprehension skills of at least two readers — you and MOLA:42.

    I haven’t had any cocktails today, or anytime recently, nor have I used any other mind-altering substances (other than coffee and chocolate) today. So if my comments are incoherent, I don’t have that to offer as an excuse! 😉

    But I don’t think anything I’ve written here today is incoherent or hard to understand. Or for that matter, off-topic — except to respond to the not-directly-on-topic comment by “Knock Turnall.”


  28. “I have no idea how to unseat the current batch of throne makers except to call them out and hope the common folk see what is behind the current Throne sitters and throne makers.”

    Are you joking? The solution never changed.

    The REAL democratic party used to focus on outreach by regularly canvassing unregistered households to educate, register, and get out the vote. This is what the Eureka Fair Wage Initiative needs your help in accomplishing.

    The bigger the turnout, the greater the Democratic margin if victory. It’s always been this way and it’s the reason the republican party is behind every state initiating voter I.D. laws.

    The HCDCC’s idea of GOTV is setting up a table at the fair and watching beer-soaked revelers look the other way.

    The best way to “out” the DINO’s is by SHOWING UP! DONATING! AND SUPPORTING progressive events and candidates to ensure they are successful.

    A REAL democratic party would have immediately joined local unions in supporting the Eureka Fair Wage Initiative, it’s members would be volunteering and offering the technical and financial support to register the vast majority of eligible voters that stopped voting a long time ago. Unparalleled voter abstentions is why our cities, states and nation are in the hands of tiny elite cabals.

    If you are familiar with the members of our local democratic “leadership”, it’s easier to understand why they never bother to pretend to care about Eureka’s working families and actually register them at their homes….EWWWE!!

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  29. I don’t think Im soft on SVB. But she is a Democrat. Because she says so. It’s now our job to so how make sure her idea of a Democrat, which is defined by focusing on service in the Planning Department, with all that means, does not have primacy in our civic and political discussions.

    More than ever, we need professional planners to plan our development. Not the Chamber of Commerce. It’s a fundament left of center belief that we do best when we the public make decisions through an empowered public sector. The Chamber of Commerce is simply not equipped to make good decisions for the next 50 or 200 years, government can and should.




  30. asdfhjkl: Why did you leave out the ‘g’? Is there an underlying message in the omission? Or were you just typing in a straight line and missed the ‘g’? Let us into the inside story.


  31. When I was learning to touch-type, we were supposed to start with the four fingers on the left hand on the a,s,d,and f keys and the right hand on the j,k,l,and ; keys. But for some reason I never got that quite right, and ended up where my normal positioning on the right hand is one space to the left of the standard positioning, in other words the fingers on my right hand rest on h,j,k, and l. So it asdfhjkl is just simply hitting each key in sequence where my fingers already were.

    Another important mystery solved here on the Tuluwat Examiner!


  32. Now II can sleep much better.


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