Show up and get Matthew out of the ‘Middle’ of Democratic Business

After years of planning and scheming, it looks like all the efforts of Matthew Owens and Richard Marks to pack the Central Committee are going reap their intended result, or close to it. Owens and Marks are exploiting a loop hole in the by-laws that doesn’t require candidates who claim to be Democrats to actually have any Democratic values.

The idea was to get the coveted Democratic Central Committee endorsements for their pretend “democrat” candidates. (ie. Virginia Bass) If that plan fails, then to deny the endorsements to real Democrats.(Chris Kerrigan)


Liberal Jon says; Democracy on Display Wednesday Night – Warts and All.…… Most likely we already know what’s going to happen. Unfortunately, Virginia’s and/or Matthew and Richard’s strategy to define “Democrat” by their narrow definition* will have worked. They will have probably weighed the scale down enough so the HCDCC will not be able to endorse either Chris or Virginia.


Linda Atkins;

Hi Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee Associates,

This is a note to remind you that next Wednesday April 9th at 7pm at the Labor Temple at 9th & E Streets, Eureka, we are having our endorsement meeting for all participating Democratic candidates for the Humboldt County June election. Each candidate will have an opportunity to speak and answer two questions from the voting members. Only voting members of the Committee will be able to participate in the endorsement vote, but we hope you will join us to hear our candidates speak and participate in the rest of the meeting.


Special Democratic Monthly Meeting at the Labor Temple: Wednesday April 9th, 7pm 840 E Street, Eureka.

The Examiner says show up and give Matthew and Richard a hard time.

Demand the members support Chris Kerrigan and Sharon Latour, the candidates with real Democratic values.

Or don’t show up and speak out and our local Democratic Party will reflect these values (see photo below)

dixie dem

photo from Trinidad Crabber


28 thoughts on “Show up and get Matthew out of the ‘Middle’ of Democratic Business

  1. An observation from my lifetime , By far the most dishonest will cheat you for a buck people I have met in my life are almost always conservative republicans. They tend to be the most mean spirited and the ends justify the means. They are the most closed minded and least likely to try any type of compromise or find mutually beneficial options when working with them. Not sure why ?????? Matt is living proof of this type of spirit .. Just my opinion……


  2. Richard Marks is so easily used, it’s pretty sad. He seems a well meaning guy., but his alliance with Owen makes you question is core integrity. Is this all just revenge for 2006? Better stick to softball, at least there’s always another game.


  3. I’m registered as independent because it seems to me that local Democrats aren’t environmentalists, They just want resource extraction industry with blue collar jobs because that’s what people know how to do.. Sid Berg, Charles Olliver, and Richard Marks typify that idea, and reflect Humboldt Democrat aspirations. Republicans in the past have often won public office in Humboldt because they get votes from registered Democrats. I’m not convinced HCDCC endorsement is all that coveted anymore. Its just another beauty contest ticket that candidates try to get punched.


  4. Thanks for the burb TE. But ew, that photo. I really wish you’d take it down. Virginia is not a racist and she cannot help what her supporters think. Trinidad Crabber sent that emai to me too. Not sure who he/she is, but that is low down dirty politics I don’t agree with. (I’m also not sure how he/she got my email. That is not a long list.)

    So, thanks for the post, but I’d really reconsider that photo. I don’t think we want to encourage the lowest common denominator politics around here. Knowing Virginia pretty well, I don’t what’s implied in that photo has anything to do with how Virginia has or would legislate.

    If that is a real photo which btw, does not have an address or a name behind it, the owner/renter has a pathetic/sad/destructive world view that should be shunned by all who understand the nature of racism. I’m sure Virginia, if asked, would be leading the pack to marginalize such overt racism.


  5. TE must be doing something right. Even Liberal Jon has criticisms. Good job!


  6. Jon “Knowing Virginia pretty well” maybe, but you clearly are blind to the base she panders too. Where do you think that $60000 came from. She claims to be a Dem but she draws in truck loads of money and support from the far right. I think that picture, whether real or fake, tells the story that needs to be heard. No matter how much of a crush you, Chiv and Kirk have.


  7. Ms. Bass is giving a $99 a plate dinner fund raiser for herself. Considering what she already has in the war chest, it comes off as being more an expensive victory celebration.

    All I know is this Democrat does not have the scratch to participate in this kind of fund raising (although the menu is tempting).

    I’m sure Ms. Bass is a very nice and enchanting person…. but we are not voting on Miss Congeniality.


  8. You aren’t voting for anyone, MOLA, you live in Fortuna.

    I love it when you ninnys slam republicans and conservatives and the like saying how they are the most vile evil whatever, all the while anonymously hurling slime like this.

    And OldSam, you must not be to familiar with Leland Yee, or perhaps your memory is fading with age.


  9. “I love it when you ninnys”
    Hey “Tulu moron” who talks like that except Bill O’foxtalkradio.
    You guys hate being called out.
    Old Sam is dead on.
    Lee corrupt for sure, I would convict him as well Owen and Arkley


  10. TE, I whole heatedly agree, this isn’t about personality, which is why I so strongly favor Chris and Sharon. There is not even a question on whom is best for HUmCo’s future. The question is how do we win now and in the future? We do this with civil politics.

    If we allow this to become a shooting match and hurl this and that at each other, they will win based simply on their more consistent base. We need to get people motivated, I don’t think this is done with anon’s picture and what it is implying. We win by talking civics and policy and getting involved in above board politics. Talking about a positive vision for the future based on things like sustainable growth, education, respect for one another etc.

    It does absolutely no good to lower ourselves to their level. Unless we are talking about the Thom Hartmann to their Rush Limbaugh. That’s how we win – thoughtfulness.

    But that’s just a suggestion.


  11. TLam:

    Forgive me not using your full name. Yes, you are right, I live in Fortuna. Somehow the actions (or lack thereof) of the BOS even reaches out even to the wilder-lands of this county so I think I can at least have a concern about what happens in that race.

    Do you think every $99 plate at Ms. Bass’ fundraiser will be consumed only by voters of her district?

    And yet, I think I do have a more direct say when it comes to fake Democrats attempting to hijack my party and use it to further their less than Democratic goals.

    Sorry if that viewpoint upsets you.

    Leland Yee no more represents us than the Confederate Flag represents you (I hope).

    DJ I think is correct; acting down to the level of TLam will do us no good; we need to present another picture of what politics and community service is all about.

    We need to be a far more appealing alternative to TLam and Co.


  12. LJ is correct, LJ is correct, LJ is correct…. Argh!


  13. I bet after this comment, the anonymous cowards who have regugitated the Heraldo blog in a new format with the same ole BS will block my comments.

    Does not matter. Why do you require a name and email when you do not identify who you are.

    Cannot win elections on the merits of your candidates so you start with the Occupy, the standard carbon copy letters to the Editors and this piece of trash blog run by Salzshit and the Heraldo Bunch.

    Wusses say it with your real names or shut up.


  14. One of Owen’s minions is mad – throwing a hissey fit and calling names. I bet everyone at TEx is scared now. I’m glad this blog is here and calling you out, so get really mad and hold your breath for a long time, that’ll teach em.


  15. This last post from 6:01 brings me back to my earlier post. But back to the original story line. Virginia, Matt and their group are obviously NOT democrats they are obviously backed by some of the most right wing people in our area so why do they pretend to be democrats ? How are they not being straight out dishonest or deceiving a lot of people by doing this ??? Let me know how people like Arkley and Mcbeth back people who register as a democrat ?? The dishonesty strikes me pretty hard on this point… If you can’t even be honest to the people as to which party you truly represent how can we believe any message from that person ??


  16. You really are naive OS, to believe that most of these local bought and paid for politicians care about any of us. Time and time again we all want to believe personal agendas don’t matter. But, really all that matters to Mattie and his followers is power and being invited to one of Arkleys parties. I think it’s easy to forget about Virginia’s non- disclosed jet rides off to a vacation in Robs jet. Would Rob do that for a Democrat? I think this smoke and mirror campaign needs to stop. If you can write articles in local Blogs about the state of affairs in Humboldt you surely can be honest about you TRUE party affiliation. Virginia,Rex,Mattie,Richard and Rob are clearly republicans. Quit lying to the people of Humboldt it’s getting old!


  17. Spanky:

    If you’re REALLY good they let you see the inside of the Ingomar Club (Carson Mansion).


  18. Tuluwathypocrisy:

    One of the silliest moves one can make in the Blogosphere is to challenge the moderator to delete your post.

    If the moderator does delete your post we’ll never know of your brave stand.

    If the moderator does NOT delete your post then you look like an idiot (and the moderator will look like a long suffering but tolerant person with the patience of a saint).

    Not that I would call you an idiot. That would be wrong…


  19. Virginia ran in 2010 on JOBS,JOBS,JOBS. She supported the invisible Marina Center. She assured us she would “speed up” the GPU to “get this over with”. OK, anyone seen any of those things? Personally I think the new Supes, Virginia, Ryan., and Rex, came on board just as a workable GPU compromise, hammered out over 12 years and countless public testimonies, was being presented. It proved to be WAY over their collective heads (too much to read?) so they simply dismantled it and gave the GPU to their hand-picked special interest commissioners. That way they could just support the new version without understanding it at all.
    It’s time for change. It’s time to get the public back into the process.
    Vote for Chris Kerrigan or Sharon Latour (depending on which District you’re in, of course). Let’s get this county moving again. The current Board of Stupes has held it hostage long enough.


  20. This was another sad display by the “Democratic” Central Committee. Only 11 votes for Chris out of 23(?) voting members??

    Chris did a great job comparing his votes to a few of Bass’ votes on the Eureka City Council. It’s clear Bass holds few democratic values, if any.

    And what on Earth is Heidi Benzonelli’s beef with Chris? Her drawn-out question was intended to discredit Chris’ activities since he was last elected, it reeked of condescension. And then she interrupted Chris’ answer.

    Heidi illustrated another example of a person that milks a sole-accomplishment as a whipping rod against those she dislikes.

    What a depressing evening.

    No wonder the republicans like it there.


  21. anon purple arrow with wings – do tell, please reveal the names of those who voted for BS bass.


  22. Yeah, I’d like to see the list too. Getting deep. and smelly!


  23. I’m curious as to how Fleming isn’t mentioned. She is being touted as the conservative alternative to Paul. And she reeks of the Old Guard introducing her around. Lately, it has been Jerry Scott. Her largest contributor is SO with $5000.00.

    Firpo is clearly the progressive alternative who can win. I understand the DCC can’t endorse Firpo because she switched from Dem to DTS when she became a prosecutor, but how do they give Fleming 11 votes. The DAs office needs to stay in the hands of true progressive candidates who will look out for the citizens. Not protect the thugs.


  24. I agree with you 7:50. The only thing I can figure is that many progressives aren’t very happy with Gallegos after his tenure, and Firpo seems to be his chosen successor. Somehow Fleming has gotten a lot of very right wing and conservative supporters, but managed to not have that thrown into the conversation. Curious indeed :\


  25. So Firpo is the only candidate against the death penalty. She and Dollison are the only two free speech and civil rights advocates. Fleming has the backing of every Republican Attorney and Law Enforcement Officer in the county, and somehow they still choose Fleming. Anyone who has met Firpo knows she agrees with Paul on many principles, but she is NOT Paul. I would think the Dems would at least back his ideals. I think Atkins, et al have sold out with this one and exposed the hypocrisy of the DCC, When do we make Bonnie Neely a voting member again? She’s the high profile “Dem” that’s been introducing Maggie around.


  26. That’s Ms. Terry Farmer introducing Maggie around. Revenge is best served cold by the former DA, I guess.


  27. The problem with some Firpo supporters is they start with the assumption that all progressives love Paul. That’s not the case. Firpo needs to differentiate herself from him as well as the other candidates. Then she got a chance.
    If her campaign continues be, that shes Paul’s secret choice, its going to fail


  28. highrolla is right, but I’m not sure how that happens. She can’t beat Fleming if she creates too much distance from Paul. She needs some of the base that remains. Even those progressives who don’t like Paul should agree with him far more often than Fleming. Then again, Fleming will say whatever she needs to in order to keep pace.


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