Duty, Honor, Country, Da….oops!

   Summaries from the California Bar Journal are based on discipline orders but are not the official records. Not all discipline actions have associated CBJ summaries.


allan 1

August 26, 2000

ALLAN LEE DOLLISON [#177299], 34, of Saipan was suspended for one year, stayed, placed on two years of probation with an actual 60-day suspension and until he makes restitution and proves his rehabilitation, and was ordered to take the MPRE within one year and comply with rule 955. The order took effect Aug. 26, 2000.

Dollison stipulated to 16 counts of misconduct in four consolidated cases: three counts each of failing to perform legal services competently or respond to client inquiries and improperly withdrawing from representation, and two counts each of failing to return client files, refund unearned fees and cooperate with the bar’s investigation.

allan 3

As part of one case Dollison was handling, he agreed to file a motion to set aside a default that had been entered against his client. After not responding to his client’s inquiries, Dollison told her he had filed a motion that was denied by the court. He provided a copy of the motion, a notice of ruling which stated an attorney had appeared on behalf of the other party.

In fact, Dollison never filed a motion, there was no hearing, he fabricated the notice of ruling and forged signatures on documents he sent to the client. His misrepresentations were acts of moral turpitude. He never refunded his fee.

He vacated his office and did not notify clients or the courts, he failed to appear at hearings and failed to follow court orders. Two cases were dismissed as a result of failure to prosecute. One client’s wages were garnished to pay a default judgment, and other clients were forced to hire new counsel to complete their bankruptcy petition.allan 2

In mitigation, Dollison started a solo practice soon after his admission to the bar, but due to a lack of experience and business acumen, he accepted difficult cases for relatively low fees. He abandoned several matters when he moved to a new office in order to stabilize his practice. He also suffered from depression and is under the care of a psychiatrist.





How can he even practice law in the State of California? If any of us had forged court documents, we would have been prosecuted for committing a felony and could never vote again! However, Mr. Dollison can “allegedly” commit crimes, end up keeping the ability to practice law, and on top of that get support to be the next Humboldt County D.A.!!!

All the Examiner can say is…..OMG!



21 thoughts on “Duty, Honor, Country, Da….oops!

  1. “How can he even practice law in the State of California? If any of us had forged court documents, we would have been prosecuted for committing a felony and could never vote again!”

    Easy. The lawyers write the laws. The lawyers enforce discipline on their selves. The lawyers don’t care what we think. The lawyers think they can (and should) get away with anything.

    Dollison annoys me especially because of his constant flag waving. Okay, he’s a veteran and deserves our admiration and appreciation for his service. But that alone does not qualify him to be District Attorney.

    For the life of me, I can’t see what it is that is supposed to recommend him for being DA.


  2. So far I’ve crossed Firpo and Dollison off my list.


  3. WTF are you doing disclosing who is or may be under the care of a psychiatrist? I think you guys are in over your head(s). Maybe you should learn how to spell “honor” ? No more comments for you!


  4. By the way, “honor” has one “n.”


  5. jtimmons88,

    Well technically it was already disclosed, already public information. The TE just copied and pasted it from the California Bar Journal.

    Dollison got into this race knowing full well that his sanctioning by the Bar Association would be an issue, so of course he had to know this Caifornia Bar Journal article would be referenced. Basically he’s still experiencing the inevitable fallout from his misbehavior back then. There’s no way you’re going to run for DA and not have this kind of history brought up.

    I agree that the “under the care of a psychiatrist” line is unfortunate, but it was apparently part of his defense at the time, so it got included in the CBJ report.


  6. Some of what is said in this article shows the extreme pressure on service men and women and where it leaves some. I am not defending Mr. Dolson, just saying if any of the report is true, we, as a society, have failed to address the needs of our service people.


  7. Sorry, that is supposed to be Dollison.


  8. This was headline news locally, right?


  9. Anonymous 2:04:

    Should it be?

    Then you must hate my stuff; I’m never relevant.


  10. This all happened before Dollison ever served in Iraq or Afghanistan. No excuse that this was related to his military service. Sorry!!!!


  11. Whoever posted this headline should get one of those awards the NCJ is always bragging about.


  12. Anonymous 2:04:

    I’ve been thinking on your post and it (very) slowly dawned on me I might have misinterpreted what you meant. I took it as your saying, “this isn’t really news,” but I realize you were really saying “this should be headline news in local media but for some reason it is not.”

    If that is the case then I goofed (like that is any real surprise) and I apologize. I should make fewer mistakes.


  13. Anonymous 11:29:

    I… uh… no I won’t say anything…..


  14. Count 1 Case #97-O-18138. Misconduct by Dollison happened August 1997(Maisterra); Count 6 Case # 98-O-00763 misconduct happened August 1997 Cruz); Count 1 Case # 98-O-03596 happened February 1997 (Stockett); Count 1 Case # 97-O-18526 Failure to perform and Failure to communicate re his clients.There are a total of 16 Counts of misconduct in California Supreme Court Case # S088328 file stamped July 27, 2000. All of the other Counts related to violations of the State Bar rules of professional conduct. Dollison failed and refused to respond to or comply with the State Bar investigators until A few of the California Penal Codes sections which Dollison could have been charged with include section 487 Grand Theft; section 470(c) forgery; 484 receiving money and willfully failing to provide the paid for services. sections 487 and 470(c) are felonies, and section 484 can be a misdemeanor or felony, called a wobbler. In any case there are many attorneys who face administrative discipline and are then charged criminally by the agency in the jurisdiction where the offense took place. Dollison’s assertions of mental health problems at the State Bar proceedings would not have been of much help, if any, had he been prosecuted. Anyone can obtain the complete Discipline file from the California State Bar consisting of 34 pages, as I did.


  15. Any claim the Dollison is some poor post was casualty deserving of our sympathy and forgiveness is simply not justified. First, Dollison is an administrative officer in the civil affairs activities, not a “front line” point of the spear operational combat soldier. His bronze star is NOT for combat action as he does not have the combat designation “V” for an award requiring combat.
    Furth, all of his State Bar misconduct was before either the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts.

    The invasion of Iraq started in March 2003 by an invasion force led by the United States.

    The invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 an invasion force led by the United States and the
    United Kingdom, launched Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 October 2001.

    Dollison’s mischaracterization of his military exploits seeks to draw in the veteran vote. He does not fool any of use who really served in “combat” during our tours, and were the victims of “officers” like Dollison who pander and exaggerate his Army “reserve” activities as if he was a “real” soldier. Dollison is an embarrassment to all who really served and sacrificed.


  16. How old is Dollison? Could he have been in combat in the first Gulf War? ’91 wasn’t it? If he was 20 in 91 he would be 43 today. There was plenty of ptsd + depleted uranium + gulf war syndrome.

    Don’t know if its the case but there is a lot of jumping to conclusions around this blog.


  17. My conclusion is that I will not vote for him.

    But I have met him and his family and they are nice. I hate to see him and his family become the focus of an inevitable hit campaign but of course the voting public has an absolute right to the facts. His pursuit of this office is a bit outside the box but he appears to have a sense of “duty” that perhaps is different or more intense than you or I. That’s all.

    Maybe we can channel his energy into some public benefit law work for the people of Humboldt and he can put his second chance law practice to good use.


  18. The first Gulf War lasted 3 days and he was not there.


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  20. Even worse was his prosecutorial misconduct in Dec. 2012 when he exposed a police report concerning an interview by EPD officer Prose with the defendant while the defense lawyer was NOT present and the report was never handed over to the defendant’s attorney as required by law. Two violations of the law. One, law enforcement interviewing a represented defendant, and two, hiding the report until Dollison pulled it out during trial in front of the jury. Resulted in a mistrial, and cost Dollison his job as a prosecutor. Offered=quit or be fired, and he quit. He was then walked out of the D.A.’s office with a security detail. He has NOT learned from his past crimes in the 2000 case.


  21. Dollison is 48 years old making him 31 years old when he violated the law which resulted in the state bar discipline in 2000. Old enough to know better!!!


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