The “People’s Choice” nod-nod wink-wink—Maggie Fleming

District Attorney Candidate Maggie Fleming has been racking up the donations ($61287.00) and endorsements, and she looks to be the next shoe in for the “people” of Humboldt. She can be considered fair, balanced and progressive, if not for her endorsements……

Suzie Owsley, Bill Nova, Jim Armstrong, William “Billy” Hosal II, Frank Jager, Melinda and Pete Ciarebellini, Ken McCauley, “Retired Police Officers Association (Murl Harpham)”, and Susan Strom. Talk about the Old Guard at EPD. These folks are on the list of the whose-who that perpetuated libel and slander to get rid of the only progressive Chief at EPD in the last…150 years!

“As the true agent of change and accountability”, she has the backing of the police unions from; Eureka, Fortuna and the Humboldt County Sheriffs. We’re sure it’s in their best interests to endorse the person that will fully hold them accountable. On top of that, the California District Attorney Investigators’ Association (CDAIA) has also thrown in their hat for Fleming. Wayne Cox (former EPD and now Chief Investigator) should feel confident in his standing with a Fleming win.

It goes on and on with the Fleming Good Old Boy establishment campaign. Sad to see the wool being pulled over the public’s eyes so early in this campaign. Of course, we wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include Linda Atkins as one of Fleming’s supporters. Luckily, Atkins can hold her head high with her endorsement of Fleming, alongside another true (D) democrat, the very liberal Rex Bohn.
Don’t despair citizens of Humboldt, Fleming’s election will mean price support for the local marijuana industry and jobs jobs jobs!


Good ol’ boy Jager


Good ol’ boy Bohn

suzy o

Good ol’ gal Suzy O

Good Ol' boy Merle

Good Ol’ boy Murl


10 thoughts on “The “People’s Choice” nod-nod wink-wink—Maggie Fleming

  1. I debated posting this comment. I know what MOLA thinks of me. Like many, I am wondering who is behind the Tuluwat Examiner. So a bit hesitant to comment but decided, why not?

    I do disagree with most of your posts but we are all entitled to opinions. While I do not agree with the Rex Bohn comment on your latest Fleming post and I do like Chief Mills, I agree with this post. I also liked Garr.

    I am supporting Elan for many of the reasons you pointed out. So whoever is the masked man or woman behind the curtain, hopefully we will be able to respectfully agree or disagree on issues.


  2. John Chiv:

    You know what I think of you? That’s pretty good because I don’t.

    There are things about you to criticize, true. I also know there are things about me to criticize (just look at the threads of the past two days here in the TE).

    I respect you for two reasons: One because you do use your own name; you are behind everything you say. Two because you are there getting the information (most of it anyway) direct from the source; you are not rehashing other blogs and you are not merely re-releasing press releases.

    So there you go. I may say something less than complementary about you every once in a while. Heck, sometimes I’m less than complementary about the TE. I’m sure every once in a while the TE (if not it’s readers) would wish I would shut up. Sometimes I wish I would shut up. Some people know when to shut up but do I know when to shut up? Not me, I never shut up. I just go on and on and on…Hey! Who are you people? Let Go! Awk!……


  3. MOLA points noted. Thank you for the compliments.

    I will work on not being so sensitive and trying to read your thoughts.


  4. You don’t want to read MOLA:42’s thoughts. They ain’t pretty…


  5. With all this lovey-dovey between Mola and Chiv, I’m waiting for yoDa to come in and ruin the mood! My guess is that he/she knew this article hit the nail right on the head and didn’t want to look stupid. 🙂


  6. I only know Chive as the chubby short dude who sits near my family at St. Bernards church


  7. Gdy no one in my church would misspell my name or come to this blog. Maggie knows I go to this church so does Arnie through supporters.

    I niether take offense at short or chubby since I am both but the exact same comment was made by a Maggie supporter on another blog.

    See when you know you are being exposed and have no facts to counter with, you resort to personal comments.

    Maybe instead of paying for cheap graphics, maybe Maggie could hire professional bloggers who act like adults. Would be a better investment.


  8. I like the civil comments. It is much more effective, in the long run, than throwing personal jabs. I do have a hard time taking joda seriously however. Too acidic. Also, some public figures make some very strange decisions, like the people they appoint to the planning commission. But still, civility is the best way to get the point across. Keep on posting everyone.


  9. Troll alert! Hope you’re having fun in junior high today 9:01. Too bad John even felt it needed to respond back to your stupid comment.

    John, thanks for being a good sport.


  10. yoDas’ momma, thank you. Tell your boy or girl to listen to momma!


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