Do we get a side of Jackson with that order of Fleming?

fleming 4 da

Maggie Fleming’s Guiding Principals

    The professional conduct and effort of employees of the District Attorney’s Office will reflect the fact that serving the public of Humboldt County is a privilege.

    All involved in the criminal justice system will be treated with professionalism and respect.

    Cases will be consistently and fairly evaluated; well-organized and complete case files will be maintained.

    The negotiation of cases with defense attorneys will be founded on knowledge of the facts, knowledge of the law, and knowledge of sentencing options; open lines of communication with defense attorneys will be maintained.

    High-quality mentoring for less-experienced prosecutors will be provided.

    A professional, respectful working environment will be maintained.

    Attorneys who can follow the prosecutor’s duty to seek justice will be recruited and retained.

That sounds like just what Humboldt County needs. These Guiding Principles and some big name endorsements is probably why Fleming is seen in most quarters as the front runner.

The selling point being spread around, by her more conservative supporters (not the campaign, so we are told) to convince other conservative voters is; if Fleming is elected she will bring in former candidate for DA Allison Jackson as an Assistant DA.

This rumor coupled with a recent sighting of Local “eccentric” Attorney Kathleen Bryson accompanying Fleming going door to door in Eureka, has some supporters saying, “huh?’

Anyone out there care to enlighten the Examiner and our readers on this?


15 thoughts on “Do we get a side of Jackson with that order of Fleming?

  1. What’s eccentric about Kathleen Bryson?


  2. Maggie comes with two sides, Jackson and Andrew Isaacs. Maybe for dessert we’ll see Dikeman to complete the hat trick and bring us back to 2000. All we need is Hurwitz and a firing up the nuclear plant and the good ‘ole times will role again.


  3. I think that is a nice way of saying that I am “crazy,” but with money. LOL

    And no, no side of Jackson. Maggie will work with and mentor those who are already there, get in more high quality staff, retain those staff, get in grants, and generally run the place properly…at long last.

    Unlike some of her predecessors, Maggie can get along with people whether they are “eccentric” or not. Good night


  4. Tulu, you are getting soft with the above response. I like you better with an edge.

    Ms. Bryson, you do realize that this is not 2010. And it is Maggie Fleming who is running for DA, not you. Maybe as a supporter, you need to step away from the spotlight you clearly crave.


  5. how about this “edge” saywhat, attack Bryson using your real name you fucking wimp. And before you cry “hypocrite”, I am only using a webname, as long as you do. I will not, will NOT attack someone by name like you lame ass wannabe’s without using my real name.

    Course that includes wannabe Heraldo, the new TuluJoshDrayton, who for some reason doesn’t come out and use his real name.


  6. yoDa 9:02:

    You sound like you want to meet the Saywhat? behind the gym.

    But I have to hand it to you… what you are saying is “edgy.” But perhaps this form of “edgy” is more appropriate for Junior High School.


  7. Yoda, what makes you think Tulu is Josh Drayton? And why are you attacking Josh? or Heraldo? Jealous that you did not have their zeal to expose the truth.

    What are you one of Bryson’s groupies? You can join the rest when she dumps your ass after she is done using you as a client or friend. All that flirty smile does not mean anything. I can use whatever name I want, even anonymous, especially now that I know it bothers you.

    Maybe YODA the force is not with you anymore.

    MOLA, I like your style.


  8. And how would I know who the fark Saywhat was, without his or her real name? Like I said, use your real name if you are going to attack people…and no, MOLA and Saywhat, or yoDa for that matter are not real names.

    The both of you only give credence to the greater internet fuckwad theory (look it up) along with TuluJoshDrayton.


  9. yoDa:

    Aw shucks, last week TE was Chet Albin. Now TE is this Josh Drayton character. I wish the TE would just make up it’s mind who it wants to be.

    Keep vigilant yoDa; we’re counting on you.


  10. OMG………..this is almost as bad as the old Humboldt Herald and Humboldt Mirror crap.


  11. The last thing we need is throwback to Farmer. Virtually everything I’ve heard from her supporters and Flemming herself is that she is taking us back to the good old days. The good old days of corruption and influence. If she is already using the Good Ol Boy network to get sign rules changed in Fortuna, one can only imagine what lies ahead if she is elected. Don’t believe for a second she didn’t know what her buddies were doing down there for her. Otherwise, why would she have oversized signs down there a full 2 months ahead of time.


  12. I think that’s a little over the top “Tames”. I’m troubled by her alliance with the good old boys, but that’s what you have to do to get elected around here. What are her policies and positions you disagree with?


  13. It’s not about policies. All of the candidates are basically saying the same thing as far as policies, though I like Firpo’s stance on individual liberties and civil rights. As for needing to have good ol boys to get elected, that may be true. But that shouldn’t change who we support. Fleming stood up up for Downey’s midnight releases within days of his endorsement of her. It’s those kind of paybacks that we don’t need. It’s not over the top to be concerned about Farmer style corruption in the DA’s office.


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