Town Downer Fix-up? No really! This time he means it.

Well, you got to hand it to Virginia and Matt, they’re pretty darn good with that hose, on political Downer sign

First, signing up the Westside’s malcontent pit bull and rebel leader, Sylvia Scott, to head the neighborhood group. This is a very smart strategic move. This will keep Scott and her cohorts subdued, at least through the election cycle.

Next, getting the neighbors of County Planning Commissioner Kevin McKenny, owner of the blighted Downtowner Motel in Eureka, to sit and meet with him last week.
As a result of the meeting, McKenny has cleaned up some of the debris around the motel, (as reported in the Examiner) and said he plans to do more work in the parking lot.

Eureka City Councilman Mike Newman, who attended the meeting along with Councilman Chet Albin, said “it was a very productive meeting.” Meaning it took the heat off everyone, for awhile.

McKenny said he is currently “working on an application” to develop the property as U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development housing. Newman said one of the options discussed was a senior complex. ”This is great news, if that is at all possible,” Newman said. “Senior housing is a real necessity for the city’s plans.”

Does the Examiner detect a hint of skepticism in Newman’s statement? If it’s not skepticism, it should be. This it the same carrot McKenny dangled in front of the City of Eureka four years ago, to ward off the property being declared a public nuisance.

Remember, rule number one, of rich developers, risk someone else capital.
Kevin is patient man, he is willing to wait until he gets funding, from somewhere.
Meanwhile the Town Downer will sit there, like the Balloon Track, subtly enhancing the esthetics of Eureka.


12 thoughts on “Town Downer Fix-up? No really! This time he means it.

  1. Leave it to the Tuluwat to take what groups invested in ridding this eyesore, namely the neighbors, who see it as a positive productive step, and turn it into a negative.

    Looks like the new Heraldo is back in time for elections. Hopefully you are just as effective as you were last go round.


  2. I say that we owe a big thank you to Virginia Bass. If she hadn’t put this slumlord on the Planning Commission, then the neighbors would still be complaining about this derelict landlord without any results. Maybe if she appoints Arkley to a board, we can finally get the balloon tract cleaned up!!!!!


  3. Sounds to me McKinney’s plans are nothing other than weak proposals and brainstroming ideas. The property was likely purchased with the idea it could be flipped to another and now that prop values have dropped he is stuck and doesn’t want to expend any more $$$. He is hoping that another (government) will foot the bill for bringing this up to code so he can cash in on government subsidies, and the neighborhood can go fook itself. More than likley this will turn onto another Broadway style establishment with drug addcits and crazy people wandering about. Slumlord style!!


  4. We will see if the do nothing landlord does anything. He has been pushed before, for years on this property, which has become more of an eye sore. I am not at all convinced that Virginia has caused anything to happen to push Mckenny, by appointing him. Her idea seems poorly thought out. Why elevate the worst landlords to a position of power?That is like Governor Brown putting the worst landlords in the state on a board dealing with property issues. He would be pilloried for such a move. Virginia’s concept of land use issues is is not sound. I think someone should build a pig farm in that open space next to Virginia’s house, and see if that clears her thinking.


  5. I voted for the Marina Center measure, yet no construction. What gives?


  6. “Meanwhile the Town Downer will sit there, like the Balloon Track, subtly enhancing the esthetics of Eureka.”

    Well played, sir, well played. I tip my hat to you!


  7. “Maybe if she appoints Arkley to a board, we can finally get the balloon tract cleaned up!!!!!”



  8. YES, lets get Arkley on board. Maybe he will get into a shoving confrontation with one of the sups he disagrees with. I’ll bet it won’t be Bass..


  9. Throw Mark Lovelace into the mix, and you could have quite a little shovey-slappy fight. Better yet, make it an Arkley-Lovelace cage fight — in a cage at the zoo of course — sell tickets, allow wagering, I bet you could raise a bundle! No more need for Eureka tax dollars. Problem solved!


  10. Matthew and Virginia hand picked the moderator who wouldn’t allow complaints, and hand picked Sylvia Scott to speak for the residents. Then they delivered a feel good story to the TS, who didn’t bother to seek out another voice from the neighborhood.


  11. Thanks SOS. I figured TS story was probably spoon fed to the reporter by Owen. Its hard imagine the REAL neighbors being placated by those weak assurances. Where is Linda Atkins on this? We really need an alternative voice from the City speaking up.


  12. Linda Atkins must be exhausted.

    How about posting some musings and votes cast by Eureka’s latest “democrat” “Chet”?


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