BASS Biffs It Big time

virginiaSince late 2010, Virginia Bass has been helping stack the Planning Commission with unrestricted development proponents Lee Ulansey, Robert Morris, Allan Bongio and most recently Kevin McKenny.  She has helped orchestrate the manipulation of the process, so they could just about gut any reasonable planning guidelines.

Yesterday, Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass finally agreed with the public demand that the Board of Supervisors should take responsibility for this phase of the general plan update. “I’m taking responsibility,” she said, in a clear attempt to short circuit the intense public back lash. “I thought it would work; it didn’t. It was a failed effort.” She was referring to her friend and donor Lee Ulansey’s maneuvering on the Commission.  Those moves included trying to remove trails and protections for open spaces/wetlands from the General Plan.  They were hoping to accomplish their aims without the public noticing.

Bass admitted that process “has been a learning experience.”  Clearly, she has figured out that people are paying attention. Thanks in part to alerts from Supervisor Lovelace, Humboldt Baykeeper, The NEC and Trails Council, lots of concerned citizens have become involved.

The Examiner assumes this will still be fresh in voters minds come the June election, where Chris Kerrigan is challenging Bass for her job.


30 thoughts on “BASS Biffs It Big time

  1. Mea Maxima Culpa
    I’m forgiven now, right?


  2. Those moves included trying to remove trials


  3. “Those moves included trying to remove trials”

    I’m pretty sure your right to a fair trial is guaranteed by the Constitution.


  4. As a voter I am sure to remember this fiasco… LOOK! A shiny thing!

    What was I talking about?


  5. The photo of Bass shows a lot of aging and worry lines. The sup’s job takes its toll by seeing reality directly in the face. That would be the people of the county airing their concerns about her decisions regarding the planning commission. Somebody get her out of this mess. Solution: Chris Kerrigan.


  6. I’m not sure that picture of Bass is really all that fair. I know you are trying to scare people… but really…


  7. Working for the pharmaceutical company did wonders for her. I see the corruption? I just don’t see the pay off? Could someone explain what the payoff is? I’ve always been told to follow the money..Where?


  8. The photo is about on a par with right-wing idiots making fun of people’s names. Not funny, not appropriate, not useful.

    If you want to stand for something, I think that’s great. Do it without behavior you’d criticize in your opponents.

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  9. I would maybe add a little mustache to it for historical context. Other than that, its a video screen capture. Nobody hardly ever looks good in a screen cap. VB will live. We all know she looks great in person.


  10. It always amazes me how she gets a pass from all you guys. She’s has a nice demeanor, but that shouldn’t excuse her cronyism and favoritism. Her recent list of supporters reads like the who’s who of power elite and good old boys in this county. O.H. would be proud.


  11. Let’s just say the use of the picture is mean-spirited and distracts from what you are trying to tell folks.

    But if that is the rep you are working towards then go for it.


  12. A picture is worth… least 72 words on this site. Anyone have a suggestion for a better pic for the story? Based on the typos, and that this picture was copied from the old humboldt herald site, my guess is this blog would like some assistance. Post a link and maybe they’ll change it.


  13. I am just glad she copped to her mistake. What is a planning commission that doesn’t know how to PLAN? A small group of developers that hands the tough decisions back to the sups.


  14. Watchman:

    Perhaps I see things in an over-complicated way…

    I think the BOS (or at least three of its members) wanted to make changes they knew would be unpopular so they sent the GPU to a Planning Commission packed with their cronies and which traditionally is never under close observation by the public. This would be an acceptable alternative to doing unpopular things in a tightly observed BOS session.

    In other words; they tried to get their agenda through without notice and they failed miserably.

    I don’t think Ms. Bass has copped to that. And the only reason she has admitted to anything is because she got caught.

    And the ultimate penalty? A really crappy picture of her in the Tuluwat Examiner. That’ll teach her.


  15. The idea that the were trying to get something changed without anyone noticing it, so therefore they sent it to the Planning Commission, just doesn’t really make sense to me. I’m pretty sure they were well aware that anything this Planning Commission did related to the GPU would be very closely scrutinized. Plus the Board of Supes still has to vote on anything that comes back to them from the PC. Which means anything the PC changed, and then the BOS approved, would get scrutinized and publicly commented on twice. So the idea that they were trying to dodge public scrutiny and public comment just doesn’t really add up.

    But I do think they were wanting to let the PC make some changes, so that the BOS could then point to the PC and say “well, these are the recommendations we have received from the PC, and we’re going to defer to them” So, trying to spread responsibility around a bit, yes. Trying to dodge public scrutiny, no I don’t think so.


  16. Orange Carrot Anonymous:

    All that is being said here is speculation to be true; but I think close to the mark. If you’ve ever seen the typical PC meeting the only seats taken in the room are by a few developers and realtors. The place is one big empty. It’s just not the public sport a BOS meeting can be.

    It was only by an act of extreme hubris on the part of certain members of the PC that did so anger the public that turned their meetings into the media circus they became.

    But if all had gone to plan the BOS would then be voting on changes already done. At this point I think we are in agreement. By not making the alterations their selves the chances would be reasonable those changes would go by without too much notice and if noticed the responsibility could be placed elsewhere.

    But perhaps we should all think on this, search our souls so to speak. This all could just be an honest misunderstanding and the BOS are guilty of nothing more than procedural misguidance. Perhaps we are being a bit too cruel to the three board members who put all of this in motion…



  17. What a joke to be lectured by “Mitch” after he admittedly censored posts he didn’t agree with just before readers sadly abandoned The Humboldt Herald and it collapsed.

    Humboldt County residents be warned:

    “We legally devastated your ancient forests, water systems and water-dependent biodiversity, including the salmon…we developed big remote subdivisions far beyond infrastructure capacity, safe streets, affordable housing, and could care less about the moratoriums, no political opposition has EVER or will EVER enjoy a controlling majority on ANY elected or appointed office, outside Arcata, and you are NOT allowed to caricature any of the developer-funded hacks working to continue Humboldt’s political legacy.” (The Shot Callers).


  18. Oh I fondly remember the photo in the Avalon bar that had Virginia, Sherry Arkley etc. The Old Town female republican glee club.. Must have been tuff for Virginia as a Democrat to be in a picture.


  19. TE staff please don’t ever leave Mitch in charge of your site.
    Thank you


  20. Virginia’s a really nice person, but she’s completely out of her league. She might do the right thing if the meanies with the money would stop pressuring her, but we’ll probably never find out.


  21. Were the TE staff to offer me $100,000 per week to deal with their blog, I would respectfully decline. That’s how much I don’t like you.


  22. Oh, They knew what they were doing. Look at the giant hand out for Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights. While all this is going on..You cant put one of these together in a day. These people are not sending emails they are having conversations while having paid for dinners, at places like the defunct Avalon. Robbie’s girlfriend owned.


  23. ZAGREB (Reuters) – Croatia’s second largest city of Split will close its zoo, described by foreign tourists as the ‘worst in the world’, its deputy mayor said on Thursday.

    “We have told the zoo manager to start preparations and draft a program to relocate all animals,” Goran Kovacevic was cited as saying by the national news agency Hina.

    Monkeys will be sent to Germany while a solution for a 14-year old tiger is still being considered, he said.

    Earlier this week, the wide-selling Jutarnji List published a story about small, dirty cages and poor conditions in the zoo, which have appalled visitors reviewing the zoo on the web site

    “This zoo is an utter disgrace. I do not get how it is still open … All in all, a terrible experience,” one visitor wrote on the website. Another simply said: “C’est monstreux” (It is monstrous).

    The zoo, located on Mt. Marjan overlooking Split’s picturesque harbor, has long had a bad reputation. Local animal rights activists, united in the Marjan civic group, had tried for years to have it closed.

    “Bears live in a small concrete enclosure. Until recently there were five wolves in a cage and they had so little room that they constantly attacked one another,” Marian’s leader, Srdjan Marinic, told the Jutarnji List daily on Thursday.

    The zoo site will be transformed into a recreational park with domestic animals, a kids’ playground and a botanic garden, deputy mayor Kovacevic said.

    The southern Adriatic city attracts thousands of foreign tourists every summer, thanks to its rich Roman-era heritage and proximity to popular islands.


  24. Is this a suggestion to send both the BOS and PC to Croatia?


  25. its a suggestion to close the antiquated Eureka Zoo.

    Its a playground now for the good ole boys and girls.


  26. Green Rude Sandwich Annonymou:

    Do we really have to go after the Zoo as a “good ole boys and girls” plot against the citizens of Eureka?

    Really, I like the Zoo. The depiction of the Zoo in Zagred did indeed compare unfavorably as the Eureka Zoo did when I was a kid (a loooong time ago) but has improved considerably since.

    I think it’s amazing that a town (and region) our size is able to accomplish this. I can think of a million projects (okay, perhaps a dozen or two) more worthy of scorn than the zoo.

    Out of curiosity… just how much of the zoo’s funding comes from the city and how much from private and public donations? Perhaps a really nasty piece of number hashing can change my feelings about the zoo.


  27. Gosh my spelling has gone to the dogs todah:

    The real words are: AnonymouS and ZagreB. I’m sure those playing along as home can spot more.


  28. Don’t be fooled.

    Mitch would love to “deal with the TE blog” without pay and relieve his impulsive generation and elimination of detractors.

    It’s on his resume:

    “Bloginator, headhunted by the best blog in the county that was no match for my skills. 12 months experience”.


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