Kerrigan excites his supporters, Owen lurks

chris k 2

Yesterday Chris Kerrigan announced, to the loud cheers of an enthusiastic group of his supporters, that he had filed the paperwork to run for the 4th District Supervisor.

“Four years ago, Virginia Bass ran for this office on the position of passing the general plan,” Kerrigan pointed out “Due to her actions on the Board of Supervisors, we’re further away today than we were four years ago.”

Let’s look back, four years ago:

Humboldt Herald Post May 13, 2010:

(While Bass is quick to criticize incumbent Bonnie Neely for the long process to update the Humboldt County General Plan, Bass admits she hasn’t taken any of this objectionable time to study even the most controversial aspect — land use for Ag and Timber land.

“I haven’t really thought in detail about that,” she told the Journal. And why should she?  The developer interests who have padded her campaign war chest will tell her how to vote. No sense reading and attending meetings with so many willing string-pullers at your side.  At last report HumCPR chairman Lee Ulansey had donated $1,500 to her campaign for supervisor.

As noted earlier by the Humboldt Herald, Ulansey also donated office space for Bass’ 2006 Mayoral campaign worth $4,500. She thanked him by attempting to appoint him to the Eureka Planning Commission.)

While Bass and her supporters claimed to want to speed up the General Plan, they’re real intention has been to kill it, carrying out the agenda of her financial supporters;

The Developers, Speculators, Realtors and Big Land Owners. Let’s not forget, the old Arkley front group, HELP.

mathew owens 1

Meanwhile lurking in the street, on the periphery, is the husband of Virginia Bass, Eureka “spin doctor”, an “Karl Rove wanna be” Mathew Owen.

“It’s kinda creepy” said several of the female college students listening to Chris, at his rally.

owens 3

This has become Owens Style over the years, staying in the back ground of campaigns and stalking opponents. He and his cadre infiltrated the HDCC a few years back, driving many real democrats out.

Owens like it or not, has been a factor in local elections since getting his wife elected Mayor in 2006.

The Examiner recommends; next time you see this guy lurking, call him out!


12 thoughts on “Kerrigan excites his supporters, Owen lurks

  1. The one constant I have noticed about these posts—you could use an editor.


  2. I drove by the event and saw that guy out there milling around. That dork reminds me of the chair of the young republicans club at my high school in Orange County.


  3. Owens must be one of the “leaders” of the multitude of local “minions” mentioned in earlier comments. At least he thinks he is.

    Chris will find a lot of support from Farmers, ranchers, and timber interests, who want to keep Ag land out of the hands of developers. Although they can’t vote for Chris directly, They can help in many other ways to get him elected, and will.


  4. ““It’s kinda creepy” said several of the female college students listening to Chris, at his rally”

    Wow, did they all say it in unison? Or did they all just happen to say the exact same thing one right after another, totally unprompted?

    I find that a lot more creepy than a supporter of one candidate observing the campaign event of another candidate, which is, you know, pretty unsurprising and innocuous behavior.


  5. It was a public event. If you only want your supporters there, you have to hold a private, by-invitation-only event.

    So far, the Tuluwat Examiner appears to be Heraldo’s half-wit cousin. Same obsessions, half the wit. And at least H knew how to write.


  6. The headline should be corrected “is to his”


  7. Hey TE looks like you tweaked Owen – 9:00 & 9:05


  8. Matt is a real political low life weasel . If his wife Virginia, Rex , Marion etc have to lie about their political party then we should believe anything else they say period!! Funny as “democrats” how the republicans still back them. I would love to see Matt hooked up to a lie detector and just asked simple political questions. Matt bemoans the large money yet he spends so much time working the political backroom deals. .. Matt learn to do politics from the light of day…..


  9. The General Plan has undergone a bassectomy and the operation has proved to be unsuccessful. Time to boot her for malpractice.


  10. Mattie is creepy..Talk to him, he oozes dis-trust and improper conduct. When I talk to him he makes my skin crawl. Smoke and mirrors just like changing parties, Just to win elections and gain what little power he can from doing nothing, but trying to intimidate people.


  11. Richard Marks (who was in Bass’s booth at Arts Alive!) was lurking on the other side of the steps by Harris.


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