Baykeeper: Tell the Supervisors to protect streams and wetlands!


March 10: Tell the Supervisors to protect streams and wetlands!

In recent weeks, the County Planning Commission re-reviewed the Conservation & Open Space Element, significantly weakening protections for streams and wetlands, trails, community forests, and open space. (They ran out of time before discussing the billboard policies that were the subject of our recent action alert.)

On March 10 at 1:30, the County General Plan Update goes back to the Board of Supervisors. Tell the Supervisors we need better protections for streams and wetlands for recovery our imperiled fisheries. We also need to send a strong message that trails and community forests are important to our quality of life throughout Humboldt County.

For more on what’s at stake, read Dave Meserve’s op-ed from Sunday’s Times-Standard: Spooky goings on with the county Planning Commission

Come to the hearing March 10 at 1:30, or let you Supervisors know what you think via phone or email:

Rex Bohn, District 1:  476-2391

Estelle Fennell, District 2: 476-2392

Mark Lovelace, District 3: 476-2393

Virginia Bass, District 4:  476-2394

Ryan Sundberg, District 5: 476-2395

To submit a comment on the General Plan Update, email Michael Richardson at


One thought on “Baykeeper: Tell the Supervisors to protect streams and wetlands!

  1. Also, don’t forget to show your appreciation forSupervisors Bass and Sundberg by offering them a chance to take an extended vacation this June. They deserve it!

    Also, if you are going to write, please request the GPU meetings be after hours so the real public can participate. (Ie not only the public as defined by those whose business interests allow them the luxury of “volunteering their time during regular business hours.)

    Thanks Examiner staff members for staying on top of this!


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