Billboards have rights now?

The Examiner thinks they have the right to lay face down in the dirt!

billboard comic large

billboard down 3billboard down 4billboard down 2 billboard down 5billboard down 1billboard killer

Headwaters Economics report says;
Visitation, tourism, and jobs related to nearby public lands annually contribute billions to regional economies while creating hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs. The economic benefits extend far beyond tourism. In today’s economy, the greatest value of natural amenities and recreation opportunities often lies in the land’s ability to attract and retain people, entrepreneurs, their businesses, and the growing number of retirees who locate for quality of life reasons.


7 thoughts on “Billboards have rights now?

  1. I can’t believe it’s even an issue.
    How can anyone drive past the dead signs and not see how beautifully improved the view is?
    If you love money and advertising, go enjoy a strip mall.
    If you love your country, Mr. Commissioner, tear down that billboard!


  2. I still don’t quite understand what the heck is going on with the billboards. They’re ugly, and half of them appear to actually be in the water when the tide’s up. Why the heck are the still there?


  3. Money doesn’t talk, it swears.


  4. This is a good one for the file entitled “the crime is what’s legal.” Interfere with a neighbor’s enjoyment of their property and you can be sued as a public nuisance. Interfere with an entire community’s enjoyment of the commons and you are an entrepreneur. Run your lawnmower early in the morning and someone will call the cops because you are a pest; run a jet engine over a city at the same hour and you are a titan of commerce.

    I think the billboard fight is Humboldt’s property rights fight in a nutshell. When a bunch of developers put their pawns and Pinkertons into office, they’ll legislate things to make crimes against the county’s residents perfectly legal.

    It makes one wonder.


  5. Meanwhile Fortucky is fighting to keep them up, for elections at least


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