Is justice blind? not in this town!

lady justice

The Watch(Paul)Salzman Blog and Wordsworth Blog have a long description of multi-time loser Shiloh Case and his repeat offenses. After outlining his many repeat offenses they launch an editorial which is excerpted here:

“……… I do think that realignment has affected crime and consequences, Humboldt County had an issue before that. These repeat offenders know every way to scam the system, they beg and plead this time they have learned their lesson, now they will seek therapy, and they will never, again commit a crime.

And attorneys file papers, the alleged criminal doesn’t like the result, he/she hires another attorney. The system is set up for these scammers. I could go research the many cases Shiloh Chase and others I recognize have had in the court system for even just the past 5 years.

I am all for constitutional rights and due process but how many times do you have to be arrested and not just for alleged non-violent crimes or petty theft and with drugs? Again, the above questions are not  all for situations involving Chase.

How many times do you have to get away scott-free and have the money to hire a private attorney each time before it’s enough and you actually have to pay for your crimes?

Ordinary citizens don’t have the resources and cash to fight so many cases. Does there come a time when you are all out of “get out of jail cards?”

Not in Humboldt. We have people who just love to coddle criminals while they run around hurting others, impregnating women, all in the name of rights, and therapy and  if he/she just did not have a bad childhood enablers.”

The Examiner admits some of what they say, maybe true, but the very important part they left out is the Mr. Shiloh John Chase is well connected. That’s right, this offender, which they’re justifiably ranting about, is connected to one of the darlings of the right wing in this town.

This a lawyer who defended Douglas and Zanotti in the Murder of Cheri Lynn Moore. She defended the City of Eureka for the unlawful and tortuous use of pepper spray on protesters.  She also represented the city in the Martin Cotton civil lawsuit. She’s a lawyer that routinely represents the City of Eureka, the County of Humboldt and just about every municipal entity, timber company and medical facility in the Redwood Empire.

That’s right Mr. Shiloh John Chase of Eureka is related to Nancy Delaney specifically, that’s NANCY K. DELANEY, of Mitchell, Brisso, Delaney & Vrieze   “a law firm rated AV (“Preeminent”) by Martindale-Hubbel and has established roots in the northern California community dating back to 1915.” This firm also lists Russell S. Gans as one of their attorneys.  He’s the brother of Randy Gans, the local enforcer for Rob Arkley.

So what the Examiner asks is this, how this guy is always, back on the street?  In fact, with all the connections to judges, district attorneys and other well connected political officials, is the revolving door being propelled by these relationships?

It would be right in line with everything else we see here locally.


6 thoughts on “Is justice blind? not in this town!

  1. I always love watching Mitchell, Brisso, Delaney & Vrieze get their ass handed to them by Bill Bragg


  2. Great post. You somehow make this losers actions the fault of Arkley. Keep wrapping the foil around your head.


  3. Ms. Delaney is very formitable, I’m sure not too many wanna mess with her.
    What! that thugish Randy Gans has a lawyer brother. He must be adopted.


  4. nod nod wink wink it’s all good Auntie Nancy is gonna fix it


  5. They also represent HSU in its ongoing plethora of wrongful termination cases.

    I wonder how Chase is related to Delaney?


  6. What Mr. Chiv also fails to mention is the number of times Mr. Chase has actually been to prison, how many years he’s done? Yes he’s a piece of trash, but Chiv is no better


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