Chief Mills, New Direction?????

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In a recent post by the Northcoast Journal, the Eureka Police Chief laid out his plans for “overhauling the department”.  In the article, he stated he was going to split the city in half and appoint Lt. Zanotti and Lt. Johnson as “acting captains”, each having command over half of the city.  “The goal, Mills said, is also to make his department’s commanders more accountable.”  Apparently, he believes that promoting the old school heavy handed cops at EPD is the way to move forward.  Even more concerning, Zanotti was the commander in charge of the SWAT Team that murdered Cheri Moore.  Zanotti was indicted for manslaughter, but faced no consequences. A Promotion and pay increases for bad cops seems like kind of a weird way to implement more accountability among his “commanders”.

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Mills was also quoted as saying that the low staffing problem at the department was due to the poor treatment of officers at EPD.  Funny, if officers and supervisors are treating other officers poorly, the examiner wonders how well they treat the public?  The answer is pretty clear.  Eureka cops have quite a track record of being “tough” and treating the public like shit. When and how will that change? Somehow Mills expects cops to get better even though he promotes some of the worst offenders in the department.

Mills talks a good game about shaking things in the police department.   It seems that having prayer breakfasts, not dealing with the ‘Old Guard’ problem cops and promoting bad apples is his way of handling the long term institutional problems in his department.  Jager must be proud.  Only time will tell how well that works, but don’t hold your breath.


15 thoughts on “Chief Mills, New Direction?????

  1. The old guard is so entrenched at EPD It seems like we’d just have to fire everybody and start over.


  2. Thanks for another Libtard post. You guys must have a handbook that says BASH THE POLICE no matter how well they’re doing. Thanks for nothing.


  3. Reality Check needs to check his/her self. Building a functioning Police dept. is just common sense. I think Mills is trying play with the hand he was dealt. I would ask for new cards.


  4. All Mr. Mills would need to do is look at what happened to Chief Garr Nelson (Sp?) when he tried to reform the department. He was cast out on his ear to the sound of hooting and sneering from the Police Department he tried to fix.

    Lesson learned.


  5. I don’t think Chief Garr ever realized how many of his supposed allies were playing both sides.


  6. Garrfish bet on the wrong horses and got sent packing. We have a conservative council, and a conservative chief. Get over it already.


  7. I’m not sure I buy Mills as a conservative. He’s certainly very religious and seems to be favoring the good ol’ boys, but I’ve looked into his time in San Diego. He made some very progressive moves down there.


  8. Repete

    ‘Religious, good ol boy progressive’? Sounds good. He should fit right in with the Jager, Bass, Newman, Brady, ect. ‘progressives’ in this county. Quite the political machine they’ve built up with their lies. Matthew Owen should be proud! Way to go Mills, you’ve already convinced re:pete of your progressive creds. Keep up the talk and you should do just fine.


  9. Hey Okay???
    I’m not saying he progressive, I merely said he did some progressive things at his last job. It’s too soon to tell.
    I see today he already changed his mind about crime related press releases
    as this post says time will tell


  10. So what were the progressive changes Mills is credited with while in San Diego?


  11. Sorry to break it to you commenters, but Police Officers are generally pretty conservative. I don’t care if you go to LA or New York or San Fran. What you keep harping on as “progressive” or “liberal” in Police Chiefs is just political speak for being a modern cop. Mills is bringing EPD into this century, that doesn’t mean he fits within your liberal box. He’s upsetting the applecart at the PD, and that should make you happy. The changes he’s bringing are modern, realistic and uncomfortable for some. Keep up the good work.

    Garr was a politician, not a cop. Get over it already.


  12. Garr broke up the overtime award scam taking place for decades and he started wearing a bullet proof vest to work.

    Nearly every corrupt police force was broken from the inside by cops with a conscience.


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  14. How much you bet he gets the good part of the city. Atleast we know why he isnt releasing data. So let me get this straight we are short handed of police officers because of no money. but now we have enough money to higher twice as many higher ranked officers. You can higher 3 officers for the price of the a chief. so we must be going to lose some more officer and just have a few high priced chiefs. Anyone ever heard the exspression, to many chiefs not enough indians? Atleast we know this before elections. vote out he good ole boys and start fresh. dont vote for anyone who agreed to adopt a new policy we cant afford which will leave us worse off then before the new chief. And reality check could you please list 5 things the chief has done that warrented you saying “keep up the good work” If he released the data on daily crime in eureka then maybe you would know it is worst now then 2 months ago. but atleast he did take a day touring san quiton couple weeks ago. not sure what that tour did for the eureakans who pay to take care of eureka but hey atleast he spent some of that money he says we dont have to hire more cops touring a prison when he has nothing to do with the prison. As long as mills is the chief of the poor district and not the rich side of eureka then we will know he wants to help not just create a easy jobs forself. If we have 2 chiefs then they both get paid half of what 1 chiefs gets, because they are doing half the work


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