The Town Downer Part 2

down tower

On Febuary 16th we asked; “Where is the community outrage over “DINO” Virginia Bass’s appointment of a blatant slum lord to the Planning commission? For nine years he’s been promising to clean up the blight. Nine years of stalling and broken promises. Meanwhile the neighborhood suffers.”

Read this great piece from Ryan Burns in LOCO:

After reading this story and the ones about the “run amok Planning Commission” we are compelled to ask,  “Should appointments of Ulansey and Mckenny to the Planning Commission and the hiring of Kevin Hamblin, disqualify Bass for a second term?”

These appointments should be very revealing to people who tend to believe in, the Mathew Owens contrived, warm and personable, centrist persona.

Virginia’s actions tell a very different story. The appointment of her friend Lee Ulansey has almost single handedly train wrecked the GPU process. There’s her old buddy Kevin Hamblin that she helped get in as head of the Planning dept. Now she appoints “slumlord’ Kevin Mckenny. Does anybody still think she’s a centrist?


One thought on “The Town Downer Part 2

  1. It was painful to watch the Planning Commission on TV last night. In today’s Times Standard headline it says “Planning Commission looks for guidance.” They had fish and game etc. in front of them speaking during public comment. Lee U did not care what they seemed to say. WE don’t have a planning commission right now but we do have Hum CPR seated and acting as a planning commission. This is an absolute sham we have going on right now. The Board of Supervisors who appointed this mess needs to be held accountable for their total lack of judgement.


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