Local Residents plea for change, Officials respond with excuses

Yesterday there was forum to discuss the growing Public Safety concerns and jail release policies, after reviewing the media coverage and interviewing people who attended, the Examiner has concluded that it was full of excuses and evasiveness and lacking any real solutions. The forum participants were, a who’s who of Local officials, connected to the issues. That’s why it’s especially disappointing to hear that a “can’t do” attitude prevailed.

The panel was Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, DHHS Director Phil Crandall, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills, Sheriff Mike Downey, Undersheriff Bill Honsal , County Jail Commander Captain Ed Wilkinson, State Probation Agent Alexander Purvis and Public Defender Kevin Robinson.

Collectively they said “it’s not our fault” and blamed the situation on funding, manpower, State Laws and Constitutional rights. None of them tried to cut through excuses and offer any potential real world solutions. The conclusion reach by many in attendance, nothing is going to change and the community remains at risk.

Looks to us like, it’s up the citizens, to demand change from the Supervisors.

(image from Grant Scott-Goforth on Journal website)



2 thoughts on “Local Residents plea for change, Officials respond with excuses

  1. The people already spoke when they elected the Sheriff, the DA, the Supervisors and the City Council. They got exactly what they wanted – look at the EPD Chief of Police. Demanding “change” from the Supervisors is proven to be a total waste of time. They already heard what you had to say.


  2. I have watched these officials, except Mills, for many years. They haven’t done anything in twenty years, why expect something now. I have attended so many of these meetings for the public, I should have a chair named after me when I’m gone. They are politely condescending and have no intention of doing anything that might better public safety. Thanks for the updates anyway, TE. Keep your eye on the hen house for us.


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