Brown Act? We don’t need your stinking Brown Act!

As reported by the Times-Standard, Eureka is choosing the next City Manager with help from a Secret Panel reminiscent of the type of transparency citizens of North Korea might see from their leaders.

“There’s people that represent all different aspects of our community,” “Whether it’s public servants or people running nonprofits or people running a construction business. Everybody got to choose different people.” The, always sharp, Councilmember Marian Brady said, while figuratively extending her long middle figure at the Open Meeting Act, State Law.

“The decision was made in closed session during candidate interviews earlier this month….at that time … we decided what we would do and how we would do it,” The always transparent ,by accident, Councilmember Mike Newman revealed.
Council members and City Clerk Pam Powell declined to release the names of the secret panel, saying it was a “personnel matter.” (Apparently the City must have hired its mystery panelists.) Powell said the “panelists could be pressured to rally for a particular finalist and the city doesn’t want to jeopardize the candidates’ chances of having a fair interview process.” This is the same City of Eureka, whose City Attorney, obviously in the name of fairness, recently violated the rights of the falsely accused Police Sergeant, by releasing his compelled statement to the public.

That honest broker of fairness Mayor Frank Jager said Friday that he believes the names should be made public, but (oops) he didn’t have the full list with him. Eureka’s (brilliant) “City Attorney Cyndy Day-Wilson was present for the Feb. 3 meeting”. “She raised no objections to the discussion or the decision to form a panel.” Jager said.

“The professional panel” (which is certainly immune from public pressure while completely open to special interest pressure), “which will also meet with the candidates, includes local city managers, Humboldt County Administrative Officer Philip Smith-Hanes and former Eureka City Manager” (completely above reproach) “David Tyson.” Newman said. After the panelists are finished asking questions, they will provide the council with feedback.

Finally in characteristically Zen observation, Brady bunch leader, Marion Brady mused”, If a firm decision is made or if there’s further research, I don’t know,”


8 thoughts on “Brown Act? We don’t need your stinking Brown Act!

  1. Come on, Examiner. It’s not like this process is about hiring the most powerful Executive position in the City. On top of that, even if there were developers or other business owners on the secret panel, it’s not like they might benefit from city contracts, streamlined permits, or friendly Municipal Code language!


  2. Is the City Attorney even remotely acquainted with California State Law? Doesn’t Idaho have Open meeting requirements?
    I guess Arkley just wanted her for Balloon Tract matters, not the actual running of the city.


  3. Dear Eureka City Council,
    In your search for city manager, I’ll tell you where to go
    For free!


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  5. Has no one filed a formal complaint, or a Public Records Act request?

    They will probably make their selection by then, but there needs to be a formal history of what appears to be a legacy of corruption.


  6. UPDATE:
    Lorna Rodriguez


    The city of Eureka on Monday released who was selected to serve on a commu­nity panel that will be interviewing city manager candidates during a closed session meeting on Wednesday, after initially declining the Times-Standard’s request for the names.

    “That was just an unfortunate set of circumstances,” Mayor Frank Jager said. “There’s no reason why the names couldn’t have been released.

    “I had no problems with the release of them,” Jager added. “If I’d had that list with me, I would have released them. It was just a matter of timing.”

    Kurt Kramer, Heidi Benzonelli, Dale Maples, J Warren Hockaday, Jack Crider and Lorene Dunaway will serve on the community panel, according to the city. A professional panel, including former Eureka City Manager David Tyson, County Administrative Officer Philip Smith-Hanes, along with local city managers Karen Suiker, Randy Mendosa, Regan Candelario, Jack Parrish, and Jim Test will also meet with the candidates.

    A First Amendment expert inter­viewed for a Saturday Times-Standard article said he believes the council vio­lated the state’s opening meeting law — known as the Brown Act — by forming the community panel without notifying the public, and then declining to release the names despite specifying the members of the professional panel.

    The Times-Standard filed a public re­cords act request for the names on Friday.


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