Dangerous, Toxic Load on our Streets

Lots of folk get worked up over the amount of (what appears to them to be) homeless. Many of the people identified as visibly houseless, actually have some place they reside. Most of these places are one step up from the dumpster in the alley. The plethora of sub-standard housing, flop houses and motel rooms by the month, have created a reservoir of parolees and sex offenders unmatched by any town of this size in the state.
This week’s all too familiar example;
Authorities announced the weekend arrest of a 26-year-old Eureka man suspected of annoying two teen girls staying at a Eureka motel. The suspect was spotted in a gas station parking lot at the corner of Fourth and V streets, according to the release. The responding officer recognized the suspect from prior law enforcement contacts and noticed he exhibited symptoms consistent with being under the influence of methamphetamine, according to the release. The Suspect was on summary probation for nine offenses, including annoying or molesting a child under 18 and failure to register as a sex offender.
In this community, the Slumlord, is an exalted member of the powers that be, a paragon of the free enterprise system. They sit on our Boards, Commissions and behind Bench (see Town Downer post) and they are big campaign donors. Most importantly they are the main contributor to the very high crime rate.
This town just doesn’t want to own up to the real causes, it’s easier to rail against faceless “houseless people” then go after the slumlord elite.
The new Police Chief can divide the town to two beats if he wants, but it seems to us, without ever addressing the real problems, it’s just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.


4 thoughts on “Dangerous, Toxic Load on our Streets

  1. I love your new blog but the white-on-black print is awfully hard to read.


  2. Judging from the new home page the white copy on a black background has been fixed. Thanks!
    The slum lord problem in Eureka has a great deal to do with with the city’s crime stats. For its size, Eureka is very high on those stats. The county and the city have ignore one of the real issues for a long as I can remember. Law suits have been filled over time but to no affect. The slum houses are where many of the the real criminals end up. They make life miserable for low income residents just trying to get along. Slum lords are the enablers. They control one of the key ingredients causing the problem. The city and the county round out the triad. Apply the pressure to the three king pins and real change will happen.


  3. Another point about easy reading: please put spaces between your paragraphs. Giant blocks of text are a blogger’s enemy.


  4. Thanks for this perspective. We don’t hear it enough and it’s true. At the “safety meeting” in Eureka a month or so ago I think Chief Mills slipped a couple of times and instead of referring to suspects as “who’s” he referred to them as “what’s” as, I think, the code they were charged with infracting, or whatever.

    I think it’s human nature to de-humanize and attribute what we find unacceptable or problematic to others – the disenfranchised make an easy target as a scapegoat.


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