Marina Center dream/nightmare goes out without a whimper


After years of using this Website for boasting and bragging about the new and wonderful Marina Center to come. Robin P. Arkley has quietly shut it down. Click on the link now, and you are directed to Security National Master Holding Co. LLC

Some time line highlights & lowlights;

2001    The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board issues an order claiming that pollution at the Balloon Track may pose a threat to Humboldt Bay water quality.

2003    The Headwaters Fund Board approves a $45,000 grant to the City of Eureka for a comprehensive study that would look at all available options for Balloon Track development, with the aim of establishing a “master plan” for the site.

2004    With very little warning a majority of the City Council votes to send the Headwaters Grant money back to the county and abandon its plan to develop a master plan for the Balloon Track. Later, several council members admit the Arkleys were interested in the parcel and did not want the master plan process to proceed.

2005 A local group called Citizens for Real Economic Growth (CREG) is formed to try and work with government agencies to get Union Pacific to clean up the site. Hosting a series of public workshops called “Imagine the Possibilities” they explored what could happen on a cleaned up, publicly zone property.

2005 Humboldt Baykeeper paid for testing of the site and established that it would need extensive clean up. Baykeeper files lawsuit against Union Pacific claiming Clean Water Act violations.

2006 Robin Arkley arrogantly ignores the Public’s wishes for the site and warnings form Baykeeper of the cost and extent of toxic cleanup needed.  Using a shell corporation named CUE VI he purchases the Balloon Track anyway.

DEIR is finally released in 2008

2009 marina center goes before coastal commission

Arkley, through Pacific Legal Foundation, sues over Costal Commission jurisdiction. They lost.

EIR final is release in 2010; EPIC and Baykeeper sue over CEQA compliance. Case is in limbo

Arkley and his developer allies form a consortium to fund Measure N and defeat any candidate that doesn’t favor unmitigated development.

This brought an election sweep by pro Marina Center Candidates, lots of boasts and promises, then lots of silence.

To date there has been no effort to clean up the site, which still leaching into the Bay. Unpaid bills remain to State and local agencies. No attempt has been made to satisfy the Coastal commission.



13 thoughts on “Marina Center dream/nightmare goes out without a whimper

  1. Does this mean I can throw out my “Cleanup-no cover up” bumper stickers?


  2. I remember that campaign year. Marina Center. Prosperity. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Those are just a few of the promises, none of which has come true. Where’s the outrage from the community about these lies! Ahem, I mean ‘broken promises’.


  3. How embarrassing for almost all our city and county reps to be railroaded like this. Don’t forget come Election Day.


  4. Maybe if we elect the same people again we can expect a different outcome. Oh wait, that would be insanity.


  5. Rob should donate the property to his favorite charity, Betty Chin


  6. So Mister Arkley used the Marina Center just to fool the public about jobs and development and get his (HIS) candidates into office then shuts the project down. He also shuts down the Arkley Center removing a major potential Arts venue in the community. I just don’t understand how he does business. Is that the way movers and shakers operate? I guess he failed civics class in high school. I wonder how Virginia Bass feels about his failures after being in his pocket for so many years. I hope he takes his dog and pony show to New Orleans. Bye bye Rob.


  7. Eureka government has never been outside the control of the local development, speculator, finance, Realtor, Chamber, Rotary, religious, right wing.

    The Balloon Tract issue did not change this reality.


  8. When are we going to revisit campaign promises from people like The Brady Bunch and future Mayor in grooming Mike Newman. Safe to say LOCO isn’t going to mention it anytime soon


  9. LOCO has always been Yellow “bleed-lead” Journalism. And now, they’ve killed comments with a gatekeeper enabling Matthew Owen to dump his right wing idiocy unchallenged. I even noticed an ironic post by Ryan Burns 2/14 urging “complainers” to “do something”.

    I agree with Ryan: “There’s no shortage of complainers”, however, local media rarely shares, or follows up on the outrage.

    Every positive social change and the organizations behind them was preceded by mass complaining, mass dispersed by community media.


  10. Thank you for starting this website.


  11. Watchman – Arkley could never keep up with the level of bribery and corruption needed to do business in NO. Big fish/small pond here.


  12. I heard Ol’ Rob was down south trying exploit people recovering from Katrina.
    Doesn’t he own some wanna be southern mansion near Baton Rouge?


  13. web site works fine…maybe it was just for a little while?


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