“Did your pot kill a hawk?”

“Did your pot kill a hawk?” That is the theme of a benefit concert featuring Los Marijuanos, The Camo Cowboys and Blue Sky Pie at the Mateel Community Center this Saturday, February 22. The doors open at 7pm with music starting at 7:30pm. The event is co-sponsored by EPIC, Environmentally Sound Promotions, The Mateel, and KHUM Radio. All are asking the community to come together to stop the use of rodenticide, which has increased at an alarming rate, killing off animals including hawks, eagles, owls, endangered Pacific fishers, household cats and dogs and according to Scientific American, sickening over 10,000 children a year.
Los Marijuanos represent the new breed of Mexican Pro-Pot-Poets. Since 1999, they’ve performed four times at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, five times at the Seattle Hempfest, and more recently at The Emerald Cup in northern California. In fact, Emerald Cup producer Tim Blake will speak at this event, among several others.
With their strong R&B hooks sung by PonyBoy and real life stories of the Barrio, the War on Drugs and the marijuana legalization movement, Los Marijuanos are modern day hemp freedom fighters. Their songs include, “Hemp Can Save the World,” “It’s Time to Get High” and “Smoke It Like That.” They’ve been featured in High Times and Skunk Magazines and are mentioned in Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes.
Southern Humboldt’s own Camo Cowboys are a staple of local radio airplay with their lighthearted rock and rollin’ look at the culture of mom and pop growers. They are currently recording a new CD and will perform many new songs as well as old ones such as “Family Felony,” “Inside or Outside,” and “Medicine Man.”
Opening the night will be Laytonville’s Blue Sky Pie (formerly known as Bugguts) and their political, melodic, upbeat and yet sardonic power folk.

Beer, wine and Mexican food will be served. There is a sliding scale admission at the door with proceeds going for a billboard, yard sign and radio advertising campaign.
More info, Contact: Environmentally Sound Promotions 707/223 3788 or EPIC 707/822-7711
Natalynne DeLapp Development Director
Environmental Protection Information Center–keeping Northwest California wild since 1977


One thought on ““Did your pot kill a hawk?”

  1. I stopped poisoning rats for that very reason. I now dispatch the trouble makers with snap traps or live traps for the bigger ones. There is a way without poison.


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