Scam artist Trump and the Climate disaster will bankrupt the US

Climate crisis disasters are happening at the rate of one a week, the UN has warned. Seen here is the damage left by Cyclone Kenneth in a village north of Pemba, Mozambique: Mike Hutchings/Reuters


For decades Donald Trump has been losing millions and driving normally profitable businesses into the ground. Now, this idiot is poised to do this on an international scale.

Climate- and weather-related events have directly cost the US more than $500 billion over the past five years, according to a Federal Reserve official.

In addition to causing damage to natural resources and infrastructure, the Climate Crisis is expected to disrupt business operations and economic activity in the coming years.

In January, top economists from both sides of the aisle signed a letter that said climate change was “a serious problem calling for immediate national action.”

The Climate Crisis and its weather-related events have directly cost the US more than $500 billion over the past five years, according to Kevin Stiroh, an executive vice president at the New York Fed who is responsible for bank regulation.

“Climate change has significant consequences for the US economy and financial sector through slowing productivity growth, asset revaluations and sectoral reallocations of business activity,” Stiroh said at the GARP Global Risk Forum in New York on Thursday.

In addition to causing severe damage to natural resource and infrastructure damage, global warming is expected to disrupt business operations and economic activity in the coming years. Stiroh said climate-related changes raised the potential for losses related to policy changes, consumer sentiment, and how technological innovations affect the value of certain assets and liabilities.

“These effects will be felt across business sectors and asset classes, and on the strategies, operations and balance sheets of financial firms,” Stiroh said.

Fed Chairman Jay Powell told Congress this year that while addressing climate change fell under the direction of other agencies, the central bank would “use its authorities and tools to prepare financial institutions for severe weather events.” Others in Washington have issued similar warnings.

In a more than 1,500-page report released in late 2018, scientists from 13 federal agencies predicted that climate change would slash gross domestic product …..if steps weren’t taken to reduce the carbon emissions that warm the planet.

The scientists said extreme weather would wreak havoc on growth through adverse effects on the healthcare system, infrastructure, supply chains, labor productivity, agriculture, tourism, power generation, and electricity costs.

“With continued growth in emissions at historic rates, annual losses in some economic sectors are projected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century—more than the current gross domestic product of many US states,” the report said.

In January, top economists from both sides of the aisle signed a letter that said climate change was “a serious problem calling for immediate national action” and called for a national tax on carbon.

But Climate denying Trump has steadily taken steps in the opposite direction. Over the past several years, the White House has taken steps to loosen environmental rules and shrugged off a series of landmark reports on climate change.

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The real power behind Trump’s depraved “game of thrones”

Pastor Paula White delivers the benediction to Republicans

Trump’s personal spiritual adviser, wacky fringe televangelist Paula White, launched a prayer effort alongside other crazy evangelical Christian leaders last Tuesday, offering a prayer condemning the Trump’s critics, accusing them of being aligned with evil spirits and using sorcery.

The White House officially announced last week that White would spearhead the Trump’s “so-called” Faith and Opportunity Initiative. Trump and the wealthy televangelist have been friends for years, and she has been a key religious supporter, rallying her Christian base to back Trump.

Alongside her fellow Christian scam artists Cindy Jacobs, Dave Kabul, and Dutch Sheets, White has launched the highly partisan One Voice Prayer Movement, starting the initiative last Tuesday with a prayer for Trump. “Lord, we ask you to deliver (Trump) from any snare, any setup of the enemy, according to Ephesians 6:12. Any persons [or] entities that are aligned against (Trump) will be exposed and dealt with and overturned by the superior blood of Jesus,” she said during her prayer in a conference call with other Christian leaders.

“Whether it’s the spirit of Leviathan, a spirit of Jezebel, Abaddon, whether it’s the spirit of Belial, we come against the strongmen, especially Jezebel, that which would operate in sorcery and witchcraft, that which would operate in hidden things, veiled things, that which would operate in deception,” she continued. “We come against it according to your word.”

White’s prayer continued by saying that anyone who stands against Trump “would be exposed and dealt with and overturned in Jesus’ name.” She said that believers know that Trump and his Christian supporters “do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.”

White went on: “Stretch out your arm and deliver (Trump) and rid him of any bondage the enemy would try to bring against him.”





Goddess help us all

When you’re on the crazy Trump train… All roads really do lead to Putin

A completely deranged Donald Trump on Friday spoke in front of a gaggle of reporters and made a series of unhinged and outright false claims about his political opponents, the still-anonymous whistleblower, and the news media.

Below are the lowlights from Trump’s latest crazed rant.

1.) Trump says that the whistleblower should be exposed as the whistleblower’s lawyer “sued for treason.”

The president continued calling for the public release of the whistleblower’s name, which would be against the law, before serving up a particularly weird attack on Mark Zaid, the attorney representing the whistleblower.

According to PBS News’ Yamiche Alcindor, the president said Zaid should be sued “maybe for treason.”

2.) Trump says he might endorse Jeff Sessions after all because the former attorney general said “very nice things” about him in his campaign launch video.

Even though the president still reportedly loathes Sessions for not doing enough to block special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, he said on Friday that he might be open to endorsing him in the Alabama Senate race next year. (This after Sessions blatantly openly kissed Trump’s ass)

“I saw he said very nice things about me last night,” Trump said of Sessions. “But we’ll have to see.”

3.) Trump says he doesn’t know the man whom he appointed to be America’s ambassador to the European Union.

American EU ambassador Gordon Sondland testified this week that he told Ukrainian officials that military aid to their country would not be released unless they agreed to launch investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden.

When asked about this by a reporter, Trump began by saying, “I hardly know the gentleman.”

Other witnesses have testified that Sondland was regularly in contact with Trump this year, however, and Trump called Sondland “a really good man and great American” just one month ago.

On Twitter: Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrump

“I would love to send Ambassador Sondland, a really good man and great American, to testify, but unfortunately he would be testifying before a totally compromised kangaroo court, where Republican’s rights have been taken away, and true facts are not allowed out for the public….”

4.) Trump melted down and kept yelling, “Quiet!” at a reporter.

While Trump was trying to accuse former Vice President Joe Biden of corruption, a reporter interrupted him with a question, which made Trump visibly angry.

“Be quiet,” Trump said. “Be quiet! Quiet! Quiet!”

5.) Trump stuns reporters by saying he might attend Russia’s May Day military parade.

Trump revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited him to attend next year’s May Day Parade in Moscow.

“President Putin invited me to the — it’s a very big deal!” he said. “Celebrating the end of the war, etc., etc. A very big deal. So I appreciate the invitation… I would love to go if I could.”



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Trump’s Racist Rhetoric and the slow-motion civil war

Mahud Villalaz received second-degree burns to his face …Lauren Justice for The New York Time


Resident House idiot Louie Gohmert of Texas said that House Democrats’ ongoing inquiry into the Trump’s criminal dealings in Ukraine is “about to push this country to a civil war if they were to get their wishes.” “And if there’s one thing I don’t want to see in my lifetime, I don’t want to ever have participation in, it’s a civil war. Some historian, I don’t remember who said, guns are only involved in the last phase of a civil war.”

Well, it looks like battery acid is involved in the early phase……..

Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett said Monday that Donald Trump is responsible for violent hate crimes like an acid attack which left a 42-year-old man with second-degree burns in the city on Friday.

Mahud Villaluz told a reporter from WISN that a man confronted him over a parking spot, called him “an illegal,” and told him to “go back to [his] country” before throwing battery acid at him. The incident was caught on surveillance video and a 61-year-old man was arrested in connection with the crime on Monday.

“My concern is that more and more people feel that because the president is saying it that this is okay,” Mayor Barrett said. “It’s not okay, it’s horrible.”

“Everybody knows what’s happening,” the mayor said of Trump’s encouragement of anti-immigrant sentiment and even violence. “It’s because the president is talking about it on a daily basis that people feel that they have a license to go after Hispanic people, and it’s wrong.”

The attack on Villaluz comes six months after the president laughed at a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida after an attendee shouted that migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border should be shot.

“Only in the Panhandle you can get away with that statement,” Trump said at the rally.

Villaluz is a U.S. citizen who was born in Peru. He described the alleged attack in a press conference on Sunday.

“He started arguing, saying, ‘Why you came here and invade my country? Why you came here illegally?'” he told reporters. “[I said], ‘Sir, you don’t know my status. I’m a U.S. citizen too. He got mad when I told him everybody came here from somewhere else.”

“The rise of anti-Latino hate crimes during the Trump administration is directly related to Trump’s extreme anti-Latino rhetoric and deeds,” stated the Progressive PAC Latino Victory Fund.

Just wait until Trump is unelected and arrested, these crazies will go completely berserk.


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Trump flunky Bill Barr hard at work trying to prove fantasy plots

Willaim Barr Trump’s “Roy Cohn”

As the impeachment noose gets tighter and more and more alarming for Donald Trump, with damning new evidence emerging every day, there is an increasing urgency in the parallel counteroffensives underway by Trump’s “Roy Cohn” team in an attempt to defend him.

There are attacks against the witnesses giving testimony by Trump and his supporters, including attempts to smear Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, Ukraine expert at the National Security Council who this week provided crucial testimony about Trump’s telephone call to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. And there have been the extraordinary scenes of congress Republicans breaking into the proceedings and disrupting them.

But going on relatively unreported at the same time is the ever-metastasizing investigation by William Barr, the “so-called” attorney general, which the White House fantasizes as a game-changer. A farfetched investigation which is seeking nothing less than to overturn the conclusion of the US intelligence services and special counsel Robert Mueller that Russia interfered in the last US presidential election.

To raise the ante this has actually now been designated a criminal investigation with the power of subpoenas and the possibility of prison sentences for those who have been (in Trump’s fantasy) allegedly involved in “criminal actions”, meaning not supporting Dear Leader.

It’s pretty odd that Trump has repeatedly claimed that the Mueller report was a “complete and total exoneration” of him over Russiagate, is now going to such lengths to try and discredit it.

Ukraine is a common factor in both the impeachment hearings and the Barr investigation. The House is looking into Trump withholding military aid to Ukraine to force the Zelensky government to reopen investigations into unproven allegations, with Trump’s own personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani playing a leading part in this subterfuge.

Bill Barr is focusing on the crazy theory, aired on far-right conspiracy sites, and raised by Trump and Giuliani, that Ukraine framed Vladimir Putin over the US election in a complex triple-cross operation by impersonating Russian hackers.

Trump and Barr have also been asking other foreign governments for help in investigating the FBI, CIA, and Mueller investigators. Trump has called on the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison for assistance, while his flunky attorney general has been on similar missions to the UK and Italy.

The information being requested has left our allies astonished. One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services”.

The UK, in particular, has been viewed by Trump followers, especially far-right conspiracy theorists, as a deep source of woes for Trump.


from a story in the Independent UK

The Wiyot should have veto power over any project on Tsakiyuwit


The Wiyot Tribe speaks regarding the fate of one of its most high prayer sites, at Tsakiyuwit, or what we call today, Bear River Ridge and the Cape Mendocino ecological transect.
We live in one of the most diverse landscapes in North America, in part because it was shaped and tended by Indigenous peoples, making Humboldt County and other parts of California a rich mosaic of vegetation types, which drives diversity and ecological stability. The proposed Terra Gen wind project, which RCEA appears to have blindly endorsed, is the aerial equivalent of damming up the Smith River, and will forever impact not just the spiritual connection of the Wiyot and other individuals, but the biology of this ecological transect. For example, survey efforts for the project found not just an array of artifacts, including Tuluwat barbed projectiles and plant processing tools, but verified the diversity of the area, identifying 81 different vegetation communities, with 38, or roughly 50% being rare or sensitive and even some newly described communities that may likely have ethnobotanical origin. The prairie system on Tsakiyuwit can be seen from outer space as one of the most intact coastal prairies in northwest California, rivaling Bald Hills in Redwood National Park. I would hope that RCEA wouldn’t suggest putting a wind farm on Bald Hills, sacred land to the Yurok, so it’s ok to put one on Tsakiyuwit, out of sight and mind from Eureka and Arcata, in a more rural part of the County with less resources to resist? We could go on and on about the biological and cultural impacts, and inadequate mitigations, not to mention the tons GHG’s that it would be emitted during construction and maintenance and the 10,000 heavy truck trips in geologically unstable soils? And, as Wiyot elder Leona Wilkinson has said to the Terra Gen reps, “This is not your wind to take! This is the birds, the bats, the Earths, the redwood tree’s wind!” A recent study by Harvard revealed the truth that wind turbines really do affect the local mircro-climate and humidity, which may be devastating here, where complex interactions along our edge of the fog belt are critical to summer fog, our local biodiversity, and persistence of the redwoods.

Of equal impact to the wind turbines themselves, is the near 30 mile-long new transmission line corridor, continuing a swath of destruction, over 900 acres of forest to be cleared, along the ecological transect from coastal prairie through redwood, grand fir, Doug fir, and tanoak forests, and finally to the oak woodlands and glades of Bridgeville. What will RCEA ratepayers say when this new transmission line, in very remote timberlands, causes a wildfire that rips either into Pamplin Grove, Grizzly Creek, or Humboldt Redwoods State Park? How much carbon will be at increased risk of release through wildfire? Who will make the decision to de-energize these new lines when catastrophic wildlife conditions exist? RCEA, Terra Gen, Humboldt County? How can we make educated decisions on such matters when we haven’t even seen the Final EIR? As a public trust agency, it is premature to give input or support for such an impactful project prior to the release of the FEIR and the Tribe urges RCEA to reconsider its PPA with Terra Gen and abandon this project which would only contributes to vulnerable centralized grid-based power and more energy consumption. RCEA should be working toward investing in community solar micro-grids, like its project at the Arcata Airport, rather than giving money to a few wealthy corporate elites from out of the area.

Finally, given both the Wiyot Tribe’s endorsement and RCEA’s commitment to developing offshore wind by 2025-2030 with a similar MW project, it is nothing less than criminal and ludicrous to develop Tsakiyuwit, a premier cultural and biodiversity hot spot, and ignore the requests and wisdom of the Wiyot Tribe, who have been here since time immemorial. Impacts from off-shore wind are a fraction of the long-lasting impacts we would see from developing Tsakiyuwit and the surrounding area. We ask the board to please reconsider and revoke its support and backing of the Terra Gen wind project and respect the Tribe’s concerns and suggestions of working toward more truly resilient energy independence for Humboldt County. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rra’dutwas (with kindness)
Adam N. Canter, Tribal Botanist, GIS, and THPO Cultural Assistant Table Bluff Reservation


The Extinction Rebellion doesn’t accept awards, thank you

Greta Thunberg doesn’t need your fancy awards.

The Swedish teen climate activist needs you to, you know, actually do something.

That was Thunberg’s message Tuesday when she declined an environmental prize from the Nordic Council, an inter-parliamentary body composed of representatives from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden. Until the nations started doing what science says is necessary to actually curtail the climate crisis, Thunberg says, she doesn’t want their prize or the roughly $51,000 that comes with it.

Other teen activists appeared in her stead, while Thunberg was traveling through California. But she put out a statement explaining why, exactly, she was turning down the prize.

“I want to thank the Nordic Council for this award. It is a huge honor. But the climate movement does not need any more awards,” she wrote. “What we need is for our politicians and the people in power to start to listen to the current, best available science.”

Thunberg went on to criticize the very countries that wanted to celebrate her, noting that while the Nordic nations have the reputation for being environmentally conscious, they don’t always live up to that image.

“The Nordic countries have a great reputation around the world when it comes to climate and environmental issues. There is no lack of bragging about this,” the 16-year-old activist said. “There is no lack of beautiful words. But when it comes to our actual emissions and our ecological footprints per capita — if we include our consumption, our imports as well as aviation and shipping — then it’s a whole other story.”

Citing a report from WWF and the Global Footprint Network, Thunberg pointed out her home country of Sweden lived as if the world had the resources of four Earths.

Thunberg, the organizing force behind the Fridays For Future climate protests, is relentless and has proven willing to go after powerful institutions. She delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations demanding climate action and has roasted the hell out of members of Congress who claim the U.S. isn’t responsible for climate change.